Thursday, September 8, 2011


When I read this article: Well-known Seattle counselor jailed in attempted child-rape case

Then see this statement in it:

Scratchley, 52, is suspected of attempting to rape a 10-year-old boy, according to police.

According to its website...Matt Talbot New Hope Recovery Center...was founded in 1985 and is headed by Scratchley, a "Clinical Psychologist and renowned Addictionologist."

But according to the state Department of Health, he is licensed only as a chemical-dependency professional, not as a psychologist.

Matt Talbot Center is funded "by private donations from individuals, businesses, private foundations and trusts."

Scratchley also taught at Seattle University, worked at Seattle Children's hospital and has been lauded for his work in the treatment community, including recognition by the state Supreme Court, according to a Washington Association of Designated Mental Health Professionals newsletter from 2006.


Here is some more lunacy:

If you are a heterosexual, white male in Seattle, you life is golden. Your accomplishments are never questioned. You are perfect in the eyes of the beholder in this place.

But if you are anything else, WITH ALL THE QUALIFICATIONS, EXPERIENCES AND DOCUMENTATION, WITH LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION FROM GOD: If you are not a heterosexual, white male, you don't work...

This is the lesson that psychologically is taught today in Seattle. This is their epistemology.

Good thing I have the internet to voice my rage in allowing such a vile person to advance beyond this stage.

A con artist, who lied on his application, who was NEVER background checked, who is a pedophile that raped a 10 year old boy is head of a major addiction center in Seattle for nearly 10 years.

And I cannot find work...

A doctorate in molecular genetics, published 5 papers in cardiovascular, aging and diabetes, contributed to creating one of the most supported diverse health care forums Swedish Hospital, Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Delta Upsilon Omega Chapter has EVER SEEN 3 years running. Worked with University of Washington in their accepting diverse high school students in the laboratory science project for 3 years. Am trained in health coaching from a Integrated Harvard Program. Trained in Clinical Trials. Volunteered as a post service grief and bereavement counselor for Evergreen Hospice. Volunteer as a Living Well with Chronic Conditions workshop at Group Health. Self taught in social media. Knows business development, as it related to social media. etc...

Yes, I was told that the only reason why I am here is because I am black and I got my Ph.D. through affirmative action, by a professor at the University of Washington.

Yes, I cannot find work... I cannot get investors for my business...


I would rather put it on here, that act on my anger physically.

Because when I see an ASSHOLE like Scratchley having the cream of the crop job doing drugs, raping children, I ask, perhaps if there was affirmative action, these idiots who gave him this job would had an excellent person to solve more people's problems. How was he allowed to dole out information that may have hurt people without qualifications?

Matt Talbot Center, I HATE YOU TOO!