Thursday, December 29, 2011

EPISODE ALERT: Post Op of a Sick parent & the power of Social Media


Finally, he got seen by doctors and the added to his medication... Is that a wise choice, I don't know. Details seem to elude me since I am oustered due to my love of my Father.

See, I put business in the to speak... Reality is, publicizing the injustice and inhumanity. That is how I see it. My immediately family sees it as embarrassing. Yep... I am an embarrassment to them.

I asked questions from last blog as to what it is that Kaiser is doing for my father? Leaving painful medical equipment may be wise, but is it right? Is there nothing else to be done to relieve the pain, besides powerful pain pills?

This is at the very ONSET of illness! Not at the point where there is no medical intervention or resolution! Kaiser, you know this.

So you would turn my family against me on the power of social media. Sad, really because Kaiser, I do not have to review with you that 60% of African American males get diagnosed with key issues after the age of 45 years old. But okay. Hmm?

Countermand families against each other much?

As to my family, be careful and safe. I know how you love me.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

EPISODE ALERT: Medical Emergencies, Family & Health Disparities


For 5 days, my 73 year old father has been carted off and shuttled back and forth to seek medical attention for a very painful illness by the auspices of Kaiser Permanante Health Care System.

For me, who has a Ph.D. in molecular genetics, published 5 papers, fought for Obama Health Care Reform vigilantly and so see how much pain my father is in and no diagnosis, no sustainable treatment by qualified personnel, well...Kaiser, shame on you! You do not treat veterans that way!

Since the initial onslaught of the Emergency, I have made recommendations that I feel are best for attacking my father's health issues. He is diabetic, he is hypertensive so key treatments must be decided with care, which is why a specialist physician is needed rather than ER physician and triage care. While the ER clinicians helped, they can only stop the problem, they cannot get my father into HEALING. Only a board certified specialist can do that and NOT a general practice physician who probably caused the problem in the first place.

I have my father's physiology. Genetically I know this. He has allergies to that causes hives, I have allergies that causes hives. He has diabetic complications, fortunately, I have not converted, but I manifest similar symptoms of a pre-diabetic condition. For now, I control mine with diet and exercise. I know I cannot tolerate minute changes in medication, so as a PhD I can pretty much guess that he cannot either or something else in his body goes wacky. Especially a Black Man in his 70s.

Due to my acceptance and understanding in dealing with my mental health issue, I have taught myself and learn ways to maneuver through many health care systems to get whatever care I could obtain. So far, so good. I am in constant contact with my providers whenever there is a health concern and know that it will go on my medical record, documenting my continued care. I am fortunate to have my health, because a lot of people have nothing.

My father, did not have to do that due to generational differences and the mentality of "that which doesn't kill you, makes you stronger..." Well, that's nice mantra when you are 23, but when you are 73, it tribulations will kill you and this is one of them.

My mother who is doing her darnedest to help him is exasperated, too. All the changes in his diet, all her follow up and follow through that she has done for him, her help-meet, help-mate for nearly 50 years, all the plans they made, he physically cannot do them. And really when you think about it, it is depressing as a spouse. I have zero idea what my mother is going through, but I can hear her weeping as she slowly accept these changes in their lives together.

So as the oldest adult child, who is arrogant enough to fight back for my parents, after all they have done for me, I told them, change doctors. Get an internal medicine specialist as your primary care physician. No more GPs. GPs are good for young people, but someone needs to be specifically trained in managing and caring for geriatrics. Something her GP does not have as obvious.

Then, I said, call every single day, twice if you have to documenting the pain and rating it. Report it. Email, however you must until you get a satisfactory diagnosis and treatment option. Basic list: Pain, Intensity, Location, Time. That's easy enough.

Then, pounce on ever insurance avenue you got. Writing letters is one option that can be pursued. But this is more about "squeaky oil gets fixed first" mentality. You can be angry that they tried to schedule an appointment 2-3 weeks later, when you are in pain now. But really, what you need is to see a specialist by any means necessary. What can be done now? Three things: Make the crap appointment, ask to added to the wait list, ask for out of network visitation, and then write harsh scathing letters--not just to Kaiser, but to the Insurance Commissioner, Joint Commission, TV/Radio, President Obama if you have to! You have to be crazy to do all of that--but what did I say: Squeaky Wheel...

To be a Black Man who is 73... Lived in the Segregated South, involved in the Vietnam War, taxed to death by Reaganomics Probes, saw Crack Cocaine liquidate our streets, how does someone atone for these health disparities my father suffered?

They don't.

So are we just going to let another stalwart in the San Diego, California community die?

*blank stare*

Thursday, December 15, 2011

EPISODE ALERT: My review of the movie, "The Help"


A new movie was released earlier this year entitled, "The Help". The synopsis is below:

An aspiring author during the civil rights movement of the 1960's decides to write a book detailing the African-American maid's point of view on the white families for which they work, and the hardships they go through on a daily basis.

It stars Viola Davis who plays "Aibilene Clark" and Emma Stone who plays "Skeeter Phelan".

What made "The Help" so moving was the memories made once told to me by my foremothers of how much strife they suffered to care for my parents, before Martin Luther King, during Jim Crow South. How if a woman was Black and had intelligence, she could not have any aspirations in Mississippi.

Then I wondered, has it changed?

When I read how ignorant people, like Gene Marks are of what poverty is like and in a smug way dismiss the inhumanity of poverty by lumping an entire group to fit their warped point of view, I wonder... Has it changed from the Jim Crow South 1960's?

I actually enjoyed The Help, it was insightful, tasteful and actually quite artistic. In the movie, all the Caucasian women were beauty queens as their high and mighty selves, and all the Black Women appeared...old... But it was set in the bygone era of bigotry and racism and how fantasy it was to be so lovely, without accountability from the government and the constitution. It does give leverage as to why civil rights are worth dying for.

What I did not like about the movie is the current, modern relationships between Caucasian women and women of African descent or women of color is it further divides now. We still will not relate when you have a "godless woman" such as the vile, "Hilly Holbrook" (played by Bryce Dallas Howard, daughter of Ron Howard) demanding that maids use the outdoor restroom because Black people are beneath us... For us to hate that character, means the actress did an EXCELLENT job. Of course without anymore massive spoilers, Hilly Holbrook is going to get what is coming to her...

But there was another issue, I have seen one of those "outdoor bathrooms". There was one in my grandmother's house. I do not think my grandparents really knew how to tell the builders of that custom home not to build the house like that back in the 1960s, so in the South, it had to be that way...

The other thing I did not like is the "mothering" that all the maids had to do to help the Caucasian women to survive. I would call it "smothering". The Caucasian women were young 20-somethings, with small children. Their husbands were at the office working. They were at home, doing...what? Imaginary activities! Except for the character, "Skeeter Phelan" (played by Emma Stone). "Skeeter" just graduated from college and wanted to be a journalist in New York, but in order to get that job, she needed experience. She did not have any. So she returned home and immediately noticed how her "maid", "Constantine Jefferson" (played by Cicely Tyson) was gone and her parents glossed how she left to live in Chicago.

Skeeter is given the task of "How-tos" in the household at the local newspaper. Then suddenly discovers the perspective of the Black maid has not been spoken or written. Of course that gets into Jim Crow laws of "separate but equal". So she writes it and that is the poignant part of the movie.

Skeeter seems to be the only one of the Caucasian women who remembers their "Black Maids" and the words they spoke her while growing up. The wisdom of experience and words that no matter what, we need to hear them.

You kind
You smart
You important

The question is asked in the movie of the characters, "How do you take care of white kids and care for your own?"

I cannot imagine how my foremother's did it, but they did and reared some the strongest people I know, my mother and father, aunties and uncles, cousins. That mentality that you will do it, it will get done and I will not have any less--I was told that growing up.

What made me have episodes is... I don't hear many women say that to young people, unless they are selling books or videos. I definitely am not hearing it in any of the music. And no little Black girls are hearing when I see them online... So what happened? I do not have children, so I do not know.

Not to say it is never said and the color of one's skin does not mean that those powerful comments cannot be made. But who is taking care of our children while we work? Are they saying anything beautiful to our kids?

The best thing about this movie begs the question: Who is helping whom?

I think toward the end, the "Minny Jackson" character (played by Octavia Spencer) who is a maid for the vile "Hilly Holbrook" but is then fired and hired by her nemesis, "Celia Foote" (played by Jessica Chastain) found strength in herself to hold her family together. The part I found a distaste for is while I understand the "Happy Ending" concept, why would the character Minny want to stay a "slave" in anyone's home? But I guess she did not need that kind of help.

Who needed the help was "Aibilene Clark" (Viola Davis) after all the help she had given to white families. Aibilene needed her help to walk away from it all and she did. What happens afterward, who knows?

What I liked about this movie was how the female actresses had their dynamics. Very few male actors were in this movie. NONE of the female actresses became "Women in the Refrigerator" or castigated to make way of the physical violence seen in civil rights perpetuated by males. But the mental violence is terrorizing and I know of elderly women today who can tell me what life was life in the dirty South with few memories of peace. There was a delicate balance. The young people know nothing of that kind of life.

Sadly, we may be headed back due to hardship and the economy. Who know if we learned our lessons? But I also think that having a fantasy view of any aspect of civil rights negates what these real women who suffered, who I know and are a part of my family can share with me the only tidbit to make me be and do better...

I am kind
I am smart
I am important!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weight and Fitness Management in Mental Health

The untimely death of rapper "Heavy D" who banked on his name as the "overweight lover" due to a possible heart attack at 44 years old, was a shock to those who grew up hearing his music and enjoyed it.

The causes of his death are a possible flu-like symptoms, and the issues with his weight. Apparently he had yoyo'ed between 300 lbs to lose 160 lbs and back up to 344 lbs. And he vicariously tried to manage his weight.

Celebrities are expected to look a certain way to be typecast into roles and it is known most celebrities will do anything to achieve the look, including men. Physically, that causes a lot of mental stress to keep up the image, not to mention money. But if one fails to keep up the image, then one does not work...

Nevertheless, this sends a message to all people of color, especially people of African descent who are struggling with their weight loss and image. We can argue on what we identify as the standards of beauty in this country, but these issues are not causing the psychological torture that many of us who are dealing with mental health issues.

When one deals with their mental health, exercise seems even more difficult. It is said, in the research with an abundance of supporting evidence, that exercise and fitness improves mental health symptoms.

For me, after doing a true fitness regimen, it does. It takes me 3 months to get on track for consistency, i.e. going to the gym on the days I agree to, working out at a consistent level and staying for a length of time that is beneficial. But, I do not have other stressors like a full time job or children.

By NO MEANS am I saying those who deal with mental health conditions should not workout. Fitness is beneficial for all health reasons.

What I am saying is motivation is a huge issue, just like everyone else and then after I work out, I feel worse. Not because I worked out too hard, but because there is a big issue with dehydration. I get dehydrated. And drinking water has little benefits, but drinking large amounts of water after 5 minutes of vigorous exercise makes no sense. I could see if it was after one hour of quality vigorous exercise with a slow start, brisk and a cool down. But, after 5 minutes? Really?

Am I the only one who has noticed this?

Then the pain and soreness. Physical pain and soreness of muscles make it difficult to want to restart a physical regimen. And those who deal with mental health issues can easily talk ourselves out of fitness. To combat this, what I do is say to myself, "I can cite all the reason why I should not, but what is one reason why I should?"

That keeps me motivated.

So, all this to say just like picking up the pieces of a shattered life caused by dealing with the mental health issue, handling issues of HEALTHY weight and fitness management is a slow crescendo for wellness.

And if your issues with weight loss are tough, consider visiting our friends at: A Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Facebook, how many more reports do you need?

Facebook, how many more cyberstalking reports do you need with a mountain of screenshots to justify deranged behavior? This behavior is a power and control cycle that domestic violence abuse survivors suffer and you are doing nothing to protect it.

There are millions of mostly women who want to share in your social media for the next big thing, but have to use aliases as their accounts because their attackers actively seek them out. I should not have to be fearful of creative expression on my legal profiles and pages!

You take one report and delete an entire account based on flimsy weak evidence, but active bullying is NOT STOPPED!

Do you really take this seriously for ALL people, not just kids? NO!

Case in point:

Notice the red circle. Why would THAT page--mine fictional character I created--would be ONE of the three interests? Should there NOT be more?

There is NO online restraining orders! So as more people transition online, with smartphone technology, a stalker can gain access to an account and post psychotic delusions on anywhere on the profile or page. By the time the victim logs on again, seeing millions of psychotic ramblings are scary and damaging!

No one deserves 100s of negative posts!

So Facebook, how long, is too long to protect me? When I am dead?

Monday, October 24, 2011

When does the cyberbullying become cyberstalking?

The other day, a project I have been working on for two years that involved social media and a fictional character had posts by another fictional character who pretends to be a "news service" for roleplay.


I roleplay on large format social media: Facebook and Twitter mainly. There are other sites, but I am not as frequent on them. I like to roleplay because it helps me write the dialogue for my fictional character's story. Roleplaying is pretending to be your favorite character in a movie or TV show or comic book and you add their mannerisms on social media. Sometimes, you can create your own character to fit in your favorite movie or TV show or comic book. That is what I did. I gave her an image, I gave her a personality, I gave her a backstory and I gave her "LIFE"! The best way to do concept artistry and is testable with the backdrop on social media.

The thing is, unless you do not mind roleplaying (RPing) by yourself, which is often the case, your story cannot be told. It is the dynamic to RP with other people--to BE SOCIALABLE. That is not easy when you have all kinds of people who have all kinds of opinions and exact them on your chosen character--especially when you create one.

I chose my character to have a sordid past and background because I thought it would add to my story I wanted to tell. Within a few weeks, I was harassed as to what it was I was doing. Not knowing any better, I was honest. I was further harassed. I thought if I changed to a new character, the harassment would stop, it was worse. A whole group of people, possibly those that held multiple accounts, placed an "all call" to block me. None of my comments had to do with them. If I wanted to make comments to people, I would say it to their faces. No, my comments, because I have a brain and do not want my character to be the "woman in the refrigerator" syndrome, took stories I read from the newspaper and made comments.

Then I was against an account that thinks women should be slaves and wanted public relations or PR to promote it. That is what is called RP to these individuals...

My RPs usually involves a script, improvised dialogue and a goal that we would like to reach. An attempt to minimize trope--such as "Mary Sue" or "Draco in Leather Pants"--literary devices that are standard for most stories to tell where the plot is going. A Mary Sue is a character that has a mysterious past, is extremely beautiful and even her enemy falls in love with her passionately. A "Draco in Leather Pants" is an bad boy image who can do no wrong, even though he just committed genocide.

Either way, I tried to follow standards set by stage acting and direction for my RP.

I got cyberbullied for it.

This was on Twitter. And their are reporting mechanisms are absent there.

So I moved to Facebook. I did the same thing. Some things are better. But the Twitter folks found me and go upset that I took screenshots of all their cyberbullying comments, posted them on my character's album as a mechanism of protection and fell they had the right to comment on them.

They felt they had the right to not only comment on them, but claim I was cyberbullying them! I had posted the images in May, 2011. They are NOW JUST COMMENTING!

Which means:

1. They had to find me so that takes effort even through a ROLLING feed, and my pages do not roll.

2. They LIKED my Facebook Fan Page

3. They reviewed my information, including my albums and looks at what it was that they said and felt I was wrong about them.

4. Then they responded in kind on my comments on each picture. It was not one or two pictures, it was every picture in that album.

Like I said, in social media time, a lot can change in 5 months. A lot has changed in both my RP, my character and what I am doing with it professionally. For these bullies to make an active effort on an illegal Facebook account to FIND ME and HARASS ME on my character's Fan Page and promote it to Twitter, is CYBERSTALKING and PSYCHOTIC!

If I had said anything to them within that time, it would be one thing. But I had left them alone. I wanted nothing to do with them. They lie, little girls are being Mary Sues to perverted men as slaves. When something REAL happens, a sex predator who actually does meet a child online, they whine reeling from their manipulation.

I ask the kids where are their parents and have they signed off on this? I took a chance for a kid being underage for social media on Twitter, and I got gaffled by him. So I implement more rules.

Good thing the young people are smarter on Facebook. Sometimes too smart.

But every young person I have worked with can SHOW THEIR WORK they have done with me. At least their scripts.

Roleplay is fun when it works, but posting on people's walls and feeds is NOT RP. Pretending to meet at a Starbucks to gossip is trying to live one's real life online because they do not have one.

My friends that RP felt the act was one of desperation. I did not engage with the person because I know me I would have called them more words than "idiot". But you are right, I reported it to Facebook. As far as I can tell, the account is gone.

What if they do get smart, well, the action plan is to block that account and report. No one wants to deal with those who cross the line between in character and out of character.

They say I do that, but that is why I have a script and I stick to it. At least my scripts have plots to them and we are trying to get that goal.

If you want to know more visit us at Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Facebook Deletion of Accounts -- all of this drama for pretending to be my favorite Star Wars character I created?

My account was deleted from Facebook today. Episode alert. I am delete.

It all started when I was watching a Star Wars Clone Wars episode in 2009 called The Senate Spy.

I was so enraged by the Episode. Another powerful woman character, Padme Amidala, was "thrown into the refrigerator" to be saved by her husband, Anakin Skywalker, when she has everything under control.

I was also on the Force Net, boards where they discussed what Padme had done to merit the conversion of Anakin Skywalker into Darth Vader. Why did she die of not having the will to live...

When I realized, I could write that story! So I did! In 10 days, I wrote a fan fiction replete with music and imagery description.

From there, I was hooked. There were NOT many diverse powerful women in the Star Wars Expanded Universe to similar caliber of a Padme/Leia/Jaina. Why not when many of us love Star Wars just as the next woman? And while our images ARE THERE, we are relegated to second class citizens in the back of the bus...

I said NO MORE!

And I created and wrote the character as a composite of all the powerful women I know. Women I grew up with, who mentored and taught me. To positive younger women being successful in their fields. All these women I know are women of color. Most of them come from my Sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and other Sororities.

What I came up with is:

A Senator
A woman
Who was a hybrid species - Yuuzhan Vong-Human Hybrid
From the planet Haruun Kal
Part of a powerful family
Unstable Force Powers
Has a lot to hide for many people
Made to do unspeakable acts
Because her life has been planned, it makes her mentally sick and rebellious

The name I created was Yemaja Mlise Lah.

Now for the image, I use the Goddess Yemaya pictures. But on Twitter, the public did not respond to them favorable. They responded to physical images. My image did not "fit", so I selected key women of African descent to test. The one image that worked the best was Ms. Selita Ebanks. She got the highest response rates the firs picture I selected of hers.

These activities were on Twitter where she still resides in persona.

But when I started roleplaying as her--like an actress prepares for a role--she was bashed. Unknown individuals sent vile emails, posted disgusting pictures and were offensive to her. To really tell a story about her, explanations were insufficient.

To circumvent those issues a blog about her was generated about what she is doing and how she is handling is.

Thing is there was a recruitment problems. How does one get others to read one's blog. Joining more social media sites.

So it was decided to create a Facebook profile page of her.

Much was happening, until Facebook changed their rules and demanded others to create a "Fan Page". A Fan Page was created, but the usability is something left to be desired especially on phones, especially for roleplaying on FB.

It is not hidden concept that Facebook is NOT for artists except for showcasing their art. Facebook is not for performances, even if one uses their personal account.

Yemaja's Facebook Fan Page as it stands is here

If one looks through the albums, the attacks on her character has not stopped.

This drama is enough! No one needs all this drama for two years just for creating my favorite Star Wars character and pretending to act it.

BTW: That image of the Goddess Yemaya dancing in the water, Facebook said it violated their image codes of pornography. How is that disrespecting people's religion.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Science Fiction Prognostications...FOR WOMEN, BY WOMEN!

It has long been held that stories in science fiction can predict the future. Like somewhat futurists, visionaries or prognostications. A writer in science fiction in my opinion needs to 1) Like science; 2) Like fiction; 3) Love to read the two genres; and 4) write, constantly.

Writing for me is VERY HARD! I am a poor writer. And reading...(whispers: don't tell my mother as she is a reading specialist and has a PhD in reading not my FAVORITE thing to do until I get revved up going on something)...Yeah...

But I am LEARNING to put the two together: reading and writing due to the advent of social media. So thank Google, Facebook and Twitter for me when you see them.

Anyhow, I am reading this blog piece about: Science Fiction’s Take on the Future of Computers: Visionaries and Imaginaries

Cool as the other side of the pillow piece. LOVE the imagery from each of the authors and I find it incredible with a few probably becoming true. Then when I looked at all the names and who was predicting what computers will do in the future, I remembered my GeekGirlCon mantra and was like,

"Where are the women in all of this? What are our futures like?"

So it got me to thinking, what I know about women, being female, from a PhD in Molecular Genetics point of view. Here is what science fiction I inspire for women:

  • NO WOMAN WILL EVER DIE OF BREAST CANCER ANYMORE!!! NEAR FUTURE!!! Computers will find a way to target cancer cells in such a way not seen before. Cells will be know if their programming will turn into cancer and a simple specialize photonic-laser therapy will be applied to reach to the sub-atomic level within the cells to correct the mutations both epigenetically and genetically. Before that, a vaccination will be given to women.

  • Women will select their weights and be able to burn fat to the weight they desire. A combination between nanotechnology and the Staphylococcus spp. flesh eating bacteria which has been genetically modified to eat all white adipose tissue according to programmable targets from the nanotech.

  • Women will not age, dubbed the "Dorian Gray Soma" effect. The telomeres switching as one age will be discovered to occur on the "X" chromosome affected by hormones, chiefly estrogen and after puberty. All women who choose it, will go to their provider and be injected with a vaccination or a treatment plan for the telomere-stabilization procedure so they do not age until 90-100 years old. It is like the "Soma" in a Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. But this is how the process works. So, no longer would it be socially acceptable for a 20 year old woman to have a baby. Most children will be born without medical intervention by women over 40 years old and the woman appears just as she did when she was 16-20 years old.

  • NO MENOPAUSE! Women an accidental discovering in an obscure laboratory by a lowly female investigator will discover why women have fluctuating hormones and menopause and there will be a simple fix similar to that seen in stomach ulcers and treatment with antibiotics. This woman will win the Nobel Prize for this discovery and for saving millions of women's relationships

  • The integration of women and computer technology would solve some of the financial crises with balancing our natural resources and our impact on our planet safely for families.

Those are my inspirations for future technology, gentlemen... I am sure many other women have theirs to add...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Reality Struck. I am the 99%

With this "Occupy Wall Street" events, I wonder all the images I see are of caucasian men and not the persons who have a 14-18% unemployment rate: African Americans. Much less women.

What does not make sense to me is me being having a PhD, highly educated by tax payers money and unable to hold down a position because I refuse to be slave labor. When I worked in scientific biotech research, I was asked to slaughter 300 mice because the investigator's scientist failed to plan her research demanding I breed too many mice and got inundated. Killing off mice because you can't pay for them is illegal according to the Office of Animal Welfare. It is the reason why PETA goes psychotic. But when you get these outsourced users who are slave laborers and will do anything for a green card...Then you get gross dysfunctional regulation observable in science.

We, the skilled American worker has been displaced because owners want slaves, not ingenuity.

On the news, ABC reported that one company cannot find any skilled workers. The owner complained saying their is no lack of manufacturing. That owner is lazy! He is a bigot and wants to slave people away.

This is my reality, though...How do you hustle for money? Make a whole bunch of YouTube videos hoping for a contract? Why? That is not what I want to do. But I have to pimp myself out to be legit?

Say God will provide. So far, my Faith has been tested and He has provided. Complaints are useless. So I pray.

Seek friends and family. How quickly they distance themselves from you when you hit hard times. Then pride kicks in. You don't want to ask family or friends for help. They are struggling, too. So it would be too much of imposition.

Requests the United States Government to intervene after I paid them a lot of money to ruin my retirement: YEAH RIGHT!

Anyhow. Move forward. Smile. And try to save face.

And these suicide options are looking pretty good now...

I am not serious.

I have a plan.

Friday, September 23, 2011

EPISODE ALERT: Getting to me...

This week I have endured someone telling me I am childish, stupid and that I don't matter. This was by an adult, not a wily child. This same person called me a racist bigot because I called him out on posts like this:

This is all over about how I think Star Wars should be roleplayed on Facebook--using the Fan Pages to build character, which goes along the lines of Rights and Responsibilities of the site:

Registration and Account Security

Facebook users provide their real names and information, and we need your help to keep it that way. Here are some commitments you make to us relating to registering and maintaining the security of your account:

You will not provide any false personal information on Facebook, or create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission.

You will not create more than one personal profile.

If we disable your account, you will not create another one without our permission.

The use of Facebook Fan Pages permits us to pretend to be fictional characters without breaking the usual "profile" page.

Then on Wednesday, September 21, 2011, Facebook new system deleted a lot of accounts. Somehow, my account was spared. These fools then re-made their accounts to restart their bullying again!

Later, I discover that this same bully has a movie license from LucasFilm as indicated here:

Any contract I know of, promises like that cannot be made. It is inappropriate. LucasFilm has excellent lawyers, they only contract out to those specifically based on guidelines. To allow another entity not clearly defined in the contract means the contract is broken. I know I requested one in March, 2010. Moreover, without a clear business structure, which cannot be delineated by this "Perkunas" character, which by the way has multiple Facebook profile accounts that are illegal to have, if true, then it is wrong to tell young people that, and wielding it as to order respect. Lucasfilm cannot have random people saying they have a license to sell and publish literature on behalf of Star Wars as if it were canon.

Why was I declined? If there were a process, why was it not shared with me? This is characteristic of how the franchise of Star Wars has denigrated women. Look at the Senator of Naboo Padme: A powerhouse senator, fought to defend her homeworld, negotiate huge deals only "lose the will to live"? How does that happen? What does that say to young girls? Don't succeed?

This is typical of a woman who is being abused, domestic violence. An underexplored area of Star Wars that is barely written.

Numerous female authors of Star Wars novels and comics have been written, who have barely the marketing compared to their peers. Strong fictional or comic female characters are not permitted yet, those it seems that sweeps are changing that. Since Star Wars is in the lexicon of our language and everyone knows who Darth Vader is, then there is not Fair Use within limits. This fact makes roleplaying interesting, but not at the expense of berating others.

In my group, we have quite a few scripts for our roleplaying performances. We discuss what is possible and how to work with that. We talk about best practices and techniques and ally them with social media new formats that complies with the rules.

I have seen a hate group, like a white supremacist group that likes Star Wars, all they spew is hatred for other people, berating one another, lying about each other. Nothing about improving roleplaying, writing or producing. Maybe tidbits here and there, but their forum is to destroy another roleplayer because he or she is different from their warped understanding.

One can say, these people need to get a life. True, I do need to get out more. Leave this roleplaying behind. And hope for the best. But, the mentality of these people are no way near the marketing demographic that buys the products. These people influence the canon, maybe. And I am calling on Lucasfilm to rectify that. They need to know who they are dealing with.

  • If someone says they roleplay, then where are all the participants character sheets that are not canon?

  • Where are the scripts and storylines used for roleplay? Lucasfilm has the right to see it at request. Call it a progress report.

  • Has it been performed with links and has it been posted in a readable format?

  • What makes it different from a "Fan Fiction" versus what the license condones? Is it WGAw approved?

  • How much trope does it follow?

These terms are simple to apply for an online social media format. Why not do this on their Star Wars The Old Republic site or elsewhere? Because large format roleplaying exposes millions to the media and can encourage them to involved.

Do individuals purchase these licenses? What merits do they need to show to have them?

The groundwork needs to be laid down now as social media evolves.

Roleplaying on large format social media is not taking away from the contracts previously signed by the game developers, etc. It is enhancing it further than anything else. Cross promotion is astounding when one things they can be their favorite Star Wars character. It makes fans watch the shows more after participating on the fun from roleplay.

And having well written and developed non canon characters does not diminish the the canon, in fact is can add to it.

Writing out my frustration helps. I feel angry because I am following the rules of a social media giant, meanwhile a cyberbully is advancing.

LIKE my character. She is:

Senator Yemaja Mlise Lah

Courtesy image of Ms Selita Ebanks

Thursday, September 8, 2011


When I read this article: Well-known Seattle counselor jailed in attempted child-rape case

Then see this statement in it:

Scratchley, 52, is suspected of attempting to rape a 10-year-old boy, according to police.

According to its website...Matt Talbot New Hope Recovery Center...was founded in 1985 and is headed by Scratchley, a "Clinical Psychologist and renowned Addictionologist."

But according to the state Department of Health, he is licensed only as a chemical-dependency professional, not as a psychologist.

Matt Talbot Center is funded "by private donations from individuals, businesses, private foundations and trusts."

Scratchley also taught at Seattle University, worked at Seattle Children's hospital and has been lauded for his work in the treatment community, including recognition by the state Supreme Court, according to a Washington Association of Designated Mental Health Professionals newsletter from 2006.


Here is some more lunacy:

If you are a heterosexual, white male in Seattle, you life is golden. Your accomplishments are never questioned. You are perfect in the eyes of the beholder in this place.

But if you are anything else, WITH ALL THE QUALIFICATIONS, EXPERIENCES AND DOCUMENTATION, WITH LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION FROM GOD: If you are not a heterosexual, white male, you don't work...

This is the lesson that psychologically is taught today in Seattle. This is their epistemology.

Good thing I have the internet to voice my rage in allowing such a vile person to advance beyond this stage.

A con artist, who lied on his application, who was NEVER background checked, who is a pedophile that raped a 10 year old boy is head of a major addiction center in Seattle for nearly 10 years.

And I cannot find work...

A doctorate in molecular genetics, published 5 papers in cardiovascular, aging and diabetes, contributed to creating one of the most supported diverse health care forums Swedish Hospital, Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Delta Upsilon Omega Chapter has EVER SEEN 3 years running. Worked with University of Washington in their accepting diverse high school students in the laboratory science project for 3 years. Am trained in health coaching from a Integrated Harvard Program. Trained in Clinical Trials. Volunteered as a post service grief and bereavement counselor for Evergreen Hospice. Volunteer as a Living Well with Chronic Conditions workshop at Group Health. Self taught in social media. Knows business development, as it related to social media. etc...

Yes, I was told that the only reason why I am here is because I am black and I got my Ph.D. through affirmative action, by a professor at the University of Washington.

Yes, I cannot find work... I cannot get investors for my business...


I would rather put it on here, that act on my anger physically.

Because when I see an ASSHOLE like Scratchley having the cream of the crop job doing drugs, raping children, I ask, perhaps if there was affirmative action, these idiots who gave him this job would had an excellent person to solve more people's problems. How was he allowed to dole out information that may have hurt people without qualifications?

Matt Talbot Center, I HATE YOU TOO!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Roleplaying Star Wars on Social Media - part II

Roleplaying Star Wars on Social Media - Part II "The Empire Strikes Freely"

There are castes of people who use Social Media:

The Celebrities who seemingly are able to say whatever they want to be protected by their legions of Publicist, Public Relations and lawyers. We smaller people do not get that luxury, because we cannot afford it.

The Politicos who gripe at the seemingly 24 hours news cycle. Rants, raves, and discourse along with verbal combat. One wonders if anything will be solved? It might be, then again, probably not.

The rest of the real people, who discuss variety of what we think, feel, believe. And it can become dull over time.

Then... Finally...

The roleplayers or RPers. Those of us who pretend to be their favorite character on large format social media, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+.

There are two types of RPers:

Those who do a lot of work and research to create their character, write a character sheet, read most of the novels, watch all the TV shows, movies and youtubes. Every piece of information to play the character has been investigated to perform the character. The RPer who does this is quite serious in staying "in character" or "IC" and responding in novel way. Eventually the social media character will have a script to a story arc to write what is called a fan fiction, posted in several locales, such as blogs or other sites.

Then, there are the RPers who just show up on the doorstep to roleplay for "recreational uses"... What they do is put little effort for their character, no backstory, harass and intimidate other roleplayers often using visual cue weaknesses to be exploited and use of profanity and possibly racist and bigoted overtones. They attack with several levels, from chat to private messages. Question "out of character" or "ooc" during the act of roleplay or performance. When requested to read, they do not. When requested for compassion they have none.

Recreational is as defined as:

adjective /ˌrekrēˈāSHənl/ 

Relating to or denoting activity done for enjoyment when one is not working
- recreational facilities
- recreational cycling in the countryside

Relating to or denoting drugs taken on an occasional basis for enjoyment, esp. when socializing
- recreational drug use

Upon examining the concept of cyberbullying and what it does, as a scientist, I must ask this "addiction" to using social media, especially in a roleplay format, that "recreational" roleplaying is no different from relating to or denoting drugs taken on an occasional basis for enjoyment, especially when socializing...

When roleplaying, usually, anyone serious, would have a background story for their character. It would have succinctness to it. Editing can improve. Basic movements, formats and others would be easily provided. It can be furnished upon request. Somewhere, it can be found in the profile, especially on Facebook Fan Pages.

My character: Senator Yemaja Mlise Lah has her fan page.

Before I joined Facebook Fan Pages, I had a blog and posted it here.

Before that, it was located on the Star Wars The Old Republic Website.

If you look, I started in 2009 creating this character to where she is today. With metrics and marketing, I found what best ways to roleplay as her, and how she best can serve the genre I enjoy and have enjoyed as a child.

But I have encountered vile individuals who bully and destroy all the hard work I have created to decimate my character in just two words. I fell for:

“It takes years to build up trust, and only seconds to destroy it”

And as a scientist, I just figured out why:

Social media is addicting when used without preparation or balance. It is like spontaneously eating a bag a chips when you are not hungry and by the time you realize you are full, you have eaten the entire bag. It is like foraging for food in a full refrigerator, but have no plan to cook it.

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

Most people approach social media that way to shoot the breeze for community. I replaces having to do it in real life. Show up on the doorstep, and perhaps someone will respond! That is okay with someone who is balanced, that has other activities in their lives that social media does not supplant that. Not okay when dealing with mental health issues. And especially not okay when roleplaying.

See, roleplaying is very involved, interaction takes place constantly. Someone must log onto it at least 5-6 times daily. When done well, it is reminiscent of a soap opera. Best way to describe it, it is like a 1940's radio show, but now the radio is social media. That is when it works well.

But then you get with these recreational roleplayers, many of who do suffer from real life issues and are dealing with poor self esteem issues tacked on with mental health issue, they use roleplay to supplant their lives to be fantasy. And it worsens their addiction to choose not to engage in their real lives, devoid of physical friendships, and if you were to ask them, what are they doing and what they have done, there is nothing to show for their creativity. It is about power and control.

Sad part is there is no absolute distinction, no black and white. There is always gray. Some roleplayers have all the character sheets, but still bully others. Some roleplayers do not have character sheets but are really good roleplayers.

Why do people roleplay?

Most are creative and artists and doing it on social media is an extension of their efforts. And why they may be very modest of showing their works publicly for fear of ridicule or harsh criticism, or that artist's mentality of "it's not ready yet for the public", in reality, they are begging for others to assist them for the full expression of their work.

It is an excellent way to reach the young people. You get them writing, putting together a whole image of how they envision their character, you focus them and give them skills that they can take onto higher education. And you watch them blossom.

For older people, it is a stress relief to write and tell great stories in a genre of passion de jure. To feel that all that novel reading has been brought to bear and knowing you can "fit" your creation into that which you love. Something about having other's beliefs suspended temporarily and enjoy it, is exciting.

Then there is the minute few that dominate and predate on people who create something. Say it is a misunderstanding, when in reality, their demons are released from the gates of their own inner hell. They contribute nothing to the creative cause. When demanded, they are posts, but their posts are not genuine or authentic. Like a facade, they are faked concerns, faked feelings, manipulating others just for the power and the recognition. Not to uplift community, but to dominate community and become overbearing on the community. Contributions are missing.

That is their addiction. I no longer roleplay on my profile accounts because of my interactions with recreational bullying roleplayers. If serious, I need to see actions taking place before I expend my energies assisting people to reach their potential. I need to see a character sheet, I need to see a "notice of appreciation" -- basically a "thank you note" for me assisting them without being paid. My current fees due to my doctorate training and others is $100 per hour. Helping people create a character sheet and build a story arc in a character of their choice except for a few, for free, I need a "Notice of Acknowledgement". Then I need to see a "Fan Page".

I am not asking for much, because that is how much I enjoy as my hobby and my art therapy, roleplaying. But side mess, such as the racist messages I get posted on my wall is disrespectful of Star Wars, Facebook and roleplaying. It gives us a very bad name of those who are writing.

I purport reading the novels and writing. It takes that much to perform a character. When a recreational RPer pops in and "trolls", it ruins the artistry. It wastes time and effort. It is like, deciding to go kayaking to enjoy the rivers, having never taken a class. It is like cooking a casserole, but missing key ingredients. Something is lacking when there is a free for all roleplayer only doing it to get their socks off by pissing someone off. I choose my "friends" very carefully and any craziness, I do not roleplay with them and I unfriend or block them. I do not need that kind of dysfunction is my life. My own mental health demands that I care for my communications compassionately and I have done due diligence to work on that. I refuse to allow others to scapegoat and attack me because of their woeful ignorance.

So there you have it, parents keep your eye on it the ball.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Talk to me, I'm crazy enuf, I'll listen!!! :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Poem Attempt: Powerhouse Sistah!

A powerhouse sistah is a strong woman who as a little girl had dreams of becoming a surgeon and an astronaut.

She is a girl who loved books, school and did extra homework beyond what the teacher assigned because she loved being smart and told she was smart.

A powerhouse sistah is a girl who as she got older and was teased for being a nerd, a geek, still tried the hard classes, like algebra in the 7th grade while the other girls grew up too early chasing the boys.

When this powerhouse sistah got into high school, she developed into an attractive young woman, but was held back showing her intelligence in math and science by men intimidated by her brains and beauty.

A powerhouse sistah did not let silly intimidation by men affect her love of math of science, because she dreamed of the stars and the universe.

But what hurt a powerhouse sistah more is other woman who fell in the trap of letting a man define beauty took her down and made up vicious rumors about her, calling her crazy

Why? Because she loved the fact that organisms can be magnetic to by magnetosomes inside them with magnetite? Or that she enjoys debating how Watson and Crick discovered the structure of DNA?

The powerhouse sistah tries to overcome the hateful, jealous vitriol by studying more, making herself smarter, gaining more knowledge.

Yet, the core of her soul is doubted and disrespected just because she is a powerhouse sistah.

Then she goes to college, hated some more.

Goes to graduate school, gets a Masters and a Ph.D., hated more.

Does post graduate work and is asked why she is not married.

A powerhouse sistah was had it in her mind to be on equal footing with her husband. But in science, a powerhouse sistah is never on equal footing. No, she must work ten times harder and faster to get a quarter of the distance of her male counterparts who are neither powerhouse or sistahs...

To solve her inner turmoil, she stresses. To reduce her stress, she eats. She rationalizes to be massively obese, would justify how people treat her. Since she cannot be visually appealing or intellectually stimulating, she may as well fit that stereotype. Then she is no longer a powerhouse sistah.

More like a safe bet...

You see, when there are powerhouse sistahs in charge, shit gets done. Budget crisis? What budget crisis? Debt ceiling, we are in surplus! And health care woes? Solved.

She can shake and bake, fry it up and boil it down.

A powerhouse sistah knows that weight is carried on her back, from her mother's mother, great grandmother's mother.

So when a powerhouse sistah picks herself off the ground, dusts herself off, and walks in those 6 inch glitter Louboutins...She looks good!

Because see, you cannot keep a powerhouse sistah down for long.

She fights back! For what is right. For justice.

And somedays, are tougher than others. And the desire to give up is easier than the desire to move forward.

But night will turn into daylight...

And that powerhouse sistah is...

To my powerhouse sistahs--I love you!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

How I fell for the gank move...

All my education in the world did not prepare me for the unsavory high pressure sales tactics of the door to door salesperson for Kirby Vacuums. For those who do not know, Kirby Vacuum are an old American brand with a quality product, though extremely expensive.~$1800 for a used model.

Anyhow, I was targeted when I decided to check outside my house for fighting cats oddly enough. This beat up dark blue van called Rhino Distributers, LLC filled with young people struggling, stopped by and misled me to think that I could call for a demostration of the pricey Kirby vacuum.

No sooner that I realized it, these people busted through my door saying they were ready to full shampoo a portion of my carpet. Me being compliant, tired and discombobulated allowed these fools to do this to me. The demo went well, through talking to me they appealed to my vanity and emotions with crafty sales tactics.

I wanted to make my home look nicer, but the special super vacuum was not going to do it--we decided on new flooring. The cost of this vacuum would foil my husband's and mine's agreement.

I wanted to be nice since I have a social anxiety since living in Washington state. What happens to me is I get angry, and combative. In Seattle, the arrest and beatdown Black Women. I have had to learn how to bite my tongue off to survive here. (See I hate Seattle series).

So rather than attempting to be firm, speak directly to these predators, or just go outright crazy Black woman on them, I obliged them and got tricked into buying something I had no money to purchase. I bought a used Kirby Vacuum for $1800 with no background, no names, and no confidence in my purchase...

In my state, that is called preying on the vulnerable. That is against the law. I liked the product, but I kept saying I have no money. These lunatics sold me a $1800 vacuum. When I was going through the whole process, nothing said STOP in my mind. I was incapacitated. In fact the demonstrator became belligerent when I said I did not want the vacuum.

After I punked out, I called my husband. He asked a ton of logical questions I could not answer. When he got home, he was cool with the job, but it was not what we wanted. I think he realized I was incapacitated, so we checked my credit reports because I gave no credit card. All the personal info, the had was my SSN and that disturbed us. We checked and reported them to the Better Business Bureau. Finally, we will be writing Kirby.

The following day I sent the form I filled out with the credit check. We told the company that we do not want the product. And we expected my trade-in vacuum back at a designated time.

They use cell phones that are personal, like they are not friends. To deliver it back, they did not show up with my trade in vacuum. Then they pressured me again to get their product back. I got angry when the guy accused me of not trusting them with returning my old vacuum and playing games with phone calls. That is when this Sistah went off... I said what I said, then slammed the door on dudes face...

Then I called my husband and now he is willing to assist me.

This lunacy enraged me because I feel my mental wellness is questioned. I is a combo of both.

Folks who are dealing with mental health conditions are prey for unscrupulous people. The sales tactics appeals to vanity and friendliness. It is only to SELL YOU THE PRODUCT!!!

The concept is "a sucker born every minute"...

I fell for the gank move...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Portraying Rape in the Media -- @Rihanna and #Mental #Health

As I move along in my businesses, Sistah Mental Health and Wellness and Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists, I have learned that for the latter, topics cannot be covered by any literary means, such as rape. It is okay for rap videos to destroy female images and vampire movies and television to bludgeon people, but it is NOT tasteful to even have a conversation about rape. No, no... It is okay for girls to promote and glamorize themselves as slave girls in a bondage domination sadomasochistic (BDSM), but rape... No THEY SAY rape is untouchable.

My evidence is clear when I protested against a heinously named account used for roleplay and the psychological damage it would do to girls. Forget the fact that many young girls of 12 years old, have a pollyannish view, also called "Mary Sue" concept of of what a relationship is, a real one in fact and a FUNCTIONAL one vs DYSFUNCTIONAL one to cyberbully me forcing me to accept SLAVERY OF WOMEN in the fictional Universe of Star Wars... In fact, Slave Girl Leia costume outfit is the highest grossing costume for women who want to pretend they are in Star Wars as costume roleplay or cosplay.

Despite the immortal status it has given her, Fisher has admitted that she initially objected to the costume, believing it made her appear subordinate to the male characters: "When they took my clothes off, put me in a bikini and shut me up, I thought it was a strong indication of what the third film was."[citation needed] One Wired magazine editor concurs, stating the only reason for the outfit's fame is "no doubt that the sight of Carrie Fisher in the gold sci-fi swimsuit was burned into the sweaty subconscious of a generation of fanboys hitting puberty in the spring of 1983."[19]

So if these women have EVER been raped in real life, like I have, their viewpoints would be extraordinarily different.


Power over the perceived vulnerable to force them to succumb to dehumanization. The easiest way to do that biologically is to confused the pleasurable signals to the brain when one has sex with a violent physical act...

For some people, it changes them into suppression for many years. I have friends who have been raped and sexually molested as children who are so fearful of anyone showing them "touch compassion"... I think what happens to the victim is an ugly cycle as I hated "touch compassion" by someone who altruistically cared for me...

And then for some people, they take the sexual violation overboard and they rationalize it to perceived sexual freedom that involves discordant risk taking -- histrionic behavior -- i.e. they have sex with anything, anyone, anywhere. Promiscuity is NOT the right word for this kind of behavior. More like, "I hate myself, no one cares, so I do not care what someone does to me" or what my folks would call, becoming a "doormat" to someone to wipe the shit off their feet... I know... BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!

So when Rihanna's "Man Down" video came out and she acted out a ~5-8 second scene that involved physical brutality resulting in rape, and she shoots the offender, I applaud her efforts to bring a strong relevant topic of rape victims, such as myself, who have suffered silently about their rape. Good for her!

However groups want to suppress her visual depiction of rape, because, I really do not know or understand it.

The lame excuse is that it is a difficult subject to broach. It is one girl's fantasy to be raped. Or if I am paying for this, why do I want to see this? She should have not gotten herself into that position to be raped. Look at her, she is wearing skimpy clothes she is begging for it. Etc., etc., etc...

Typical answers that if a true mental health rape counselor was in the room would be squashed.

No one asks to be raped. There is no amount of dress that matters to a rapist -- the rapist sees the target and wants power over the target. Silencing sufferers voices is deadly and suppressing them allows stupidity and ignorance to fester. When one has been raped, there are no illusions or fantasies that are needed to want to enjoy reliving it...

On CNN an opinion piece makes a great argument thanking Ms. Rihanna for her guts to show what she suffered and therapeutic writing and video of her difficulty.

I wrote a Star Wars fan fiction involving rape. I did not writing in any gory detail, I just wrote elaborate descriptions of what happened. Some personal experiences were included, some fictional issues based on my own personal research were added for the continuity and flow of the story. I do not want to sell, as my hateful counterparts want to say, rape to George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars... But, I think if we are going to talk about what is evil and how evil it is, then one form of evil is taking away a vulnerable person's identity and retribution of that identity.

Regardless, my hateful counterparts are too sullen to get that concept... Of course, they have not really had to deal with the mental anguish of rape.

RFRS: Army of the Born Sith'ari

I do not think the art is a fabricated fictional version of rape when the realness of it hits a victim. I think the healing power is the ability to creative advance beyond the pain one goes through after the violation. I would prefer someone write a story, sing a song or draw a picture to work through the humiliation of rape, than to truly act on what Rihanna showed in her video, shooting the rapist. But then, Rihanna is working from her artist perspective that is indelibly wrapped in her cultural perspective of Barbados. And in that culture, it is possible that for women, that is what they have to do to get "justice". And after one is raped, the victim only sees wanting justice or wanting that back which was ripped and stolen from them.

I think that is what "Man Down" is really about, lyrically and video wise. Was it the optimal portrayal -- for someone Rihanna's age, that is pretty good and is pretty bold for her to write a song, put it to music, sing it, act it out and have it play on video on what happens to a lot of women of African descent...

After all the ugliness as women that we have suffered in more ways than one, we deserve to be heard, and if it is through song, then I want to hear that. Because it is liberating for me.

After all the ugliness as women we have suffered in more ways than one, our voices, our thoughts, our overcoming will NOT BE SILENCED AGAIN!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Art Therapy: Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists -- the daughter of Sistah Mental Health and Wellness


One of the easiest ways that is relatively free is "creativity" -- IN ANY FORM -- "art therapy" so to speak. Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists was BORN out of Sistah Mental Health and Wellness to promote self-management of mental health and wellness through creativity and art.

Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists is the creative outlet to help those who are dealing with mental health conditions to release "packets of their trauma in their sleeping mind" to process to their "awake mind" for their best healing.

The name "Isle Sanctuary" was created based on the start of Sistah Mental Health and Wellness to guide folks to a place of calm. At the time, the most calming place I knew was Hawaii due to my numerous trips, and I wanted to share that with everyone I met online. I called it the Isle Sanctuary -- a peaceful oasis in the ocean, away from the torrential storm.

I wanted those who came to Isle to find balance and unlock their creative minds to help them find healing. I thought that our active duty military personnel and veterans can use this process to achieve their best mental health and wellness. And I think it does for them, and what I found was, my fictional story that I wanted to tell based on my favorite movie, Star Wars and I could tell it using roleplaying on social media...

Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists roleplays or RPs on Social Media. Roleplaying mainly is "pretending" to be one's favorite character or created character, and then "ACTING" in that character's voice with other people. There is an entire culture devoted to it. To explain it to those who are not involved, it is like being in a "school play" but there is no script.

For the older generation to understand it, it is like a 1940's radio drama, but now the "radio" is "social media". For the parents, it is like one of those videogames, but it is more of a free-for-all, that organized.

What Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists does differently from others is that applies a socially conscious business plan for an organically creative organization based on precepts of filmaking to elicit GREAT works of ART on social media.

We develop creative storytelling, fan fictions, graphic arts, and social media content development and background programming. ALL of these activities we envision can start the pre-productions of any larger format media such a books, novels, animation, television screenplays and movie scripts. The "enActors" can be played by anyone who can use social media and knows a bit about game strategy and acting.

What the production and distribution company gets in return is marketing metrics of their script -- what were the BEST lines of the script, does the scene have to change, the look and the feel of the performance, etc.

Because I am a HUGE fan of the Star Wars genre and Lucasfilm, I created three characters of my own:

  • AUSET LAH The Grandmother ((Image courtesy of Patrick Lambert -- artist has not named her Auset. But has not told us to cease and desist. We are in negotiations for a rendering.))

  • Senator Yemaja Lah The Mother with the greatest amount of work and stories devoted to her. Many love affairs from Jedi to Sith.

  • Osun'oya Lah-Windu. The Daughter of a clandestine affair between Jedi Master Mace Windu and Senator Yemaja Lah.

As set of Grandmother, Mother and Daughter and how they interact with one another in the Universe of Star Wars. Through my stories, I have determined that the most popular character is Senator Yemaja Lah, that her image is best reflected by the supermodel and actress, Ms. Selita Ebanks. That her voice must be diplomatic, somewhat elusive and cryptic; and that her greatest strength is to find her voice to stand up for herself, independently from her family. ALL of her being, created by me, was developed creatively by social media on Twitter. There were numerous others that assisted me and some I appreciate, others became wholly disgruntled, which prompted me to be able to "sell" this character to professionals and laypeople - many of them active duty personnel and veterans...

What the active duty personnel and veterans helped me to is to add layers and textures to my character. They added the procedural advances and with my knowledge of policy and government, I added the diplomacy to make this character come to life.

Recently, Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists has come under fire due to gross allegations of misrepresentation of those who are intent to destroy the story of Senator Yemaja Lah on Twitter. There is a competitive edge to roleplaying without organization based on cyberbullying of the domination of the conversation and ad homimen and ad proprium logic fallacies. Without naming these individuals directly, the risk management of our process is to block those individuals we do not know who have also given me death threats and their attempts to justify them by posting their offensive behaviors on the Isle Sanctuary blog and Facebook Fan Page.

As a corporation, since there is multiple accounts from the same individuals, we were blocking and obtaining examples of their behavior. Currently, when we have a more formal human resources and customer services department, we will be better able to follow through with the remarks more judiciously from a business perspective.

We have transitioned to Facebook Fan Pages which expands our social media network to the professional community and have made excellent contact involved in media production and distribution, as well as insiders to lift this "fanon" character to canon.

We are ready to add to the industry impact of movie making because we think social media needs to start at pre production, rather than after the final cut onto disk or film!

Aloha and E komo mai to Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists!

Our Active Duty Military and Veterans' Mental Health and Wellness: PTSD

First and foremost I am not a veteran, and I FULLY SUPPORT the our active duty and veterans of my country, the United State of America.

Since I have been doing online mental health and wellness resources and support, I have received numerous inquiries from our active duty personnel and veterans. What I have learned by talking to them that they are actively working on themselves to find information and resources for their best mental health and wellness. I applaud their efforts, and personally, I LOVE THAT! They are finding novel ways to improve their health and they are starting online.

There are numerous active duty personnel and veteran groups that assist with dealing with mental health issues, which include Federal programs, some in the VA and outside the VA.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America is one of them.

There are other online groups, one dedicated to Female Veterans through the VA and NAMI.

In 2008, Sistah Mental Health and Wellness was a private group in active recruitment of diverse women. Many of our members were veterans. They still support Sistah Mental Health.

What I have learned about our men and women in combat is mostly what affects them after serving is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

It can be one of the leading causes to anxiety, panic, which can also lead to depression and/or substance abuse.

Our society, though changing, still has the stigma of mental illness and our troops are paying the price for that. Without going into the societal issues, if I could please transition with people's patience on what I think is going on neurologically as a Ph.D. in molecular genetics and a research scientist.

Research has shown that PTSD is caused when a traumatic and stressful event is encountered. Events could range from active combat, stressful job requirements, abuse, natural disasters: Earthquakes, Floods, Tornadoes and Hurricanes; and other events that overload the conscious mind to a tipping point.

This overloading of the conscious or "awake" brain can cause physical damage in the brain. If never addressed, it can lead to traumatic brain injury. But the perturbations in the brain are chiefly related to the molecules that control a variety of processes neurologically, such as RNA (ribonucleic acid), which affects one's perception on a traumatic event.

What happens is once the event is encountered, the "awake mind" has NO WAY of processing it logically, so it suppresses what was witnessed to process it later. Where the mind physically puts this event is into the subconscious -- the "sleeping mind". The "sleeping mind" is a different brain center. Our creativity come from there, our dreams come from there, our reflective thoughts which has nuances to understandings come from there, and our fears can come out of there. Moreover, the "sleeping mind" is far from being logical or rational, and many times our emotions are released from there. We can cause a perpetual state of nightmares where our fears of the trauma are exposed and the only way we can stop them is by staying awake, which can cause depression due to a lack of sleep; or substance abuse that has too many problems in and of itself.

Molecular biologically, some heart hormones sent to the brain go to these brain centers that are often tied in to our emotions. One such hormone is BNP or brain natureitic peptide. Of course there is NO linkage to PTSD here, but it is NOT inconceivable that other key second messengers sent to the brain from organs are not caused by traumatic events.

We are biologically WIRED to respond to trauma in this way as a process of evolution. If we were not wired this way, we would be vicious animals unable to control what makes up human, what makes us compassionate, caring, loving individuals.

On the flip side, if the logical "awake mind" attempts to process the event, the trauma can become addictive due to the endorphins it produces. The risk taking, sometimes unnecessary and illogical may be a result of different people able to manipulate their brains from the "awake mind" to the "sleeping mind".

What I professionally think to deal with these neurological paradoxes inclusive in a treatment plan is mindfulness meditation similar to that of the Japanese Samurai and martial arts. Deep transcendental meditation after trauma. Our society is new to this Eastern Medicine technique. Moreover, prayer can work when there is little political influence and the higher ideals of the faith are supported: The love, the compassion the goodwill, etc.

What I like about mindfulness is the "art of breathing" -- how to breath and releasing that breath, and inclusion of nature in the process -- listening to the rain, waves, birds, trees, etc and minimizing the machinations of "city life". Becoming respectful of the environment or good stewards to the environment.

We have to TRAIN like running a marathon or mountain climbing or any other feat; our "sleeping mind" to donate pieces of what happened to our "awake mind" to process and digest the trauma without discoloration. It takes a long time.

One of the easiest ways that is relatively free is "creativity" -- IN ANY FORM -- "art therapy" so to speak. Creative writing and artistry is the flip side of Sistah Mental Health and Wellness supports on Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists.

Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists is the creative outlet to help those who are dealing with mental health conditions to release their "sleeping mind" to their "awake mind" for their best healing. The name "Isle Sanctuary" was created based on the start of Sistah Mental Health and Wellness to lead everyone in a group of calm. The most calming place I knew was of my numerous trips to Hawaii and I wanted to share that culture and essence with everyone. I called it the Isle Sanctuary -- a peaceful oasis in the ocean, away from the torrential storm. I wanted those who came to Isle to find balance and unlock their creative minds to help them find healing. I thought that our active duty military personnel and veterans can use this process to achieve their best mental health and wellness. And I think it does for them, and what I found was, my fictional story that I wanted to tell based on my favorite movie, Star Wars and I could tell it using roleplaying on social media...

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