Friday, September 23, 2011

EPISODE ALERT: Getting to me...

This week I have endured someone telling me I am childish, stupid and that I don't matter. This was by an adult, not a wily child. This same person called me a racist bigot because I called him out on posts like this:

This is all over about how I think Star Wars should be roleplayed on Facebook--using the Fan Pages to build character, which goes along the lines of Rights and Responsibilities of the site:

Registration and Account Security

Facebook users provide their real names and information, and we need your help to keep it that way. Here are some commitments you make to us relating to registering and maintaining the security of your account:

You will not provide any false personal information on Facebook, or create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission.

You will not create more than one personal profile.

If we disable your account, you will not create another one without our permission.

The use of Facebook Fan Pages permits us to pretend to be fictional characters without breaking the usual "profile" page.

Then on Wednesday, September 21, 2011, Facebook new system deleted a lot of accounts. Somehow, my account was spared. These fools then re-made their accounts to restart their bullying again!

Later, I discover that this same bully has a movie license from LucasFilm as indicated here:

Any contract I know of, promises like that cannot be made. It is inappropriate. LucasFilm has excellent lawyers, they only contract out to those specifically based on guidelines. To allow another entity not clearly defined in the contract means the contract is broken. I know I requested one in March, 2010. Moreover, without a clear business structure, which cannot be delineated by this "Perkunas" character, which by the way has multiple Facebook profile accounts that are illegal to have, if true, then it is wrong to tell young people that, and wielding it as to order respect. Lucasfilm cannot have random people saying they have a license to sell and publish literature on behalf of Star Wars as if it were canon.

Why was I declined? If there were a process, why was it not shared with me? This is characteristic of how the franchise of Star Wars has denigrated women. Look at the Senator of Naboo Padme: A powerhouse senator, fought to defend her homeworld, negotiate huge deals only "lose the will to live"? How does that happen? What does that say to young girls? Don't succeed?

This is typical of a woman who is being abused, domestic violence. An underexplored area of Star Wars that is barely written.

Numerous female authors of Star Wars novels and comics have been written, who have barely the marketing compared to their peers. Strong fictional or comic female characters are not permitted yet, those it seems that sweeps are changing that. Since Star Wars is in the lexicon of our language and everyone knows who Darth Vader is, then there is not Fair Use within limits. This fact makes roleplaying interesting, but not at the expense of berating others.

In my group, we have quite a few scripts for our roleplaying performances. We discuss what is possible and how to work with that. We talk about best practices and techniques and ally them with social media new formats that complies with the rules.

I have seen a hate group, like a white supremacist group that likes Star Wars, all they spew is hatred for other people, berating one another, lying about each other. Nothing about improving roleplaying, writing or producing. Maybe tidbits here and there, but their forum is to destroy another roleplayer because he or she is different from their warped understanding.

One can say, these people need to get a life. True, I do need to get out more. Leave this roleplaying behind. And hope for the best. But, the mentality of these people are no way near the marketing demographic that buys the products. These people influence the canon, maybe. And I am calling on Lucasfilm to rectify that. They need to know who they are dealing with.

  • If someone says they roleplay, then where are all the participants character sheets that are not canon?

  • Where are the scripts and storylines used for roleplay? Lucasfilm has the right to see it at request. Call it a progress report.

  • Has it been performed with links and has it been posted in a readable format?

  • What makes it different from a "Fan Fiction" versus what the license condones? Is it WGAw approved?

  • How much trope does it follow?

These terms are simple to apply for an online social media format. Why not do this on their Star Wars The Old Republic site or elsewhere? Because large format roleplaying exposes millions to the media and can encourage them to involved.

Do individuals purchase these licenses? What merits do they need to show to have them?

The groundwork needs to be laid down now as social media evolves.

Roleplaying on large format social media is not taking away from the contracts previously signed by the game developers, etc. It is enhancing it further than anything else. Cross promotion is astounding when one things they can be their favorite Star Wars character. It makes fans watch the shows more after participating on the fun from roleplay.

And having well written and developed non canon characters does not diminish the the canon, in fact is can add to it.

Writing out my frustration helps. I feel angry because I am following the rules of a social media giant, meanwhile a cyberbully is advancing.

LIKE my character. She is:

Senator Yemaja Mlise Lah

Courtesy image of Ms Selita Ebanks

Thursday, September 8, 2011


When I read this article: Well-known Seattle counselor jailed in attempted child-rape case

Then see this statement in it:

Scratchley, 52, is suspected of attempting to rape a 10-year-old boy, according to police.

According to its website...Matt Talbot New Hope Recovery Center...was founded in 1985 and is headed by Scratchley, a "Clinical Psychologist and renowned Addictionologist."

But according to the state Department of Health, he is licensed only as a chemical-dependency professional, not as a psychologist.

Matt Talbot Center is funded "by private donations from individuals, businesses, private foundations and trusts."

Scratchley also taught at Seattle University, worked at Seattle Children's hospital and has been lauded for his work in the treatment community, including recognition by the state Supreme Court, according to a Washington Association of Designated Mental Health Professionals newsletter from 2006.


Here is some more lunacy:

If you are a heterosexual, white male in Seattle, you life is golden. Your accomplishments are never questioned. You are perfect in the eyes of the beholder in this place.

But if you are anything else, WITH ALL THE QUALIFICATIONS, EXPERIENCES AND DOCUMENTATION, WITH LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION FROM GOD: If you are not a heterosexual, white male, you don't work...

This is the lesson that psychologically is taught today in Seattle. This is their epistemology.

Good thing I have the internet to voice my rage in allowing such a vile person to advance beyond this stage.

A con artist, who lied on his application, who was NEVER background checked, who is a pedophile that raped a 10 year old boy is head of a major addiction center in Seattle for nearly 10 years.

And I cannot find work...

A doctorate in molecular genetics, published 5 papers in cardiovascular, aging and diabetes, contributed to creating one of the most supported diverse health care forums Swedish Hospital, Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Delta Upsilon Omega Chapter has EVER SEEN 3 years running. Worked with University of Washington in their accepting diverse high school students in the laboratory science project for 3 years. Am trained in health coaching from a Integrated Harvard Program. Trained in Clinical Trials. Volunteered as a post service grief and bereavement counselor for Evergreen Hospice. Volunteer as a Living Well with Chronic Conditions workshop at Group Health. Self taught in social media. Knows business development, as it related to social media. etc...

Yes, I was told that the only reason why I am here is because I am black and I got my Ph.D. through affirmative action, by a professor at the University of Washington.

Yes, I cannot find work... I cannot get investors for my business...


I would rather put it on here, that act on my anger physically.

Because when I see an ASSHOLE like Scratchley having the cream of the crop job doing drugs, raping children, I ask, perhaps if there was affirmative action, these idiots who gave him this job would had an excellent person to solve more people's problems. How was he allowed to dole out information that may have hurt people without qualifications?

Matt Talbot Center, I HATE YOU TOO!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Roleplaying Star Wars on Social Media - part II

Roleplaying Star Wars on Social Media - Part II "The Empire Strikes Freely"

There are castes of people who use Social Media:

The Celebrities who seemingly are able to say whatever they want to be protected by their legions of Publicist, Public Relations and lawyers. We smaller people do not get that luxury, because we cannot afford it.

The Politicos who gripe at the seemingly 24 hours news cycle. Rants, raves, and discourse along with verbal combat. One wonders if anything will be solved? It might be, then again, probably not.

The rest of the real people, who discuss variety of what we think, feel, believe. And it can become dull over time.

Then... Finally...

The roleplayers or RPers. Those of us who pretend to be their favorite character on large format social media, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+.

There are two types of RPers:

Those who do a lot of work and research to create their character, write a character sheet, read most of the novels, watch all the TV shows, movies and youtubes. Every piece of information to play the character has been investigated to perform the character. The RPer who does this is quite serious in staying "in character" or "IC" and responding in novel way. Eventually the social media character will have a script to a story arc to write what is called a fan fiction, posted in several locales, such as blogs or other sites.

Then, there are the RPers who just show up on the doorstep to roleplay for "recreational uses"... What they do is put little effort for their character, no backstory, harass and intimidate other roleplayers often using visual cue weaknesses to be exploited and use of profanity and possibly racist and bigoted overtones. They attack with several levels, from chat to private messages. Question "out of character" or "ooc" during the act of roleplay or performance. When requested to read, they do not. When requested for compassion they have none.

Recreational is as defined as:

adjective /ˌrekrēˈāSHənl/ 

Relating to or denoting activity done for enjoyment when one is not working
- recreational facilities
- recreational cycling in the countryside

Relating to or denoting drugs taken on an occasional basis for enjoyment, esp. when socializing
- recreational drug use

Upon examining the concept of cyberbullying and what it does, as a scientist, I must ask this "addiction" to using social media, especially in a roleplay format, that "recreational" roleplaying is no different from relating to or denoting drugs taken on an occasional basis for enjoyment, especially when socializing...

When roleplaying, usually, anyone serious, would have a background story for their character. It would have succinctness to it. Editing can improve. Basic movements, formats and others would be easily provided. It can be furnished upon request. Somewhere, it can be found in the profile, especially on Facebook Fan Pages.

My character: Senator Yemaja Mlise Lah has her fan page.

Before I joined Facebook Fan Pages, I had a blog and posted it here.

Before that, it was located on the Star Wars The Old Republic Website.

If you look, I started in 2009 creating this character to where she is today. With metrics and marketing, I found what best ways to roleplay as her, and how she best can serve the genre I enjoy and have enjoyed as a child.

But I have encountered vile individuals who bully and destroy all the hard work I have created to decimate my character in just two words. I fell for:

“It takes years to build up trust, and only seconds to destroy it”

And as a scientist, I just figured out why:

Social media is addicting when used without preparation or balance. It is like spontaneously eating a bag a chips when you are not hungry and by the time you realize you are full, you have eaten the entire bag. It is like foraging for food in a full refrigerator, but have no plan to cook it.

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

Most people approach social media that way to shoot the breeze for community. I replaces having to do it in real life. Show up on the doorstep, and perhaps someone will respond! That is okay with someone who is balanced, that has other activities in their lives that social media does not supplant that. Not okay when dealing with mental health issues. And especially not okay when roleplaying.

See, roleplaying is very involved, interaction takes place constantly. Someone must log onto it at least 5-6 times daily. When done well, it is reminiscent of a soap opera. Best way to describe it, it is like a 1940's radio show, but now the radio is social media. That is when it works well.

But then you get with these recreational roleplayers, many of who do suffer from real life issues and are dealing with poor self esteem issues tacked on with mental health issue, they use roleplay to supplant their lives to be fantasy. And it worsens their addiction to choose not to engage in their real lives, devoid of physical friendships, and if you were to ask them, what are they doing and what they have done, there is nothing to show for their creativity. It is about power and control.

Sad part is there is no absolute distinction, no black and white. There is always gray. Some roleplayers have all the character sheets, but still bully others. Some roleplayers do not have character sheets but are really good roleplayers.

Why do people roleplay?

Most are creative and artists and doing it on social media is an extension of their efforts. And why they may be very modest of showing their works publicly for fear of ridicule or harsh criticism, or that artist's mentality of "it's not ready yet for the public", in reality, they are begging for others to assist them for the full expression of their work.

It is an excellent way to reach the young people. You get them writing, putting together a whole image of how they envision their character, you focus them and give them skills that they can take onto higher education. And you watch them blossom.

For older people, it is a stress relief to write and tell great stories in a genre of passion de jure. To feel that all that novel reading has been brought to bear and knowing you can "fit" your creation into that which you love. Something about having other's beliefs suspended temporarily and enjoy it, is exciting.

Then there is the minute few that dominate and predate on people who create something. Say it is a misunderstanding, when in reality, their demons are released from the gates of their own inner hell. They contribute nothing to the creative cause. When demanded, they are posts, but their posts are not genuine or authentic. Like a facade, they are faked concerns, faked feelings, manipulating others just for the power and the recognition. Not to uplift community, but to dominate community and become overbearing on the community. Contributions are missing.

That is their addiction. I no longer roleplay on my profile accounts because of my interactions with recreational bullying roleplayers. If serious, I need to see actions taking place before I expend my energies assisting people to reach their potential. I need to see a character sheet, I need to see a "notice of appreciation" -- basically a "thank you note" for me assisting them without being paid. My current fees due to my doctorate training and others is $100 per hour. Helping people create a character sheet and build a story arc in a character of their choice except for a few, for free, I need a "Notice of Acknowledgement". Then I need to see a "Fan Page".

I am not asking for much, because that is how much I enjoy as my hobby and my art therapy, roleplaying. But side mess, such as the racist messages I get posted on my wall is disrespectful of Star Wars, Facebook and roleplaying. It gives us a very bad name of those who are writing.

I purport reading the novels and writing. It takes that much to perform a character. When a recreational RPer pops in and "trolls", it ruins the artistry. It wastes time and effort. It is like, deciding to go kayaking to enjoy the rivers, having never taken a class. It is like cooking a casserole, but missing key ingredients. Something is lacking when there is a free for all roleplayer only doing it to get their socks off by pissing someone off. I choose my "friends" very carefully and any craziness, I do not roleplay with them and I unfriend or block them. I do not need that kind of dysfunction is my life. My own mental health demands that I care for my communications compassionately and I have done due diligence to work on that. I refuse to allow others to scapegoat and attack me because of their woeful ignorance.

So there you have it, parents keep your eye on it the ball.