Monday, October 10, 2011

Reality Struck. I am the 99%

With this "Occupy Wall Street" events, I wonder all the images I see are of caucasian men and not the persons who have a 14-18% unemployment rate: African Americans. Much less women.

What does not make sense to me is me being having a PhD, highly educated by tax payers money and unable to hold down a position because I refuse to be slave labor. When I worked in scientific biotech research, I was asked to slaughter 300 mice because the investigator's scientist failed to plan her research demanding I breed too many mice and got inundated. Killing off mice because you can't pay for them is illegal according to the Office of Animal Welfare. It is the reason why PETA goes psychotic. But when you get these outsourced users who are slave laborers and will do anything for a green card...Then you get gross dysfunctional regulation observable in science.

We, the skilled American worker has been displaced because owners want slaves, not ingenuity.

On the news, ABC reported that one company cannot find any skilled workers. The owner complained saying their is no lack of manufacturing. That owner is lazy! He is a bigot and wants to slave people away.

This is my reality, though...How do you hustle for money? Make a whole bunch of YouTube videos hoping for a contract? Why? That is not what I want to do. But I have to pimp myself out to be legit?

Say God will provide. So far, my Faith has been tested and He has provided. Complaints are useless. So I pray.

Seek friends and family. How quickly they distance themselves from you when you hit hard times. Then pride kicks in. You don't want to ask family or friends for help. They are struggling, too. So it would be too much of imposition.

Requests the United States Government to intervene after I paid them a lot of money to ruin my retirement: YEAH RIGHT!

Anyhow. Move forward. Smile. And try to save face.

And these suicide options are looking pretty good now...

I am not serious.

I have a plan.