Monday, March 18, 2013

The Ari | af | ya Universe: Dr. Gina Moore's Social Media Resume

The Ari | af | ya Universe: Dr. Gina Moore's Social Media Resume: Dr. Gina Moore has worked in social media for 10 years. Her resume is impressive. She has had extensive social media content and risk ...

Monday, March 11, 2013


The 9-11 dispatcher's last comment made to her before she was killed by her ex-husband:

All I can do is try to help you ma'am. It's up to you. You care going to have to. It will be up to you to actually try to do the things that we suggest to you. But if you don't do that than you know police hands are tied.

Basically, what Dallas said is "fuck a Black woman"...

No one gave a shit about "Deanna Cook". She was not smart, she must have been all "this kinna woman" -- i.e. ghetto hoochie mama  to be married to a psycho. And she whined to 9-11 to solve her problems. YUP! //END SARCASM!

All I want to do is destroy the entire lives of everyone involved with this woman seeking help because now she is dead.

The ex-Husband - gone.

The 9-11 dispatchers associated sued or imprisoned.

The police who left a dead body - expelled.


And I ought not to be shocked.

What if it were me though?

Friday, March 8, 2013

WOMEN'S DAY: Oddly enough... Despite everything... I found what makes me happy

If you follow this blog and you have read about me, I have a PhD in molecular genetics. I have done research on genetically modified mice to understand the genetics of cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes and aging. I have published papers on that research. My last research article was published in 2008.

Then due to a lot of things, one causing a disability of the work, I had to leave research. I love science. I love the pursuit of finding the answer. I love a puzzle and then building a story around it. When I am blocked, I am immobilized. This is not what happened. What happened is 1) I may have a seizure disorder that makes me sick, and when stressed it is worse; and 2) I was forced to do something unethical or I would lose my job. I did it and I wound up being laid off anyway. I decided not to pursue action because I was tired of the University of Washington Medical School politics.

But don't get me started.

Anyhow, I said to myself, that if I EVER get the chance to join a trend at its infancy, I was going to pounce on it as enjoy myself.

Well, I have...

I found Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. I can do some minor coding, nothing extensive. But my content management is awesome. I can say some wild stuff. I get into "debates" and sometimes all out arguments on all kinds of things.

I don't hunt down individuals because that is called "cyberbullying" despite what my haters would say. Oh yes, according to them, I am one. I could see, if I posted, everyday with all my friends to purposely bash them and make them feel humiliated and idiotic everyday, but that is actually a waste of my time. Why take down a troll when blocking or banning them is so easy?

Moreover, there are rules that one can develop when "your own page" or "your turf" is being attacked on social media... (Irony: it's the social media proprietor's turf anyway).

  • You can have a "3 strikes and you are out" rule - troll 3 times = ban/block
  • You can talk to them to see how the issue can be resolved = that doesn't work with the unmedicated psychos.
  • You can ignore it, but on social media it festers fast, so the amount of ignoring will be hard.
  • You can impose a "One strike" rule - Say something incendiary, i.e. racist slur, etc; or personal information and you go full throttle with ban, report, delete... If on Twitter, no recourse but to ban. If a blog is written, first ask for removal, then if refused, go higher up...if it means law enforcement, it means that.

Social media is about exchanging ideas and sometimes there will be disagreements. These "debates" can get heated like and Bill O'Reilly freakout. Point is, once it goes personal and there are disparaging remarks that are overall defamation of your character, then it is no longer a debate. It has now become a slug fest.

Believe it or not, this happens to women all the time on social media, such as the case of Anita Sarkeesian and her feminist studies on how women are portrayed in videogames. So when you state a strong belief or idea, and it encounters a barrage of attacks that are personal or group blocking you based on lies, know this is the standard right now on how women who use social media are treated.

Supermodels are treated similarly. Case after case. "Men" are violently bashing women, all over the world.

With the vary nature of "violence" against women changing due to technology, i.e. deranged men (opposed to normal men like my husband)  have advanced the use of technology to keep tabs on the objects of their obsession -- i.e. women to find ways to take power and control over them. If that means using the scare tactics of "drone strikes in their beds" - they will do that.

From an Afrikan Centered point of view - which is the path of the Ariafya - waning age of supremacy is causing some White males to literally become psychotic with narcissistic borderline personality disorder. Psychosis usually causes violence acts, somewhat animalistic without warning.  The placating or soothing the savage beast by the sexualized women has ended. Many Caucasian women have started to find their voice and scream, "NO!". While many women of color, stand by the sidelines counting the dead bodies of men of color at the hands of their men...

That does not mean violence is condoned. It just means the origins of how this kind of destruction is happening. Unfortunately, it will continues. Moreover, some men of color will take up the assault guns and assault women, first women of color with impunity, and then Caucasian women hoping their lynchings will not hurt.

In the end, life will go on. Women will rule this world, like it or not. The way to do it is, keep at the social media and keep saying what needs to be said.

Women can disagree on progress, but what we will all agree up on is revolutionizing the systems that have been built.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Moving on for Happiness Sake. How to do?

Miriam Makeba - Mama Africa - 81st Birthday

One of the HARDEST things for me to do is "MOVE ON". I use to think of it as quitting or being a quitter. I use to see it as giving up on people who relied on me. I use to rate my success on others happiness. That my own internal happiness with myself was not worth that much, so if I make others happy as a form of community service for the rent we pay on Earth, then perhaps people will see me as a good person and like me. Afterall, making others happy, will make yourself happy... Right?

When you have a mental health condition like depression, where being happy with oneself is important, there is something wrong with the very interior foundation of brain activity in that depressed person. Not forcing community service speeches on them. ONLY TALK THERAPY works, which takes time, where the results are not instant, to get to the level that it is OKAY to have some happiness for yourself. That you are NOT being GREEDY that you have to do "self-care" in order to be your best person.

Just like fitness and eating healthy helps with dealing with personal happiness, so is the TALK THERAPY by a professionally licensed trained provider OR a mental health peer support specialist (which I am) seems to help. Of course this does include action planning. What is the "short term" goals and how will you get there? What is your confidence from a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest?  So on and so forth. With a licensed provider, you will get the "glitch pathology" work  through -- that is what they go to school for and get the licenses for. With a coach or a peer support specialist, you will just get the worksheet and maybe a few suggestions.

ULTIMATELY - it's your health and you have to work through it for what is best for you by defining your goals. First thing is, context - what does happiness LOOK LIKE for you? And KNOW that it is a work of art, always needing some refinement and you might not get to the final product of how you see it. It's more about the journey -- how you're going to and getting there. You can't read this, it's your own story you are writing and you are learning on the job. There is no manual. And guess what, you have to put your own mask on for oxygen to flow before helping others...

But moving on... Where to just give it ALL UP... Several of my blogs here talk about that... After recent political events, such as the sequester:

People are upset because they feel like they're holding on by a thread and have to give up EVERYTHING in their lives because "walking away" is quitting and giving up. Think of the perspective of our veterans. They fought for this country, they get ZERO disability benefits - PROMISED TO THEM and are having several psychiatric health issues with combat flashbacks. The disability benefits would help them get the care they need, but it takes 50-eleventy years to get it -- after they've come off combat deployment with discharge? WTF??? Uh...What?

But, unfortunately, they have to MOVE ON from the mind-fuck that happened to them and do something with their lives now.

MOVING ON - what does that mean really? I ain't gonna lie... I means giving up, quitting and letting go of the bullshit. Then it means picking up whatever pieces you got left, even if it is nothing and as a survival skill, leaving and trusting that the Universe will understand.

Sometimes, it means, doing your job despite not getting paid for it. Standing for something, even if you will get arrested for it. Being mean to people who love you but are not positive influences on your life. It means, not only are you fucking over them, and you might be fucking over yourself, but in the "END GAME" it means that this fucked up situation is temporary and MOVING ON TO A DIFFERENT LIFE is a CHOICE you made for your own perpetual HAPPINESS!


I ain't gonna say it won't hurt. You will have withdrawal symptoms of what once was. Your love of your life will beg to come back in to it, but...

MOVING ON - once you make that decision you don't turn back. So it should happen in your life. 

The issue is, it is about you CHOOSING to move on versus be FORCED to move on...

Forced moving on is worse, because you can't control the day to day operations. I.e. House fell into a sinkhole, loved one got shot and killed, you had a heart attack, etc.

Life is unpredictable.

But you can trust yourself to make the best decisions in your life to attain your happiness for yourself. And if all the bad forced moves happen anyway, then at least you were doing what made you happy...

What if what makes you happy is doing meth?

That's another blog... 

Moving on looks like this: