Monday, July 29, 2013


Saw this image on a Facebook friend's profile:

Age of Information Page

It got me thinking on the cavalier attitude sensed by this generation and younger who have never seen overt legally sanctioned white supremacist signs like these:

 (Segregation Now, Segregation Forever by Wallace)

The entire civil rights movement and voting rights has now been wiped off the American Planet by the US Supreme Court that will return to a caste-system society in the "democracy and free world". There is a reason for that which is mainly economic, but it is not justice.

With the Zimmerman Trial verdicts, I remain quite other than to show my displeasure on this blog. I am vocal on Facebook which friendships have ended due to mentalities I do not want to manage or negotiate at this time. Some even close friends that I have know since childhood who call me angry because they are ignorant of how Facebook operates.

At any rate, I have posted a series of thoughtful enterprises for all to discuss based on these images.
Simplifying a complex issue like what is racism & what's not will never improve relations. Especially standing from a point of privilege and the oppress only wears a hoodie with candy and ice tea. No. I don't want to work it out from that vantage point anymore.

Respect between men stops racism. Honor between men overcomes it...

Respect is not honored here anymore. Incorrigible babies demand respect that only men can earn by hard work...I'm not just talking about physical labor.

I just saw a very powerful movie where an underling grabbed a superior officer without being beaten down for it. Respect lacks in our cultural displays.

Old farts, biddies, curmudgeons, cantankerous, and old fools -- the disrespect of our older generation is standard -- such as "I can't get no respect". Thing is, when we gave up our intelligence rights, in the 80's and pursued greed instead, the dismantling of our respect foundations occurred. These actions are not new. These actions represent history repeating itself.

Here's a kicker: How can we ask for respect when we don't respect ourselves? Much less honor ourselves? Love ourselves? Here's another: Why are we asking for respect?

Respect is commanded.

Some say earned. No. Who wants respect not honored?
Respect must be given freely. Children lack the discernment required to make that distinction. The life experience. Diverse communication requires to stimulate the intellectual wisdom is beyond appearances. 

Respect requires trust. It invokes a bond between men -- a spiritual connection that asks us to step out of our comfort zones and to touch humanity. Respect within trust asks us to be courageous. Introspective of ourselves. Evaluate of our stewardship, and examines our life faiths as humans.

Fear is a mindkiller... Fear activates our anger in the "fight or flight response". Fear immobilizes us. Unfettered fear is something the stupid create delusions and fantasize about to leverage power and control. Respect is never attained through fear. Respect is lost when fear bolsters irrational responses by the ignorant.

What's interesting top apex predators respect one another until another invading species takes over. Rebalancing the ecosystem is difficult, because everyone will die. Of course only humans interpret fear. Animals are instinctual about it. For the most part.

We must process our fears to overcome them so that we can at least respect one another.