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Crazy Black Woman: NSFW: Black Women You Are Beautiful! #Mental #Health #Wellness

New Crazy Black Woman: NSFW: Black Women You Are Beautiful! #Mental #Health #Wellness

NSFW: Black Women You Are Beautiful! #Mental #Health #Wellness

My sistahs out there, I just want you to know YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Even when the globe tells you that you are ugly... THE UNIVERSE KNOWS YOUR BEAUTY!

This image describes your beauty to me:

The image is of the Goddess Yemaya...

Out of the million of writings on African American Women and images of beauty, I will be writing from a mental health perspective. Many of my younger sistahs out there, many of them single and very smart, are frustrated when the men who are the the object of their affection tell them that they prefer women from another ethnic group because Black women are unattractive to them. Aside from that hurting us at our core and seeing how much misogyny is in our music, how does this affect the behavioral psychology on Black Women in the United States?

It decimates us...

From campaigns bashing women who have babies out of wedlock to inability to sell products unless a caricature is implemented like that of Oprah in mainstream media:

It goes to show us that within a hundred of years, the degenerate images of what a Black Woman is has evolved rapidly... What do we as educated women do to protect the self-esteems to become mentally health of our young girls coming up entrenched in this kind of negative reinforced stereotypes?


The social determinants of health said that health is not obtained due to poverty and injustice. Beyond the fact that these images are hurtful when many Black Women do not fit these stereotypes, the fact that it eats our minds psychologically and our souls spiritually is what makes this hurts mentally.

Then this statement ran across my desk:

The Sapphire Caricature portrays Black women as rude, loud, malicious, stubborn, and overbearing.1 This is the Angry Black Woman (ABW) popularized in the cinema and on television. She is tart-tongued and emasculating, one hand on a hip the other pointing and jabbing (or arms akimbo), violently and rhythmically rocking her head, mocking African American men for offenses ranging from being unemployed to sexually pursuing White women. She is a shrill nagger with irrational states of anger and indignation -- prone to being mean-spirited and abusive. Although African American men are her primary targets, she has venom for anyone who insults or disrespects her. The Sapphire's desire to dominate and her hyper-sensitivity to injustices means that she is a perpetual complainer, but she does not criticize to improve things; rather, she criticizes because she is unendingly bitter and wishes that unhappiness on others. The Sapphire Caricature is a harsh portrayal of African American women, but it is more than that; it is a social control mechanism that is employed to punish Black women who violate the societal norms that encourage Black women to be passive, servile, non-threatening, and unseen.

This article goes into detail about the subjugation of Black Women. The fact is we are violate societal norms, it is hard to be passive when we see and experience injustice and racism, we will not go back to servitude and we threaten just because we are there. And we cannot hide because we are present...

This seems to happen to more highly educated African American women. It is because we have all this education, experience in the injustice and racism that we want to save those younger than us so that they do not suffer our fates. For the next little Black girl...Give back to those...Reach those and lift as we rise...

But who is bolstering those up when our souls are depleted?


The back story first: While I hold a doctorate in molecular genetics and have done research in cardiovascular biology with published papers, my interest in mental health and wellness is borne from finding ways to deal with my own ailments. I write this blog when I need healing outside of what my therapy regimen provides.

Another way I seek therapy is through social media and in particular roleplaying by writing stories and performing them on social media outlets, such as Twitter. I found this thrilling and exciting for me. It is what "floats my boat" in life. But the themes I examine are that form a mental health nature or injustice. I ought to have know that racism is pervasive and worse on social media due to the perceived anonymity by people who do not know how to interact with diverse people. Moreover, the young people do not know their history, so one must be patient in teaching them that reality by slowly advancing their story with multiple inputs.

Kids do and say anything and when I say kids, I mean those under 25 years old. My favorite roleplaying genre is Science Fiction. My favorite writers is Octavia Butler. As a scientist who is now a business woman, I often wonder who is putting the science in the fiction? Like that of Aldous Huxley and Ray Bradbury? With there being a lag in science education overall and lack of women in science in general, what would be the numbers of African American number in science courses today, then those who choose to write about it in a fictional format?

Then posit that with multiple media inputs, such as novels, comics, graphic novels, animation, movies along with social media where the bulk of young people get 90% of their historical information? What would be the image pervasive about African American Women?

Then I found the answer of this "bamboozled fantasy " in the most likely of places as to why this is happening to us Sistahs out there. An answer in pornography (NSFW NSFW NSFW):

This image sends a message to our young African American women that the ONLY way to any man's heart is be ignorant, subdued and sexually violated...Then like that sexual violation as an appreciation of kindness...

What is worse is many African American womens' ancestors--the Black Women to come before us--were actively sexually violated in this manner. Including my own ancestors...

Many Black women have been sexually abused by either molestation or rape, either in a relationship or not. Add the layer of education with the knowledge of the injustice and racism, involved and have men, some Black, actively berate our existence publicly on social media in blogs or elsewhere through the caricaturization of our images we condone as beautiful...

That we cannot sell ideas unless we placate the masses who buy our products. That we are hypersexualized. That we are only worthy for an exotic sexual adventure...


What does that do to a Black Woman's mental health state and self-esteem?

We commit suicide...

That is what it does...

No one will protect us. We protect ourselves, by ourselves for ourselves. No one comes to the sanctity of Black Womanhood other than Black Women. And even then, we are attacked by our own...

What can we do since we cannot change this ugliness? Survive? Are we?

NO...And yes...

We can be oblivious and hope that we do not die of breast cancer in an early age because this kind of oppression become suppressed physical ailments.

Or we can fight, but be dehumanized to an element like the Sapphire Caricature...Shunned and shamed as unladylike by even those in our community. Our words unheard. Our thoughts suppressed. Our humanity ignored.

We can also go crazy... Probably where I am as I write this... And that list is in my blog posts.

Lastly we can evolve...


I really do not know, anymore in this day of age of Social Media? But life is ever-changing and everlasting... We can become that which we seek as beautiful. Because these caricatures are a recent historical development. Human history is possibly 200,000 years old. Recorded history is possibly 5000-8000 years old. And modern human beings are thought to derived from Africa. And if African natives were the cradle of civilization, then at some point we LOVED Black women and found them beautiful... They are our mothers, our sisters, our aunts and our grandmothers. They brought life forth into us and continued life even in the midst of all pain... Life goes on... Everlasting to everlasting...

From Beloved by Toni Morrison:

Baby Suggs: And the beat, beat, of your heart... Love it. More than the lungs that need yet to breathe free air. More than the womb, which holds life. More than the private parts that give life. Love your heart. This... this is the prize. Amen. This the prize... Amen!

Baby Suggs: Over yonder, they do not love your flesh. Oh, my people... they do not love your hands. Those, they only use, tie, bind, chop off and leave empty! Love your hands! Raise them up, and kiss them.

Go to 7:27 minutes to understand...

The struggle we fight for is for principalities...But remember LOVE is what carries to triumph over hate and fear. Because really, anyone who subjects a woman based on her beauty is insecure his/herself and fears you.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

For me this is a difficult subject - #Mental #Health People of Color #LGBTQI #Cyberbullying #Suicide

Let me be clear: I fully support #LGBTQI young people - and older ones :) and want to end teen suicide in ALL populations. My particular population interest is African Americans, particularly women and the cultural competency in mental health and wellness. Sistah Mental Health and Wellness supports all women... ALL WOMEN! We are seeking to end the mental health disparity among diverse populations and becoming culturally competent.

It is nice for anyone to say to treat people as individuals and for the most part, clinician can and do. I am not a clinician. I am just a strong advocate and sufferer of mental illness who has found my path to improve my mental health and wellness and I just want to share a few of my thoughts to whomever reads this blog.

I am straight. I do not know the pains, trials and tribulations that the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Intersex (LGBTQI) people face. I mean NO disrespect and I would love to help as a supporter. But I do know enough about mental illness from my experience as an African American woman to empathize with similar difficulties. And hope that some of what I did to overcome my issues can be adopted and overcame by those who suffer from mental illness in the LGBTQI community.

When I read about Mr. Clementi, I am enraged. I am angry because he did not have to die because he was expressing his love with another man. LOVE = LOVE! It is so hard find love anyway and to restrict someone's happiness in that love is wrong...

Fact is no matter how brief that time of love is, let people--let humanity flourish in it. Let love be! It is NOT ours to judge...It is ours to watch blossom! That is the way of the Spirit of Life on this planet... Let is be!

With that said, as social media explodes and as contact with people globally expand, cyberbullying increases. The way we talk to each other electronically lacks common civility and etiquette. Face to face we will not speak to people like that normally. But, under the veil of an avatar, anything goes. And we as a people think that is humanity! That the behavior is the norm. That it is how we treat one another, that it is compassionate.

Well, it is not!

I grew up under an educator's household. My mother, grandparents and several friends were Teachers, Professors and College Presidents. If anything I learned in the totality of my life is life-long learning, each one, teach one and always community service. I have dedicated most of my adult life to community service and teaching people. But recently, I have learned that SERVICE and common courtesy is gone with the way of people being chivalrous...

I am NOT only talking about men, but women, too! Helping people with hefty loads. Going the extra mile to make sure the entire job is done and complete. As my mother says, "it ain't worth doing if you don't do the whole thing..." Always do your best!

What does this have to do with LGBTQI and mental illness?

LGBTQI have been so ostracized forever that they left the community and created their own communities. Rightfully, so. In the early 1970's the protests in San Fransisco by Mr. Harvey Milk and others improved living conditions for openly gay adults. Over time, there has been evolution in the LGBTQI communities with campus groups, and huge activities expressing one of the most intimate parts of humanity and that is the freedom of sexual expression with whomever one wants.

To be overt about it, some people enjoy wearing wild clothing or lack thereof doing suggestive and aggressive intimate activities that "freak out" the straights. Growing up, I did not see much of that so I was clueless. Recently as an adult, I have gotten a quick course on human sexuality and gender equity. Thank God I am smart because if I was an idiot, my mind would be chewed up by now... I think being smart and being around open minded people helps my compassion for humanity and if anything EVERYONE wants to feel loved and valued.

What I have learned with my strong Christian upbringing and undertones is that for the most part LGBTQI want what everyone else wants: PARITY AND EQUITY!

So what if they want to get married... Good! As my Lesbian friends tell me, they get "toasters"

So what if they want to serve in the military openly... Dammit they already do! And they are doing excellent jobs, so why can they not be open about their sexual preference? Because s/he might kiss someone on the battlefield of the same gender? Come on, that is not their fear when bullets and bombs are flying...

I am sure there are other HUGE issues that I am missing and I do apologize. And my concern is for the young people, mental health and wellness and cultural competency.

Then I read about the Mean Girls of Morehouse College in Vibe Magazine.

Long story short, Morehouse College is an all male Historically Black College and University in Atlanta, Georgia. I graduated from Spelman College, an all women's HBCU that is across the street. My husband graduated from Morehouse College as well as his father. While I was at Spelman College, my mental health condition fulminated and that is when I decided to seek professional mental health care. I was 19 years old.

Most African American young people do not even recognize basic symptoms of mental illness, including suicidal symptoms. Then they do not know who to talk to when they need assistance with the ruminations of their mind. Racing thoughts are very common in people who worried a lot, have anxieties, mania and drug addictions. Without a positive outlet, such as fitness, meditation, cognitive therapy, etc. or combination, the ruminations become ingrained and actually cause erroneous thinking, illogical conclusions, impulsiveness, possibly brain damage all leading to depression.

It is thought in some neuropsychiatric circles that it is once someone arrives to depression, the thoughts of suicide fester. It is combined with rapid cycling of thoughts and the potential to commit or attempt suicide increases.

Most young people have characteristic symptoms of suicide and they express it on social media sites. I know, I have seen it.

For LGBTQI young people, many of whom are already coming from a "racial cultural purview" and oppressive sexual/gender culture, the racing thoughts they are managing as a coping and compensation mechanism are just overcome when that "one more stressor" is added - "The straw that broke the camel's back"... And the self-esteem is so pliable, built on a house of cards collapses.

When Mr. Clementi died, his "coming out" process was incomplete/had not really started and he was beginning to find his sexual freedom of expression. His "straw" was an invasion of privacy by a roommate, then it was posted on a social media site for the world to see. His self-esteem must have been so suppress due to cultural reasons that his whole "house of cards" of his mind outright collapsed and the only erroneous conclusion he could come to was suicide...

I know...that was me, but as a straight Black woman...

I do not think it is necessarily about the sex or having it. I think for me it was pre-existing conditions rife with promiscuity in erroneously believing I could find love externally...

Culturally, in the late 1980's Black women were beginning to be objectified as nothing more than "turds". Useless, shiftless--a growing misogyny against that "Angry Black Woman". I had young men tell me I was beautiful, then when I "gave" them what they wanted, I got dumped. I believed in these men, that love conquered the literary "Mary Sue" trope. That was before I learned a new way to Love and it was NOT from my Christian upbringing - it was from a cultural purview I never thought I would find and that is the Tantra...

My beliefs is sex and sexuality was oppression and suppression...

Tantra's beliefs in sex and sexuality is DIVINITY and EXPANSION! LOVE WHAT IS!

But that was nearly 15 years after I graduated from Spelman College.

About Morehouse College today: most of these young people have NO ONE other than that 90 year old grandmother who LOVES them, if that. Family structure is absence due to POVERTY and INJUSTICE! These kids were born in 1992 - for me that's Rodney King and LA Riots!

This weekend I saw the Atlanta PRIDE parade. And while I saw a range of ages of people, the young people I did see led me to come to the conclusion that these kids were REARED in this culture. So how would they know anything other than what they feel...

Then in SOME people's family, upbringing was abusive. MANY of my gay male friends lament about the physical, and some sexual abuse they have suffered as young people. ABUSE = MENTAL ILLNESS! REPEAT ABUSE = MENTAL ILLNESS!

Lastly, acceptable behaviors - in my house, you back talked, you got hit. Corporal punishment was to keep you in line. You learned not to say it anymore. Is that right? MANY young people these days NEVER have been spanked, much less had any adult discipline them. In most family structures, even LGBTQI one's there is family structure. But young people without that structure are prevalent in the African American community. We are not just talking about single parent homes - we are talking about grandma is the single parent with 4-5 other young people who are either kids or grandkids on a subsistence income... Basically, "Christmas Missed Us..." And that is the best grandma can do...

So when you have poverty and injustice in a dysfunctional family structure with abuse what kind of child will you have attending your college?

A college like Morehouse able to accept and work with all kinds student is not equipped to handle these kinds of young people in these behaviors. It does NOT make it right, but fact is Morehouse needs to come clean on that issue alone. Sure they can do what is clinically acceptable and intention to treat and all the Joint Commission's guidelines. AND these kids, formerly labeled as incorrigible - money has not been given to help Morehouse by the government...

So while we pussyfoot around saying LOVE IS... Reality states that is only in the Caucasian communities...

So while we pussyfoot around saying Marriage Equity... Reality states that if the government had early childhood development for ALL families we would be in a more advanced position. But when our immoral moral police tea bag our freedoms, then we can never advance...

I will be honest: while I can see statistically LGBTQI young people have an increased risk of committing suicide, I think that the social determinants of health are at play here and while Social Health Justice figures in a large role for seeing this increase risk, I also think a solution is bolstering EVERYONE'S community and that is a role for our Federal Government - meaning taxes...

People have not allowed LOVE for one another based on their "Christian" principles with all this deregulation from schools to health care. If we were healthier and more educated - let us hope that these issues become surfeit...

Shout out to The Trevor Project for all the LOVE!

Monday, October 4, 2010

My take...#NWNW vs... (#MentalIllness #Tantra #HealthDisparities)

All I care about is mental health and wellness for women, particularly women of color, specifically women of African descent.

I MUST SAY I ADMIRE Ms. Karazin for igniting a firestorm of commentary on the plight of unplanned pregnancies by African American women in the United States. That fortitude to want change and to rally the resources in that manner is excellent. I respect that.

I have concerns, beyond my own anecdotal stories on this subject alone. My biggest concern is that of mental health and wellness before, during and after pregnancy. Some of my greatest clients suffer from post-partum depression. Some are married, some are not. These are the realities of things.

Another action I do admire about No Woman, No Womb is seeing Mrs. Nisa Muhammed's name. Respect for her because I do support Marriage Enrichment courses before, during and after.

But this blog is really not a positioning blog for my business: Sister Mental Health and Wellness, this blog is for me to use self-management and self-care between visits to my mental health providers and avoid mental illness Bipolar Disorder II manic episodes - which may be going on as I write this piece due to my PMS...LOL!

So I know when I blog my crazy episodes, people actually read my posts and respond! In fact when I post them to my Facebook, folks give me plenty of feedback, including my own mother after I get my phone call. Then she invariably sees other people's comments with stories "worse than my own" and she realizes like I did, that I may have just helped someone who has mental health issues be given a voice...

Because the problem with having a mental health condition and managing everything involved is losing one's voice...

Seriously, the stigma of mental illness is deadly in the African American community. Two weeks ago, I made a presentation in front of a group of young people and their parents about cyberbullying and the kids had NO clue about what to do if anyone posts a suicide threat online.

Only 1-800-273-TALK has the BEST information on dealing with suicide threats online. has the BEST written content to talk one down from following through with a suicide threat. But I can tell you, cultural competency is lacking in both organization and they know it. Then, we have this STIGMA and if I hear another person say, just pray on it, I will SCREAM!!! Why? Because once a SUICIDE threat is posted anywhere, the person who made the post is not anything but MENTALLY ILL which requires EMERGENCY MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY!!!



What does this have to do with the NWNW backlash I have seen from highly educated African American women?

Self-esteem/efficacy is a part of mental health, specifically behavioral health that falls under two large categories: NATURE and NURTURE aka GENETICS and ENVIRONMENT...

Genetics becomes hardwired roughly 90% of the time. It is very tough to change it. For neuropsychiatric medicine though, scientists are discovering that the human brain is not as hardwired as thought. That an individual's brain genetics shifts as a reflection of learning in an environment under evolution...

Behavioral genetics is the driving force to understanding and developing treatments and therapies for mental illnesses, such as depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, autism, etc.

Environment in this context = residential background, region, family involvement, sociability, etc. These actions are taught. A child LEARNS how to respond to life's stimuli no matter the stressors. How the child is taught is only ONE aspect to understanding mental illness. And in the African American community, we will have to discuss the Social Determinants of Health and Health Disparities. If we are discussing these concepts, then we are discussing Social Injustice...

Mental Illness is exacerbated when the stress of social injustice complicates optimal and efficacious treatment. What is the point in prescribing the latest and expensive Anti-Psychotic when the insurance will not pay for it, no Urban pharmacy carries it and the patient sees no need to "adhere" to the regimen? Do you still implement the "intention to treat" as outlined in the medical oath? Or just wait until they show up at the ER waiting for a psych nurse to give the approval eval at 3 AM? I will tell you it is the latter for MOST people of color who threaten suicide... Or the police have already killed them...


My anecdotal story: FOR or AGAINST NWNW... I will not decide... In fact, I will place this poll and let you decide after reading my blog. But here is my anecdotal story:


  • I am 42 years old, a Black Woman and married for 7 years to a wonderful man who I love dearly.

  • I have never been pregnant

  • I hold a doctorate in Molecular Genetics - most folks who read this know this, this is for the newbies.

  • I have bipolar disorder that I seek medical treatment for and I effectively self-manage it according to my mental health providers' (yes with an "s") care.

So I am the outlier...

When I was ~24 years old, I fell in love with a professional athlete. He was the moon and the stars. I met him at a party and we had excellent conversation and I gave him my number. In boy time you know what that means, he called me and left a message. My 20-something self just KNEW we could become an item! :D IT WAS FUN! Me just getting accepting into a PhD program and HIM playing for a pro team! What could be better?

Then, his true self came out. Either I actively overlooked it after friends told me to stop, but he was verbally abusive to me. He treated me like I was worthless. Let's make that more accurate, I let him treat me like was worthless. The FACT IS we did NOT have a relationship agreement - i.e. ACQUAINTANCES vs DATING! I was his acquaintance, NEVER his date...

The long conversations we had were arguments on me trying to prove why I was good enough for him--OR SO I THOUGHT! Let's not go into me spending my money to make him happy...Yeah...EXACTLY!

[side note] To this day, it is still painful I went through this ordeal. Some of my closest friends know about this situation and how it is bad. But it helps my healing from the damage I incurred allowing that monster into my life. Yeah, eyes welling up. [/side note]

He would call himself having parties and invite the kind of women that his boys wanted to be hooked up with. Some being his family members. I was invited, but I was smart enough to bring friends who could tell when it was time to go. Of course there was alcohol, which he drank a lot of and I ignored that.

Then one day he started inviting me when the ladies in his family visited. I would come and they liked speaking to me. I thought they liked me. I thought I was "it"... Then the trash would come in. I am not one to fight over a guy, but this "boy" was into pitting women to feed his ego in hindsight...

Then, when I met the new "flavor du jour", I was to be pitted against, she was old, sickly, looked like an OLD Cruella DeVil or Natasha. Well in his line of work, allegedly, they teach the athletes about these kinds of women in a seminar. It means he was not listening... The time was ~3 years of knowing him, trying to be a good friend in spite of it all, longevity, and he stops speaking to me one summer. I was clueless all along or delusional...

[For those who have an idea what happened next do not speak...LOL!]

Then I got a surprise call of him inviting me to one of his games. I was so enthusiastic, jumping for joy that I rushed over to his house to go with his male "cousins" to the game, then Cruella was there...

9 months pregnant...

That is how I found out where babies come from in psychotic situations such as these /sarcasm.

Here is what happened to me:

Rush calculations, back tracking to conception dates, doubting how that was possible!
Sorting through my mind all the things were said
Realization of what happened and how I let someone treat me that way
Worrying my folks about my surivival

I cried... Did I cry! Even now...I cry!


My friend keep telling me: Just one less person to think about a Christmastime...

For six months... And I was so oblivious, NEVER did the guy and I discuss any relationship situation seriously other than, "FINE, then FINE"... I thought we were just angry with each other and we could work it out. NEVER DAWNED ON ME that that was my EXIT... That was my CUE...

Yeah, I can bash myself with EVER expletive possible... Then after a year of that pain, the ONE STRIKE LAW WENT INTO EFFECT!


  • Cannot have kids under the age of 12...
  • MUST be DIVORCED from wife for 5 years

There were more. I cannot think of them all.

[side note:]Oh did I say my husband does not have kids... He is an African American professional man with a DVM, who WAS single without any kids and never got a woman pregnant...Graduated from Morehouse College...[/side note]

I finally got to the point in my life at that time that if I want to ruin my life, I do not need anybody's help, I can do that well enough alone...

And dammit after working so hard in graduate school to become a research scientist (LOL!) I deserve someone commensurate to who and what I am with similar family values and background -- or at least a man who respects that about me. If he cannot, then X ONE STRIKE LAW!

How long was I single after that? ~10 years. Did I want to go and mess up my life like all my friends were doing by "getting married in reverse" - have the baby, trap the man? Yes. Did it happen for me? No. Why not?

I did not care for any of the men enough to want to carry their seed for 9 months.

Then I learned the TANTRA!!!

The Art of Conscious Loving...

Not about loving yourself...More about how to express the love of yourself as a your gift to your partner - the sharing of Anhat... The mindfulness of Ajna... The mantras... The settings... The Feng Shui of a romantic encounter.


That when I expressed myself in relationships, it was my gift to honor them. If they did not return, I know that at least I gave them that blessing that they needed at the time and I was blessed to have experienced them.

That was when I let go, so that I could allow true love to come in with my true mate.

It takes patience. It does not happen overnight. Good relationships are TOUGH to build, especially when there is no outline, not a very good instruction manual or archaic one, too academically rigorous, etc. And to be honest, that crazy relationship I was in with the pro athlete, I was to lazy to face facts of letting go... So the Spirit made me let go... I am better for it.

So... Now what?


Since my business is in Mental Health and Wellness in women of African descent using social media, I am constantly receiving and reviewing the latest news on improving their lives and the legitimate claims for best practices. I want to improve cultural competencies, end the disparities in mental health with effective self-management and coaching through by websites: The Ari | af | ya Universe, Sistah Mental Health and Wellness and Get Your Mind Right Health and Wellness Coaching. I was sent this information about Black Women and Dating. I was SHOCKED because lies like these spread like wild fire, especially when they are passed off a science also called pseudo science!

Being a fully trained research scientist with a Ph.D. in molecular genetics and have worked at three medical schools, my investigation of the scientific claims of the original article: “How Your Race Affects The Messages You Get” by OkCupid states:

“Black Women are the most ignore group on dating websites”

After scientifically evaluating this claim, I have come to the conclusion that any legitimate business presenting an article claiming a scientific fact showing “correlation matrices" to make their claims and uses profane language is NOT scientific. That goes to say to ALL Black Women:


My business, the Isle Sanctuary Artistic Division, these days is Roleplaying (RP) where my group performs stories using social media from a diverse woman’s point of view. My business writes our stories to reflect the diversity of experiences of women of African descent in science fiction. Then, I see my African American female friends lament and fight over two ideas: No Wedding No Womb vs Sexual Injustice. I see several single Black Women heartbroken because they want to give up on meaningful companionship including sexual expression. Then I hear their cries about the real life dating scene, and as a woman who dedicated her life to science, devoid of any real social life until I had a huge a medical emergency, reading heinous blogs such as this:


At this point, Black Women self esteem are tortured and that is when they visit my site. They may have already written their suicide note because they are being bombarded with heinous comments that say BLACK WOMEN ARE WORTHLESS!!! Many people have no idea that MILLIONS of Black Women present SERIOUS CLINICAL cases of depression because of ABUSE!!!

Lack of a desired relationship is not due to Black Womens' self-insufficiency or poor choices – it is because of psychosocial health injustice! If a black woman is not taught how to be self-confidence in a productive environment causing them to suffer and having a poor living while growing up, devoid of any health services or food options, then telling Black Women, “buck up” or else be “undateble” and here is the statistical proof is perpetuating a gross distortion and groupthink, which has no place in science.

So let us change that game... Since, most of my roleplaying involves the Star Wars Expanded Universe, Mr. George Lucas would AGREE with my assertions by his dating life, because HE LIVES IT and her name is Ms. Mellody Hobson!

There have been rumors and lies that have been said about me and my claims, I am fine with it. But discount my abilities is foolish. My rant is about LIES from a BUSINESSES CALLING THEMSELVES A LEGITIMATE SCIENTIFIC ENTERPRISE! If I get backlash for this blog, fine! I will be happy to present my evidence to the National Academies of Science about posting false advertisements with all the Social Media resources I can.

What are the failings of the study? What is the significance of the correlation? What are their P-values in a type 2 error? Obviously there is not enough power to make the claims they make with the correlation matrices they have. Even if they did a Pearson's Correlation Coefficient or a Mann Whitney Test or a simple Student's t-test...Fine! I might dislike the result, but it is valid we can dispute the collection of the data, but gross distortions with only averages, how is that called science? Where are the correlations? Were participants’ educational and economic levels considered and used? What metric did they use to make that decision without introducing bias? What is called “dateability” here? Does that mean getting replies in an inbox? What were the regional differences? Was their consent that their information would be completion would be shared? What about the users that could be lying? Was that information taken into account? Moreover, what about precedence? This company’s findings is not the first ever study on reply backs on dating sites...What background research is there? What are the legitimate ways to reply?

Aside with the myriads of scientific questions, when two other prominent websites broadcasting a WEAK study that uses profanity to pass off as legitimate science and no one questions it, there is a problem here, especially in American Scientific studies.

I did NOT spend a LARGE PORTION OF MY ADULT LIFE IN SCIENCE to have some idiot say that Black Women are “undateble” by STATISTICS on a blog that uses profanity… I have WAY too much education for an idiot representing a dating website company passing off false science. I would have to question its business practices! These are peoples’ most intimate lives here! Saying Black Women do not get replies, is like saying Black Women give up have a companion, or love. If that logic were true, then many of my forebears and me would not be married.

How to rectify this gross injustice: ANY UNIVERSITY and their writing department will HELP "doctor" this article... Publish it in a Psychological Social Media Sciences journal than passing it off as science blog, which is bogus! If the article cannot be in Science, then it lacks merit... Present this article publicly to legitimate African American womens' publications and community organizations. Lastly, have ALL proceeds go to improve the lives of African American teenage girl community programs


Disagree with me and harm me for defamation? I do not care, because I know I am right on this topic... I have TRAINED for this kind of blathering idiocy and I know this study is BOGUS!

This study: is a “CORRELATIONS DOES NOT IMPLY CAUSATION” logic fallacy.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I use to draw, but now I write...

I use to draw for a long time, but after I gave in to the Dark Side of the Force in Science that left me hopeless, I write. I am a research molecular geneticist and scientist. Google me and you will find 5 of my research papers dealing with cardiovascular disease, aging and diabetes. Doubt me...well that is your choice...

Anyhow I support women, particularly women of color, specifically women of African descent to find their voice. When women have been dominated and abused in this society, it is very hard for a woman to find her voice without being viewed as that "Angry Black Woman" stereotypical misogyny. Sure, a woman can be harsh to a man and people get hurt, but once that hand is raised and strikes or a woman is sexually violated, it crushes her ability to know how to fight back. Rape kills a woman's spirit. I should know...

Everything is questioned: Your values, your morals, your beliefs your reality and understandings. Being mired in pain, only to be manipulated by others, sometimes other women. Because domination is all you understand.

Drawing helped me, as well as other several art forms: painting, dancing and sometimes writing.

Then I decided to become a scientist. I never thought becoming would sacrifice myself to the alter of self-doubt, self-hate and low self-esteem... I was a pretty good scientist, but I refused to tortured by men who were misogynists and plainly ignorant, socially.

Recently, due to the piss poor economy, I have been out of work, yet my creative side has come back. Slowly, I draw, eventually I paint...And my dance has changed to martial arts where I have become self-confident! And I write on social media! Interesting blogs, developing characters, roleplaying, etc.

What can I say, I am human, I am a woman, I am an African American woman--not Black because my skin color is not the color "black" like "tar" and I respect those ancestors of my who were kidnapped from the diaspora or MAAFA hundreds of years ago and beaten within an inch of their lives, yet they survived... Let us be honest about the reality of that than watering it down to make it digestible--because it is not!

I have seen more woman oppression online than I have ever imagined and I have been accused of hurting people who invade where I come from and the reality of my experiences. By some women who have been "pedestalized", but mostly men, who are mentally deranged, sycophantic, and narcissists. I have also seen a lot of weak men, who you think are your friends, but when attacked do nothing to defend you unless you come with undeniable proof.

The thing that gets me are the lies and rumors of me... But then I look at this younger generation and they were reared with Jerry Springer with the unmedicated throwing shoes at people, being goaded to fight with the ring of the bell. Is that responsible socially? Well see, the business that I am in, the control of the message must be rapid in Customer Relations Management. Protocols need to be in place when the rumor mills run. Besides the fact we eat this junk social food, our mental bodies and spirits cannot be nourished by it, and it is not sustainable. Eventually we will fall into mental-social failure...

Is there medical evidence? Possibly. What I like about writing fiction, specifically science fiction, is that I do not have to provide the actual scientific paper evidence, except for a few links. Do I write for my audience and give them what they want, junk mental-social food? Or do I elevate their minds, grounded in math-physics-chemistry-biology so that when they are ready, they can seek to find their own answers? As a former college instructor and lecturer, I prefer the latter. But in business...If I want to make money--tell people what they want to hear. It is sad. As a scientist in transition back to artistry, losing my creativity can make me sick, but the mania overcoming the slamming incurred, well...At least I do know mindfulness...