Thursday, October 27, 2011

Facebook, how many more reports do you need?

Facebook, how many more cyberstalking reports do you need with a mountain of screenshots to justify deranged behavior? This behavior is a power and control cycle that domestic violence abuse survivors suffer and you are doing nothing to protect it.

There are millions of mostly women who want to share in your social media for the next big thing, but have to use aliases as their accounts because their attackers actively seek them out. I should not have to be fearful of creative expression on my legal profiles and pages!

You take one report and delete an entire account based on flimsy weak evidence, but active bullying is NOT STOPPED!

Do you really take this seriously for ALL people, not just kids? NO!

Case in point:

Notice the red circle. Why would THAT page--mine fictional character I created--would be ONE of the three interests? Should there NOT be more?

There is NO online restraining orders! So as more people transition online, with smartphone technology, a stalker can gain access to an account and post psychotic delusions on anywhere on the profile or page. By the time the victim logs on again, seeing millions of psychotic ramblings are scary and damaging!

No one deserves 100s of negative posts!

So Facebook, how long, is too long to protect me? When I am dead?