Monday, July 29, 2013


Saw this image on a Facebook friend's profile:

Age of Information Page

It got me thinking on the cavalier attitude sensed by this generation and younger who have never seen overt legally sanctioned white supremacist signs like these:

 (Segregation Now, Segregation Forever by Wallace)

The entire civil rights movement and voting rights has now been wiped off the American Planet by the US Supreme Court that will return to a caste-system society in the "democracy and free world". There is a reason for that which is mainly economic, but it is not justice.

With the Zimmerman Trial verdicts, I remain quite other than to show my displeasure on this blog. I am vocal on Facebook which friendships have ended due to mentalities I do not want to manage or negotiate at this time. Some even close friends that I have know since childhood who call me angry because they are ignorant of how Facebook operates.

At any rate, I have posted a series of thoughtful enterprises for all to discuss based on these images.
Simplifying a complex issue like what is racism & what's not will never improve relations. Especially standing from a point of privilege and the oppress only wears a hoodie with candy and ice tea. No. I don't want to work it out from that vantage point anymore.

Respect between men stops racism. Honor between men overcomes it...

Respect is not honored here anymore. Incorrigible babies demand respect that only men can earn by hard work...I'm not just talking about physical labor.

I just saw a very powerful movie where an underling grabbed a superior officer without being beaten down for it. Respect lacks in our cultural displays.

Old farts, biddies, curmudgeons, cantankerous, and old fools -- the disrespect of our older generation is standard -- such as "I can't get no respect". Thing is, when we gave up our intelligence rights, in the 80's and pursued greed instead, the dismantling of our respect foundations occurred. These actions are not new. These actions represent history repeating itself.

Here's a kicker: How can we ask for respect when we don't respect ourselves? Much less honor ourselves? Love ourselves? Here's another: Why are we asking for respect?

Respect is commanded.

Some say earned. No. Who wants respect not honored?
Respect must be given freely. Children lack the discernment required to make that distinction. The life experience. Diverse communication requires to stimulate the intellectual wisdom is beyond appearances. 

Respect requires trust. It invokes a bond between men -- a spiritual connection that asks us to step out of our comfort zones and to touch humanity. Respect within trust asks us to be courageous. Introspective of ourselves. Evaluate of our stewardship, and examines our life faiths as humans.

Fear is a mindkiller... Fear activates our anger in the "fight or flight response". Fear immobilizes us. Unfettered fear is something the stupid create delusions and fantasize about to leverage power and control. Respect is never attained through fear. Respect is lost when fear bolsters irrational responses by the ignorant.

What's interesting top apex predators respect one another until another invading species takes over. Rebalancing the ecosystem is difficult, because everyone will die. Of course only humans interpret fear. Animals are instinctual about it. For the most part.

We must process our fears to overcome them so that we can at least respect one another.

Monday, July 15, 2013

EPISODE ALERT: Collapse Zimmerman Trial from a Disney FanGirl POV

Remember, rest is different from collapse. Collapse is rest that has been pushed past its limit.
 Exhaustion come from trying to control the uncontrollable.

The recent verdicts regarding the acquittal of George Zimmerman for killing Trayvon Martin cause us in the community service fields and mental health arenas to shudder in pain.

How does one prepare for the mindquakes of others feeling so disenfranchised and lost by a system that hurts and oppresses us?

Not only that, but our crime is being born Black and then Female and our women's rights are being ripped away from us to pursue our happiness in this land of the free and home of the brave. What rights?

And it feels Caucasian insecure bigoted men are making choices for people they can no longer have control.
I am just waiting for the 2 meter wide exhaust port for my Rebel Starship to fly down in a trench run and do the following:

Alas, I am not Princess Leia who appears to keep her resolve when speaking to Grand Moff Tarkin snidely:

The tighter the controls they make on us, the kindling of revolt and rebellion will occur in this country. Will it be violent? I know for the other side, the opposing side, the losing side, it will be. Violence is their operative. Violence is their means. It's about power and control, and the fact they are wielding it, says they are insecure about it. Archaic, outdated, not updated, old, crotchety, asinine and balding people. People who do not wish to embrace a future. People who want the past in their security blankets. People who have past their expiration dates and cannot increase their memory chips of expanded ideas. They're hard limits have brakes on them. Yet, they are the same ones that want the stuff you will try to take from them.

"If you don't want it... Give it back..." ~Tia Dalma - Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest

 We have to be more resolute and determine mechanisms to force our minds to wrap around the dysfunction, especially online and social media. Flame Race Wars are going nowhere. We are being torn down by idleness of the distractions beset by social media at this time. The touch psychology is not positive and we are not communicating with one another in an uplifting way.

The mere people exacting this process are the ones who suffer the greatest from this issue. We are allowing touch technology, known that we build a trusting connection and relationship with it psychology to replace our neuropsychiatric biobehavior mechanism to be routed out and disconnected.

What should we do? Logoff.

I already know I can't do it unless I have this...

Your Isle Sanctuary make be different than mine. But you must make a place for yourself, somewhere online to regain your compassion and peace. Other senses can outcompete touch. Like music. But only the right kind. If your music is leaving you more frazzled then it is not the right kind.

Another is conversation - dedicated and intentional conversation. Not distracted. You have to DEVOTE yourself to LISTENING COMPASSIONATELY to especially those around you. If they love to speak to you and you keep blocking them, they will ultimately leave you and regaining that relationship back is what can cause EXHAUSTION!

You can see by the arguments people have against ideas and verdicts that PEOPLE ARE NOT LISTENING ANYMORE!

I feel frustrated when I am not heard. But there is a process to make your concerns known and allow the other individual to desire the right thing by communicating your wants. Your wants must be clear and concise, in a goal for others to follow and a vision everyone can rally.

And that is what a NO social media computer code can program... That is experiential training.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Being A Woman Now in 2013

Women are losing their rights and ground in 10 states:

  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Kansas
  • Arkansas
  • Virginia
  • Ohio
  • Mississippi
  • Oklahoma
  • North Carolina
And now, Wisconsin has decided a new ruling for Ultrasound on women who want abortions.

These ultrasounds are to deter them from abortions and continue on with their pregnancy and births. After their births, no one cares. No one gives a shit.

DISCLOSURE: I have NEVER been pregnant. I have NEVER had an abortion. I would not know what this process is like and now, I am TOO OLD to conceive without exorbitant expensive aid - which I can't afford, anyway. 

Women who have the inkling to abortion as a choice rarely do not take it lightly. And if it is true, it is BLACK WOMEN who have the highest use of abortion and the sheer number of AFRICAN AMERICAN BABIES BORN merits the fact that abortion does nothing to the population.

And all young people are into having sex. How are African American young women just getting pregnant when their counterparts are not? Is it LACK of contraceptives? No use of condoms? I don't think so. I think that this is an issue of, "TAKES TWO TO TANGO"!

Look at our culture. There will always be girls who put out. Clothing is skimpy. Provocative at a very young age and these boys are taught that "rape culture" is okay - smashing a woman's head into the mud and pounding her into all orifices. Moreover, this is all visible on the internet and the parents do not even know this kind of thing is happening.

Also there a lot of perverts and pedophiles that prey on children doing things they normally would not do. I don't know why I get show offended and hurt when young people curse at me and tell me go to hell when I tell them to slow their provocation and behavior. Sadly, we find later these kids strung out hurting other kids.

These real women HAVE sex and GET pregnant by males who never had an intention to care for her and sells her a bunch of goods he can't quite possibly deliver. If the women doesn't yield to his desires, he'll find some new chick that would. That new chick who has zero self-esteem is the one that gets pregnant. AND THAT IS NOT IF HE TAKES IT BY FORCE!

Males put down women and they learn from other men or outside influences that it is okay to demean women. A bettering of sorts. The use of "Bitch" and Cunt" profanity is the usual.

A woman that has not grown up defending herself against that falls prey to it. 

When she gets OLD she is not made saintly, and she is cast aside. Stuffed with the grandkids because it's only what she is good for.

IF she is lucky, she has an education, and can make do to do great things. To stop and break this cycle. 

Protesting works. Voting in new forward thinking legislators, works too. But both processes take time, that we do not have. This spiritual depravity we've suffered under is what is hurting us, women.

We don't want to kill our fetuses. I would not want to make the choice of abortion. But if I ever got pregnant, my odds are for a baby with a huge birth defect. I can pray to God to not let that happen to me, but it is highly probable it will. A baby without a skull... 

To the "PRO LIFE" - whatever proponents: Can you deal with that? No. So if you're not going to put me back in time with a man that loves me like my husband who I did not meet until I was 33 years old - the only man I want a child with ever on this planet, if you can stop me from suffering from HPV and HSV, or other female issue and then not having a fibroid. Since you cannot send me back in time to stop this, then I think you have ZERO jurisdiction to my decisions that deal with my uterus.

Let's see you deal with rape.

Let's see you deal with an asshole who LIES to you.


Because a man put his penis in woman's vagina and ejaculates his semen into her uterus, does not connote making LOVE. What kind of child is wrought into this world you are trying to conjure into it?