Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rape for Profit by Jada Pinkett Smith - Sex Trafficking #Seattle

Rape For Profit - Trailer from RapeForProfitFilm on Vimeo.

Seattle may seem benign and seem liberal areas on the United States, but men bash women here. Men stranglehold women and rape them. The insult is at 14 years old in age. A girl is coming to grips of being a woman (by menstruation), being a sexual being (generally liking a boy) to being responsible (by succeeding in school). When a girl is raped, all that kind of positive movement forward is dispelled.

The very soul of a girl is taken from her. Her rage and ire is turned inward. It does not come out in good ways.

I know... I've been there before...

And what got me out is the Tantra - the art of conscious loving. It brought me to loving me, for the wondrous spirit I am. No condemnation, no destruction, no judgment. How to move with love through art and thought, in deed, and compassionate action. It is why the Isle Sanctuary exists. Why there is a safe-space in the torrential seas of the Internet, despite what others have stated.

I'm here. I'm here when you need me. Always vigilant. Always united. A sanctuary for peace.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Goal Setting for Depression and Anxiety with the Fun Activity Catalogue Is Not Culturallly Competent

I'm taking a "Depression & Anxiety Management" course offered by my healthcare provider ( Group Health Cooperative ), which is taught by trained/licensed mental healthcare professionals.

I was given this handout called:

Fun Activities Catalogue

It lists various activities one finds as "WORK, LEISURE or SELF-CARE"

WORK are activities that you have to do and they're a part of life. Sometimes you dread doing them, but if you choose to not do it, you would.

LEISURE are activities that you love to do - recreational, etc. and you choose to do them.

SELF-CARE are activities you do to take care of yourself and generally enjoy doing them.

Sometimes there's a blur between LEISURE and SELF-CARE. These items intermingle.

When one is depressed from various reasons, they cannot see anything that gives them any pleasure. That is a sign of ANHEDONIA - lack of pleasure.

To build around that, find things on the list you love to do (LEISURE) and things you do for SELF-CARE and work on these items to set goals to achieve.

I asked the question about TRAUMA, but I didn't explain it in context due to the nature of the course and my first time being there. But this was in reference to the Zimmerman and Dunn cases: Black teenage boys, doing what they love to do, and some lunatic kills them for it. How can anyone set goals with having a fear of that?

The answer I got was not culturally competent.

I was told that you build small to build up your confidence, and explore down the line if you can redo some of the things you enjoy. It is setting yourself up for success. 

Nice clinical textbook answer for those with privilege and agency. For those without that: Namely diverse groups that are under oppression due to bigotry, this nice sheet, "Fun Activity Catalogue" while helpful, needs reframing in context. 

Can the tripartite system work for peoeple who have mental health condition as a seen as a biological issue? Yes. 

Can it work when adding the layer of health disparities, most injustice, poverty and environment help with a "Fun Activity Catalogue"? A RESOUNDING NO! 

Not if the answer is piecemeal out your fears to regain your confidence in doing something after a severely traumatic event - such that suffered by Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis.

Sorry, but it is not. Professionals teaching this need to add context to it, or diverse populations are not going to do it.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"What Would You Do" Show and more Woman Bashing

Here is the video where a Black woman actress bashes a black man actor who is dating a white woman who is also an actress on the show called "What Would You Do".

We have been bamboozled. When does a Black woman vocalize how she feels about what a black man dates in public? She never, in a public setting behaves that "out of order". The actress what out of order for saying anything about a man's love interest. But in a set up the goal is to go over the top to make a bizarro point, which was???

The comments made are reserved in private, face to face with the parties involved, not for a "show" of power.

The people who got involved thought they were doing the "couple" a favor by putting the Black woman in check -- which means -- she was told to act crazy. It seems convincing, because the public who got involved actually allowed the mental breakdown of WOMEN!

Flat out - a woman does not attack another woman who is dating.

Shame on you "What Would You Do". Based on your show, ignoramuses abound will have grounds to hurt Black women more due to your casting - especially since you did not do the opposite: A white man taking his Black girlfriend to a shop and a white woman having a problem with it.

Haven't we had enough in woman bashing in the media?

Friday, November 15, 2013

EPISODE ALERT: "12 Years A Slave" Spoiler-Free Movie Review & Crazy Black Women

Just got back from the movie "12 Years A Slave" director by Steve McQueen, staring Chiwetel Ejoifor as the lead character named "Solomon Northrup".

The plot of this movie is partly based on a true story about "Solomon Northrup" who was duped, trapped and sold back into slavery in Mississppi to two plantations for 12 years. Later he wrote about his experiences and the writings still stand today.

In the movie, it goes through various images of what "freedom" looks like and what enslavement looks like, and manumission looks like. The main character encounters other slaves who often say they have accepted their lot in life, as if they deserve the inhumane treatment because God has turned His back on them.

There were big name, A-list actors in this movie: Chiwetel Ejoifor, Michael Fassbender, Benedict Cumberbatch, Brad Pitt, Lupita Nyang'O, Alfre Woodard, Sarah Paulson, Paul Dano, Paul Giamatti. An excellent cast.

The starkness of outlook was apparent with the cinematography. The only colorful displays were shown when strength returned to individuals. Or when mirth occurs in the plot.

In mental illness, a traumatic experience can cause one's brain to adapt to survive. When that trauma does not cease, the anger of suffering turns in on itself to a clinical depression. This clinical depression could not be acted upon by slaves until the last dying breath. The inhumane and demeaning nature of enslavement, by its very nature is mental anguish and there a paucity of modern health studies to understand its impact on African Americans, and the resiliency of their ancestors in the United States.

There were two women who dealt with their trauma in the only way they could and were forced to deny their pain because it was a nuisance to others. Not just the slave masters and their families, but others slaves. The callus nature that slaves developed was out of fear. A hollow look. This movie captured like a time machine of the faces of slaves just enduring it, like the mosses on the trees in Mississippi.

But what makes this movie bring to light that it is okay to be mentally ill as a slave and afterward, is treatment options were suicide or homicide. Death lead to freedom when people believed they had none.

It explains why many persons of African descent still hold onto a faith  from a god not theirs. All that is left is the vaporous body that courses the blood to innervate the muscles to move. That is not freedom. That is barely survival. Whatever it is, it is crazy. No sane person could logically aspire to endure that and yet they did.

This movie captured it.

Some of the terms were colloquial and great use of the "N-word" in a period piece. Images to demean women using sexual prowess and rape. The viciousness of the Southern white woman who was the mistress of the house having to hold it together when they could not. Many typical things.

But in this movie, it showed life as it once was and how it all can be taken away, like the biblical "Benjamin".

To survive enslavement, Black women had to go crazy. In this movie Black women were beaten and humiliated equally to Black men during slavery. While this movie was about a man, it showed it was more about the women and how the brutality of enslavement essentially emasculated the males, and dehumanized the women - it left Black women as hollow shells of their former selves -- as voids -- waiting to be filled. Unfortunately, the filling was with more cruelty and seeking righteousness either get one killed, wanton to be killed, and sacrificing her body sexually.

In my opinion, Black Women were not blamed as a theme of this movie. It did show of Black men were ripped to shreds unable to act on anything to help Black Women. But this movie was not about physical or mental weaknesses. It was about mental instability and forcing oneself to be unstable in order to survive.

Did I like this movie. No. But I feel drawn to it. I cried in this movie in two parts. The one part where I cried had something to do with a fan fiction Iwrote with many similarities to the scene, and my writing group partners told me it was too violent. I didn't think what I wrote was violent, I felt it was truth. Those things did happen. But the issue is, one has to be crazy to accept a watered down, pansy version for white people to accept it and not be hurt by the facts...

The second part I cried in this movie was after a traumatic experience, the victim feels sorry for the actions that have happened to them. A similarity would be "Stockholm Syndrome". This individual would even defend the abuser justifying his or her torture as correct. This behavior is often seen in rape victims - the if I had not been wearing... When it is the rapist who has a power and control issue to dominate over a perceived victim, who is always powerless. Sadly, when it is done to children, the understanding of right from wrong is skewed.

Trauma such as these can affect the sexual organs, therefore these behaviors can be inherited and passed down the generations. As such, after 150 years the abolition of slavery and ~50 years of ending Jim Crow, it seems too much to expect that being mentally stable in a supremacist society this country was built upon would just dissipate in Black women, and Black men.

What "Solomon Northrup" would be called is "drapetomania". For any slave NOT to desire freedom and stay with brutality requires a certain level of craziness to occur and this movie captures it.

The question is, will this movie gain Oscar nods? It will get nominated. I want it to win. But I am not sure it will because, White America refuses this movie, and then Black America does, too but for different reasons. White America refuses it because there is no way it was that bad to slaves... It's not "Gone With The Wind" in the antebellum South. Black America does not like it due to "Slavery Movie Fatigue" and seeing what we already know, that racist White people are the worst.

Friday, November 8, 2013

UCLA Black Men Speak Out

In this spoken word, Sy Stokes discusses how he is not proud to be called a Bruin.  It's really well done and states a statistic that UCLA won more championship games (143) than what the Black male freshman population (~43).

Here is my issue about how they feel. I'm tired of hearing the laments. In 1996 when most of California voted to destroy opportunities for diversity driven by the psychotic ramblings of an ignorant buffoon of a Black Man to bamboozled the University of California system. Now the only blacks left to make differences to our communities are athletes who are trying to leave the 'hood. 

But the fact is, UCLA does not care about diversity and that will never change.

EPISODE ALERT: FDA Bans Crisco Trans-Fats & Why They Don't Give A Sh*t

It's been awhile since I've written anything. My blog is about mental health, but it is also about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, too. Because without it, achieving a mentally healthy outlook is very, very difficult.

Recently, the FDA announced it is banning trans-fats. What that means is any fat that is solid at room-temperature, like Crisco vegetable oil or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil which is from soybean oil, will no longer be in many processed foods we consume - chiefly, crackers, cookies and microwave popcorn. There are many others. It use to be that companies could make foods with less than 0.5 grams of trans-fat and could put on the food label as "no trans-fat". Now that is not allowed.

Here is the NPR radio show about this topic.

My mother asked me what I thought about the new rulings. I said, I don't really care. As a vegetarian and someone that actually does cook from scratch, the requirement for trans-fats would be minimal. I must say, I own Crisco products, they are very nice to bake with, but the way I make my foodstuffs, it does not taste as good as butter.

I tried explaining to my mother about how products made with trans-fats allowed them to have increased shelf-lives. That was good when food was scarce and many people starved. When foods could not be "kept" in refrigerators or were not abundant in markets like they are now in the US. Partially hydrogenated oil is what kept many people alive long enough to eat food.

However, from a molecular biological perspective, a starvation metabolism is still different from an metabolic syndrome metabolism. In times of food scarcity, the body latches on to any of the major macromolecules it can find as well as water. Any foodstuffs is better than no foodstuffs or prolonged lack of nutrition. Proteins play a major role in saving lives. What is fed to starving children is a product called "Plumpy'nut"

It is for severe malnutrition. It contains monounsaturated fats. It has a 2 year shelf-life and requires no food preparation.

It is made by a French company and it heals thousands of starving children in undeveloped countries and malnourished areas, as well as keeping them alive.

It is, the life-saver of children. Without some "trans-fat", these children would die.

A metabolic syndrome metabolism is about overeating all the major macromolecules to where key disease genes are unable to be regulated. Many of the diseases we love fall into this category: Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Stroke. The way to change metabolic syndrome is through physical fitness, eating fresh vegetables only, very little protein, no starch or carbohydrates and reducing stress through mindfulness meditation. Doing all these activities are very hard to do, many medications can help, but there are side effect. This is a first world problem.

Making our foodstuffs more natural would be nice. Who has the time? Not all natural foods are safe due to infections and chemical contamination. Having a natural lifestyle takes a lot of dedication, time, and motivation. When someone is suffering from mental illness, those thought processes are not even apparent.

After I told my mother all that, she said, "I don't want government telling me what I can and cannot eat..."

Actually, that got me to thinking. The reality is, the FDA takes trans-fats off the table in food who are the producers going to sell their products to? Well...

My logic is the reason why the "trans-fat" food companies are not making a huge stink about the FDA ruling against it is, they are transitioning into the BIOFUEL market where that tub of Crisco once cost $2 - $3 now cost $20 - $30 dollars a pound to drive your vehicle. Crisco does not care. It isn't hard for the oil companies like Shell to speak to JM Smuckers about anything... And if you did not think they would do that, well... I have some nice beachfront property in Yuma, Arizona...

I'm going to buy all the little tubs of Crisco that I can and sell it...

Monday, July 29, 2013


Saw this image on a Facebook friend's profile:

Age of Information Page

It got me thinking on the cavalier attitude sensed by this generation and younger who have never seen overt legally sanctioned white supremacist signs like these:

 (Segregation Now, Segregation Forever by Wallace)

The entire civil rights movement and voting rights has now been wiped off the American Planet by the US Supreme Court that will return to a caste-system society in the "democracy and free world". There is a reason for that which is mainly economic, but it is not justice.

With the Zimmerman Trial verdicts, I remain quite other than to show my displeasure on this blog. I am vocal on Facebook which friendships have ended due to mentalities I do not want to manage or negotiate at this time. Some even close friends that I have know since childhood who call me angry because they are ignorant of how Facebook operates.

At any rate, I have posted a series of thoughtful enterprises for all to discuss based on these images.
Simplifying a complex issue like what is racism & what's not will never improve relations. Especially standing from a point of privilege and the oppress only wears a hoodie with candy and ice tea. No. I don't want to work it out from that vantage point anymore.

Respect between men stops racism. Honor between men overcomes it...

Respect is not honored here anymore. Incorrigible babies demand respect that only men can earn by hard work...I'm not just talking about physical labor.

I just saw a very powerful movie where an underling grabbed a superior officer without being beaten down for it. Respect lacks in our cultural displays.

Old farts, biddies, curmudgeons, cantankerous, and old fools -- the disrespect of our older generation is standard -- such as "I can't get no respect". Thing is, when we gave up our intelligence rights, in the 80's and pursued greed instead, the dismantling of our respect foundations occurred. These actions are not new. These actions represent history repeating itself.

Here's a kicker: How can we ask for respect when we don't respect ourselves? Much less honor ourselves? Love ourselves? Here's another: Why are we asking for respect?

Respect is commanded.

Some say earned. No. Who wants respect not honored?
Respect must be given freely. Children lack the discernment required to make that distinction. The life experience. Diverse communication requires to stimulate the intellectual wisdom is beyond appearances. 

Respect requires trust. It invokes a bond between men -- a spiritual connection that asks us to step out of our comfort zones and to touch humanity. Respect within trust asks us to be courageous. Introspective of ourselves. Evaluate of our stewardship, and examines our life faiths as humans.

Fear is a mindkiller... Fear activates our anger in the "fight or flight response". Fear immobilizes us. Unfettered fear is something the stupid create delusions and fantasize about to leverage power and control. Respect is never attained through fear. Respect is lost when fear bolsters irrational responses by the ignorant.

What's interesting top apex predators respect one another until another invading species takes over. Rebalancing the ecosystem is difficult, because everyone will die. Of course only humans interpret fear. Animals are instinctual about it. For the most part.

We must process our fears to overcome them so that we can at least respect one another.

Monday, July 15, 2013

EPISODE ALERT: Collapse Zimmerman Trial from a Disney FanGirl POV

Remember, rest is different from collapse. Collapse is rest that has been pushed past its limit.
 Exhaustion come from trying to control the uncontrollable.

The recent verdicts regarding the acquittal of George Zimmerman for killing Trayvon Martin cause us in the community service fields and mental health arenas to shudder in pain.

How does one prepare for the mindquakes of others feeling so disenfranchised and lost by a system that hurts and oppresses us?

Not only that, but our crime is being born Black and then Female and our women's rights are being ripped away from us to pursue our happiness in this land of the free and home of the brave. What rights?

And it feels Caucasian insecure bigoted men are making choices for people they can no longer have control.
I am just waiting for the 2 meter wide exhaust port for my Rebel Starship to fly down in a trench run and do the following:

Alas, I am not Princess Leia who appears to keep her resolve when speaking to Grand Moff Tarkin snidely:

The tighter the controls they make on us, the kindling of revolt and rebellion will occur in this country. Will it be violent? I know for the other side, the opposing side, the losing side, it will be. Violence is their operative. Violence is their means. It's about power and control, and the fact they are wielding it, says they are insecure about it. Archaic, outdated, not updated, old, crotchety, asinine and balding people. People who do not wish to embrace a future. People who want the past in their security blankets. People who have past their expiration dates and cannot increase their memory chips of expanded ideas. They're hard limits have brakes on them. Yet, they are the same ones that want the stuff you will try to take from them.

"If you don't want it... Give it back..." ~Tia Dalma - Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest

 We have to be more resolute and determine mechanisms to force our minds to wrap around the dysfunction, especially online and social media. Flame Race Wars are going nowhere. We are being torn down by idleness of the distractions beset by social media at this time. The touch psychology is not positive and we are not communicating with one another in an uplifting way.

The mere people exacting this process are the ones who suffer the greatest from this issue. We are allowing touch technology, known that we build a trusting connection and relationship with it psychology to replace our neuropsychiatric biobehavior mechanism to be routed out and disconnected.

What should we do? Logoff.

I already know I can't do it unless I have this...

Your Isle Sanctuary make be different than mine. But you must make a place for yourself, somewhere online to regain your compassion and peace. Other senses can outcompete touch. Like music. But only the right kind. If your music is leaving you more frazzled then it is not the right kind.

Another is conversation - dedicated and intentional conversation. Not distracted. You have to DEVOTE yourself to LISTENING COMPASSIONATELY to especially those around you. If they love to speak to you and you keep blocking them, they will ultimately leave you and regaining that relationship back is what can cause EXHAUSTION!

You can see by the arguments people have against ideas and verdicts that PEOPLE ARE NOT LISTENING ANYMORE!

I feel frustrated when I am not heard. But there is a process to make your concerns known and allow the other individual to desire the right thing by communicating your wants. Your wants must be clear and concise, in a goal for others to follow and a vision everyone can rally.

And that is what a NO social media computer code can program... That is experiential training.