Tuesday, August 14, 2012

WARNING TRIGGER WORDS: The Systematic Silencing of Women Online

I just came from a panel where there was gross harassment and cyberbullying specifically to silence a dissenting voice or a voice that posited a different POV. The right of intelligent dissension is the basis of democracy and a fairer society. It allows for evolution to take place. The silencing "INTELLIGENT" dissent, condones dictatorship.

Civil discourse is what we strive to do. Apparently Facebook/Twitter has not evolved to that level of experience and education yet. It's more like a free-for-all where people can post random opinions without much thought to them and are purposefully hurtful by the language they use, i.e. profanity (Fuck, Shit, Bitch are keywords here) And racial epithets, like "Nigger Whore", which I have been called.

Moreover, to say to "ignore them" is to minimize what is really happening here: Outright silencing and targeting whomever is resisting. Which makes this issue systemic and ingrained. Something is wrong with some people's minds and it is a learned behavior, not biological/chemical/medical mental illness. It is a reward system to dominate the thoughts of others.

I posted this meme out of exasperation. At some point, arguing become pointless and unworthy of my time, but an ounce of education and insight into a matter I do understand, I will try to help. That's me. It isn't everybody. Point is a lot of people don't know how to act or behave online and they have brain-mouth filter problems. Then the power comes of the enthralling domination to silence another's voice. And that makes this social media experience a negative one.

I added my truism: 

When I stop posting and ban/block you, it doesn't mean you've won. It simply means your stupid ass isn't worth anymore of my time.

Fact is, these comments are going to get worse as the political climate heats up. We already know what angle both will go. This is politics. But it is unhealthy for us trying to stay mentally well.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

GeekGirlCon 2012

I attended the second GeekGirlCon today with great enthusiasm to learn various points of view from notable "geek girls" and women involved in comics, sci-fi, fantasy and all things considered nerdy and geeky.

One of the sessions I attended involved, Ms. Anita Sarkeesian who was on the panel with other esteemed women, entitled, "Go Make Me Sandwich" and the cyberattacks and bullying she and others incurred on their accounts. Ms. Anita Sarkeesian's attacks were the most egregious and ugly, by some individuals who were named. Moreover, the attacks she incurred were similar to mine although I did not incur the kind of wrath she endured.

The point that all the panelists made is that these attacks are used to silence women who think for and fend for themselves against men who feel entitled. I would say, most are men who perpetrate they viciousness. At the same time, I have seen women who have viciously damaged reputations of women due to being petty, as in my case.

In another session, the group led by Ms. Rebecca Watson, outright stated that it is misogyny that drive these cyberattacks. Another member who is a writer for SkepChick, Ms. Amy Davis her business was attacked and the variety of ways the internet and social media is used to oppress women of strength, and left to defend themselves.

I myself have been "Called everything, but a child of God", an old term used by my African ancestors, and my business was attacked similarly. The session called for providing support mechanisms to combat the lunacy done by a few bad apples. Sad part is these lunatics create several accounts to attack an individual, in the case of Twitter, and then pass themselves off as a friend, especially in the case of Facebook.

Since I am new to Youtube, I do not know much about the comment section moderation, but it makes me not accept comments in my section, whatsoever!

Aside from the fact these social media outlets need to be held culpable for behavior that is inappropriate for parlance or civil discussion or debate, the fact is people feel entitled to think anything can be said to other people. I am not say, Black vs. White debate. Or even the complex issue of Suicide Ideation Online. What I am talking about is as if you would start to believe that your names are, "Cunt Nigger Bitch" and you are called that everyday...

What if that occurred to a girl and she commits suicide?

That is not right, at the same time, individuals who coerce people to misbehave and harass lone individuals, also called cybermobbing, need to be held as an accessory to perpetuating the demeaning of another human.

What happens to individuals who endure these heinous acts online, psychologically?

  • Changes in appetite
  • Obsessing about comments or what could have been said
  • Doubt
  • Rage
  • Anger
  • Lashing out or irritability

Similar to symptoms of depression...

How should one deal with these kinds of things?

Others casually say: "Do not feed the trolls". Sometimes you cannot because these perpetrators stalk you, like what was done to me, called STANS: Stalking + Fans.  Due to the viciousness of attacks, immediately I ban and block. I am harsh about it, too. I do not joke around. Individuals may cry, but very rarely do I forgive after presenting oneself disrespectfully in my small cyberspace!

Generally what I do is:

For Facebook:
Any inappropriate behavior as simple as it seems that is even awkward, I ban and block. Don't care, get over it, this is business. You use profanity one my Facebook Fan Pages, I ban and block. Any sexual content unapproved, ban and block. I am not having a discussion on your thoughts and ideas to be your friend on Facebook Fan Pages. That is not the nature of my Fan Pages. My Fan Pages are well defined. If you are on Sistah Mental Health and Wellness Fan Page and attack it because of my "Star Wars" or SWAG77 pages --- YOU WILL BE BANNED AND BLOCKED --- get over it, that simple.

For Twitter:
Like some airlines do, I profile you. I go to your profile, look at what you tweet. If I don't like it, BLOCK! I don't care what you have to say, I don't care about your opinion. I don't like it, I block you. Simple. Easy to remember.

The same will go for YouTube and all the blocks. You say something out of order that is not related to the topic at hand, I BAN YOU AND I BLOCK YOU! Sorry, after what I have endured, I have to fend for myself and my interests.

If you want to join me in what I do, I need to have spoken to you in real life, I have to see your real life accounts, and I will interview you and interrogate all your social media channels. If I don't agree with your social media behavior, I will not ask you to join. It is not about content, it is about business. You may think you are free to use my material, but it will be very hard for you to continue your progress if you are trying to slight me. I outdo you just by your false ability to defame me...

Anyone who hates me and reads this blog and decided to make doppelganger accounts specifically to tease me, let me tell you, this blog is reviewed by mental health professionals, and this makes it a clinical trial.

Threaten me with rape, killing me by coming to my house...Careful... What's the title of this "blog"?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The "Gabby Douglas" Look - Take a Picture Of Yourself Looking Like Her & Post It On FB, Twitter & G+

Ms Gabrielle Douglas is the phenomenal young lady who won two Gold Medals in the London 2012 Summer Olympics in gymnastics.

And as African American women all we can do is judge the young lady's hair...

First watch what it takes to raise on Olympian, and then I will share my thoughts:

Bluntly, Gabrielle Douglas is 16 years old and on the United States Gymnastics Team for the 2012 Olympics in London. She won 2 Gold Medals. 

She dedicated most of her life to make this dream come true. And then to only be killed by some clueless, ignorant "kneegrows" who need "foots" up their lazy asses!

You big fat, ugly, idiotard, that require a crane to get off the couch and get out there to exercise! You run off at the mouth on social media because you are dumb and you want to judge a young woman who has dedicated herself to something great!

Her form on the various Gymnastic challenges is more important than her hair. Living in Iowa to train for 28 hours+ with a White family cared for her and who knows nothing about being Black is more important that her hair! Her mindset to compete at the Olympic level and her confidence needed to to do good job representing her country, her grace and demeanor after she had won is more important than her hair! 


Another subjugation of Black Women to fit under the ideals of a beauty standard that no Black Woman can possibly fit. If Ms. Gabby Douglas had an Afro or Braids she would be disrespected for having that by these fat lazy people! Then in Iowa, who does braids like that? She has done well with what she knows, so give her a break! I did  not learn how to do my hair until I was in college and I have a lot of hair! And braids fall out or become matted. Besides a more African image would unfortunately not be accepted in the mainstream culture despite what we think. I'm sorry, but this is how the world is. Get over it! Now, she has the gold medals and can change that perception. Besides, it is more than I can say to you "Gabby Hair Haters". Thankfully she can do whatever she wants with her hair.

Fact is if Ms. Gabrielle Douglas did not have her hair like that, she would have not looked like those other girls on her team. Yes, she unwittingly took the safe route to fit in the mainstream. Subconsciously, she did not know that she was playing into a "Damned if you do or don't trap". Forget the fact the judges would have felt intimidated if her hair had braids. But this was her chance to win and make a lot of people proud. We can say sponsors, but really, she make girls of African descent proud and have the ambition to pursue gymnastics at the Olympic level.

So why bash the most vulnerable young lady on that team? I don't see anyone bashing the other young lady who lost the Gold Medal to the Romanian girl? I don't see anyone getting on the case of the USA Water Polo team. I did not see anyone bash all the guys on the US Volleyball Team who lost to Italy. So, why the Black girl who won two Gold Medals? Because kneegrows are ignorant and are ungrateful.

Which makes me think this was a plant by the bigots. The KKK and White Supremacist groups did not have to use their subautomatic machine guns and blast people way for the stupid kneegrows to come out and tap-dance. You fools played right into their "Armageddon Race War Plans". Terrorizing a Black girl that won two Gold Medals. Ok. I got you.

Flat out, attacking and berating a US Olympic Team member for winning medals is UNPATRIOTICE and is TERRORISM! You HATE America when you bash a winning member! ALL US Olympians are like active duty military personnel and veterans -- they are off limits for harsh criticism. Period! 

You did not work as hard as they did to get to the Olympics and compete, and then win. 

You can say your stupidity as your "freedom of speech", but you are lame and idiot when you do it! 

And I hope Gabrielle Douglas sues you for terrorism!

On that note: Here's my Gabrielle Douglas look - I ask all celebrities to take a picture like mine and post them everywhere on social media for Ms. Gabrielle Douglas Win Day!