Friday, July 5, 2013

Being A Woman Now in 2013

Women are losing their rights and ground in 10 states:

  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Kansas
  • Arkansas
  • Virginia
  • Ohio
  • Mississippi
  • Oklahoma
  • North Carolina
And now, Wisconsin has decided a new ruling for Ultrasound on women who want abortions.

These ultrasounds are to deter them from abortions and continue on with their pregnancy and births. After their births, no one cares. No one gives a shit.

DISCLOSURE: I have NEVER been pregnant. I have NEVER had an abortion. I would not know what this process is like and now, I am TOO OLD to conceive without exorbitant expensive aid - which I can't afford, anyway. 

Women who have the inkling to abortion as a choice rarely do not take it lightly. And if it is true, it is BLACK WOMEN who have the highest use of abortion and the sheer number of AFRICAN AMERICAN BABIES BORN merits the fact that abortion does nothing to the population.

And all young people are into having sex. How are African American young women just getting pregnant when their counterparts are not? Is it LACK of contraceptives? No use of condoms? I don't think so. I think that this is an issue of, "TAKES TWO TO TANGO"!

Look at our culture. There will always be girls who put out. Clothing is skimpy. Provocative at a very young age and these boys are taught that "rape culture" is okay - smashing a woman's head into the mud and pounding her into all orifices. Moreover, this is all visible on the internet and the parents do not even know this kind of thing is happening.

Also there a lot of perverts and pedophiles that prey on children doing things they normally would not do. I don't know why I get show offended and hurt when young people curse at me and tell me go to hell when I tell them to slow their provocation and behavior. Sadly, we find later these kids strung out hurting other kids.

These real women HAVE sex and GET pregnant by males who never had an intention to care for her and sells her a bunch of goods he can't quite possibly deliver. If the women doesn't yield to his desires, he'll find some new chick that would. That new chick who has zero self-esteem is the one that gets pregnant. AND THAT IS NOT IF HE TAKES IT BY FORCE!

Males put down women and they learn from other men or outside influences that it is okay to demean women. A bettering of sorts. The use of "Bitch" and Cunt" profanity is the usual.

A woman that has not grown up defending herself against that falls prey to it. 

When she gets OLD she is not made saintly, and she is cast aside. Stuffed with the grandkids because it's only what she is good for.

IF she is lucky, she has an education, and can make do to do great things. To stop and break this cycle. 

Protesting works. Voting in new forward thinking legislators, works too. But both processes take time, that we do not have. This spiritual depravity we've suffered under is what is hurting us, women.

We don't want to kill our fetuses. I would not want to make the choice of abortion. But if I ever got pregnant, my odds are for a baby with a huge birth defect. I can pray to God to not let that happen to me, but it is highly probable it will. A baby without a skull... 

To the "PRO LIFE" - whatever proponents: Can you deal with that? No. So if you're not going to put me back in time with a man that loves me like my husband who I did not meet until I was 33 years old - the only man I want a child with ever on this planet, if you can stop me from suffering from HPV and HSV, or other female issue and then not having a fibroid. Since you cannot send me back in time to stop this, then I think you have ZERO jurisdiction to my decisions that deal with my uterus.

Let's see you deal with rape.

Let's see you deal with an asshole who LIES to you.


Because a man put his penis in woman's vagina and ejaculates his semen into her uterus, does not connote making LOVE. What kind of child is wrought into this world you are trying to conjure into it?