Thursday, October 27, 2011

Facebook, how many more reports do you need?

Facebook, how many more cyberstalking reports do you need with a mountain of screenshots to justify deranged behavior? This behavior is a power and control cycle that domestic violence abuse survivors suffer and you are doing nothing to protect it.

There are millions of mostly women who want to share in your social media for the next big thing, but have to use aliases as their accounts because their attackers actively seek them out. I should not have to be fearful of creative expression on my legal profiles and pages!

You take one report and delete an entire account based on flimsy weak evidence, but active bullying is NOT STOPPED!

Do you really take this seriously for ALL people, not just kids? NO!

Case in point:

Notice the red circle. Why would THAT page--mine fictional character I created--would be ONE of the three interests? Should there NOT be more?

There is NO online restraining orders! So as more people transition online, with smartphone technology, a stalker can gain access to an account and post psychotic delusions on anywhere on the profile or page. By the time the victim logs on again, seeing millions of psychotic ramblings are scary and damaging!

No one deserves 100s of negative posts!

So Facebook, how long, is too long to protect me? When I am dead?

Monday, October 24, 2011

When does the cyberbullying become cyberstalking?

The other day, a project I have been working on for two years that involved social media and a fictional character had posts by another fictional character who pretends to be a "news service" for roleplay.


I roleplay on large format social media: Facebook and Twitter mainly. There are other sites, but I am not as frequent on them. I like to roleplay because it helps me write the dialogue for my fictional character's story. Roleplaying is pretending to be your favorite character in a movie or TV show or comic book and you add their mannerisms on social media. Sometimes, you can create your own character to fit in your favorite movie or TV show or comic book. That is what I did. I gave her an image, I gave her a personality, I gave her a backstory and I gave her "LIFE"! The best way to do concept artistry and is testable with the backdrop on social media.

The thing is, unless you do not mind roleplaying (RPing) by yourself, which is often the case, your story cannot be told. It is the dynamic to RP with other people--to BE SOCIALABLE. That is not easy when you have all kinds of people who have all kinds of opinions and exact them on your chosen character--especially when you create one.

I chose my character to have a sordid past and background because I thought it would add to my story I wanted to tell. Within a few weeks, I was harassed as to what it was I was doing. Not knowing any better, I was honest. I was further harassed. I thought if I changed to a new character, the harassment would stop, it was worse. A whole group of people, possibly those that held multiple accounts, placed an "all call" to block me. None of my comments had to do with them. If I wanted to make comments to people, I would say it to their faces. No, my comments, because I have a brain and do not want my character to be the "woman in the refrigerator" syndrome, took stories I read from the newspaper and made comments.

Then I was against an account that thinks women should be slaves and wanted public relations or PR to promote it. That is what is called RP to these individuals...

My RPs usually involves a script, improvised dialogue and a goal that we would like to reach. An attempt to minimize trope--such as "Mary Sue" or "Draco in Leather Pants"--literary devices that are standard for most stories to tell where the plot is going. A Mary Sue is a character that has a mysterious past, is extremely beautiful and even her enemy falls in love with her passionately. A "Draco in Leather Pants" is an bad boy image who can do no wrong, even though he just committed genocide.

Either way, I tried to follow standards set by stage acting and direction for my RP.

I got cyberbullied for it.

This was on Twitter. And their are reporting mechanisms are absent there.

So I moved to Facebook. I did the same thing. Some things are better. But the Twitter folks found me and go upset that I took screenshots of all their cyberbullying comments, posted them on my character's album as a mechanism of protection and fell they had the right to comment on them.

They felt they had the right to not only comment on them, but claim I was cyberbullying them! I had posted the images in May, 2011. They are NOW JUST COMMENTING!

Which means:

1. They had to find me so that takes effort even through a ROLLING feed, and my pages do not roll.

2. They LIKED my Facebook Fan Page

3. They reviewed my information, including my albums and looks at what it was that they said and felt I was wrong about them.

4. Then they responded in kind on my comments on each picture. It was not one or two pictures, it was every picture in that album.

Like I said, in social media time, a lot can change in 5 months. A lot has changed in both my RP, my character and what I am doing with it professionally. For these bullies to make an active effort on an illegal Facebook account to FIND ME and HARASS ME on my character's Fan Page and promote it to Twitter, is CYBERSTALKING and PSYCHOTIC!

If I had said anything to them within that time, it would be one thing. But I had left them alone. I wanted nothing to do with them. They lie, little girls are being Mary Sues to perverted men as slaves. When something REAL happens, a sex predator who actually does meet a child online, they whine reeling from their manipulation.

I ask the kids where are their parents and have they signed off on this? I took a chance for a kid being underage for social media on Twitter, and I got gaffled by him. So I implement more rules.

Good thing the young people are smarter on Facebook. Sometimes too smart.

But every young person I have worked with can SHOW THEIR WORK they have done with me. At least their scripts.

Roleplay is fun when it works, but posting on people's walls and feeds is NOT RP. Pretending to meet at a Starbucks to gossip is trying to live one's real life online because they do not have one.

My friends that RP felt the act was one of desperation. I did not engage with the person because I know me I would have called them more words than "idiot". But you are right, I reported it to Facebook. As far as I can tell, the account is gone.

What if they do get smart, well, the action plan is to block that account and report. No one wants to deal with those who cross the line between in character and out of character.

They say I do that, but that is why I have a script and I stick to it. At least my scripts have plots to them and we are trying to get that goal.

If you want to know more visit us at Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Facebook Deletion of Accounts -- all of this drama for pretending to be my favorite Star Wars character I created?

My account was deleted from Facebook today. Episode alert. I am delete.

It all started when I was watching a Star Wars Clone Wars episode in 2009 called The Senate Spy.

I was so enraged by the Episode. Another powerful woman character, Padme Amidala, was "thrown into the refrigerator" to be saved by her husband, Anakin Skywalker, when she has everything under control.

I was also on the Force Net, boards where they discussed what Padme had done to merit the conversion of Anakin Skywalker into Darth Vader. Why did she die of not having the will to live...

When I realized, I could write that story! So I did! In 10 days, I wrote a fan fiction replete with music and imagery description.

From there, I was hooked. There were NOT many diverse powerful women in the Star Wars Expanded Universe to similar caliber of a Padme/Leia/Jaina. Why not when many of us love Star Wars just as the next woman? And while our images ARE THERE, we are relegated to second class citizens in the back of the bus...

I said NO MORE!

And I created and wrote the character as a composite of all the powerful women I know. Women I grew up with, who mentored and taught me. To positive younger women being successful in their fields. All these women I know are women of color. Most of them come from my Sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and other Sororities.

What I came up with is:

A Senator
A woman
Who was a hybrid species - Yuuzhan Vong-Human Hybrid
From the planet Haruun Kal
Part of a powerful family
Unstable Force Powers
Has a lot to hide for many people
Made to do unspeakable acts
Because her life has been planned, it makes her mentally sick and rebellious

The name I created was Yemaja Mlise Lah.

Now for the image, I use the Goddess Yemaya pictures. But on Twitter, the public did not respond to them favorable. They responded to physical images. My image did not "fit", so I selected key women of African descent to test. The one image that worked the best was Ms. Selita Ebanks. She got the highest response rates the firs picture I selected of hers.

These activities were on Twitter where she still resides in persona.

But when I started roleplaying as her--like an actress prepares for a role--she was bashed. Unknown individuals sent vile emails, posted disgusting pictures and were offensive to her. To really tell a story about her, explanations were insufficient.

To circumvent those issues a blog about her was generated about what she is doing and how she is handling is.

Thing is there was a recruitment problems. How does one get others to read one's blog. Joining more social media sites.

So it was decided to create a Facebook profile page of her.

Much was happening, until Facebook changed their rules and demanded others to create a "Fan Page". A Fan Page was created, but the usability is something left to be desired especially on phones, especially for roleplaying on FB.

It is not hidden concept that Facebook is NOT for artists except for showcasing their art. Facebook is not for performances, even if one uses their personal account.

Yemaja's Facebook Fan Page as it stands is here

If one looks through the albums, the attacks on her character has not stopped.

This drama is enough! No one needs all this drama for two years just for creating my favorite Star Wars character and pretending to act it.

BTW: That image of the Goddess Yemaya dancing in the water, Facebook said it violated their image codes of pornography. How is that disrespecting people's religion.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Science Fiction Prognostications...FOR WOMEN, BY WOMEN!

It has long been held that stories in science fiction can predict the future. Like somewhat futurists, visionaries or prognostications. A writer in science fiction in my opinion needs to 1) Like science; 2) Like fiction; 3) Love to read the two genres; and 4) write, constantly.

Writing for me is VERY HARD! I am a poor writer. And reading...(whispers: don't tell my mother as she is a reading specialist and has a PhD in reading not my FAVORITE thing to do until I get revved up going on something)...Yeah...

But I am LEARNING to put the two together: reading and writing due to the advent of social media. So thank Google, Facebook and Twitter for me when you see them.

Anyhow, I am reading this blog piece about: Science Fiction’s Take on the Future of Computers: Visionaries and Imaginaries

Cool as the other side of the pillow piece. LOVE the imagery from each of the authors and I find it incredible with a few probably becoming true. Then when I looked at all the names and who was predicting what computers will do in the future, I remembered my GeekGirlCon mantra and was like,

"Where are the women in all of this? What are our futures like?"

So it got me to thinking, what I know about women, being female, from a PhD in Molecular Genetics point of view. Here is what science fiction I inspire for women:

  • NO WOMAN WILL EVER DIE OF BREAST CANCER ANYMORE!!! NEAR FUTURE!!! Computers will find a way to target cancer cells in such a way not seen before. Cells will be know if their programming will turn into cancer and a simple specialize photonic-laser therapy will be applied to reach to the sub-atomic level within the cells to correct the mutations both epigenetically and genetically. Before that, a vaccination will be given to women.

  • Women will select their weights and be able to burn fat to the weight they desire. A combination between nanotechnology and the Staphylococcus spp. flesh eating bacteria which has been genetically modified to eat all white adipose tissue according to programmable targets from the nanotech.

  • Women will not age, dubbed the "Dorian Gray Soma" effect. The telomeres switching as one age will be discovered to occur on the "X" chromosome affected by hormones, chiefly estrogen and after puberty. All women who choose it, will go to their provider and be injected with a vaccination or a treatment plan for the telomere-stabilization procedure so they do not age until 90-100 years old. It is like the "Soma" in a Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. But this is how the process works. So, no longer would it be socially acceptable for a 20 year old woman to have a baby. Most children will be born without medical intervention by women over 40 years old and the woman appears just as she did when she was 16-20 years old.

  • NO MENOPAUSE! Women an accidental discovering in an obscure laboratory by a lowly female investigator will discover why women have fluctuating hormones and menopause and there will be a simple fix similar to that seen in stomach ulcers and treatment with antibiotics. This woman will win the Nobel Prize for this discovery and for saving millions of women's relationships

  • The integration of women and computer technology would solve some of the financial crises with balancing our natural resources and our impact on our planet safely for families.

Those are my inspirations for future technology, gentlemen... I am sure many other women have theirs to add...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Reality Struck. I am the 99%

With this "Occupy Wall Street" events, I wonder all the images I see are of caucasian men and not the persons who have a 14-18% unemployment rate: African Americans. Much less women.

What does not make sense to me is me being having a PhD, highly educated by tax payers money and unable to hold down a position because I refuse to be slave labor. When I worked in scientific biotech research, I was asked to slaughter 300 mice because the investigator's scientist failed to plan her research demanding I breed too many mice and got inundated. Killing off mice because you can't pay for them is illegal according to the Office of Animal Welfare. It is the reason why PETA goes psychotic. But when you get these outsourced users who are slave laborers and will do anything for a green card...Then you get gross dysfunctional regulation observable in science.

We, the skilled American worker has been displaced because owners want slaves, not ingenuity.

On the news, ABC reported that one company cannot find any skilled workers. The owner complained saying their is no lack of manufacturing. That owner is lazy! He is a bigot and wants to slave people away.

This is my reality, though...How do you hustle for money? Make a whole bunch of YouTube videos hoping for a contract? Why? That is not what I want to do. But I have to pimp myself out to be legit?

Say God will provide. So far, my Faith has been tested and He has provided. Complaints are useless. So I pray.

Seek friends and family. How quickly they distance themselves from you when you hit hard times. Then pride kicks in. You don't want to ask family or friends for help. They are struggling, too. So it would be too much of imposition.

Requests the United States Government to intervene after I paid them a lot of money to ruin my retirement: YEAH RIGHT!

Anyhow. Move forward. Smile. And try to save face.

And these suicide options are looking pretty good now...

I am not serious.

I have a plan.