Saturday, June 4, 2016

I had no idea of the straight-jacketing the mental healthcare profession is doing to people of color. 8 ideas that can help.

Rather than talk about how fucked up it is what they’re doing from this Atlantic and Mic articles, let’s talk about how you can circumvent the bullshit...
1. Yes, it’s your job to get an appointment by any means necessary even if it is with the god damn grand wizard of the Klan... At least you got documentation of seeking assistance for YOUR CARE OF YOUR BODY! Just how it is.

2. Tell your primary care physician of your difficulties. Make sure that mess is documented, too.

3. This is about paper trails. The racist system may not care and you may die at police hands, but you do have paper trail of ADVOCATING for yourself.

4. Yes. It’s fucked up, because you know, there is no bill of rights for mental healthcare for anyone... Your problem in neurological and your thoughts betray you. Fuckers manipulate that. That’s exactly what they’re playing because the business of mental health...
5. The business of mental health is fucked up big time. There aren’t enough providers, trained, willing, without not writing books and those who do care are flim flam -- some people like me are bullied off social media for voicing these strong positions. But I’ve played the system before computers and social media and I thought, hmm, so many people coming out on social media could be helped to feel better with qualified treatment options. NO. I was wrong. Flim flam men wanted to straight-jacket me because what I proposed doesn’t make money for them... :) Reality.

6. So, here’s what you do, you go in with your top 10 concerns, written and documents, what you feel you need. Fuck the bullshit about how shitty your childhood was because you won’t get treated. What you need is some EXACT measures to get you back to stability and NOT “leave your job when you can’t” -- more like development of a WELLNESS RECOVERY ACTION PLAN -- a mental health advance directive. Then after 5 visits, then you can talk about “leave your stressors” stuff.
7. ASSUME you have homework. It’s your mental health and your body and you need help and guidance to get care to your wellness. Just like fitness, you have to find a way to get yourself out there and do what must be done to care for yourself. What you are exercising is mind. There are many ways to do it, but that is an exploration you work with your healthcare providers on -- especially if you are on psychotropic medications, like lithium, etc.

8. I have taken mindfulness courses to help me. I've learned that I like exercising outdoors, than in a gym. I've learned that telling my husband what's going on pre-empts him to be vigilant if I do stupid stuff. I've learned that if I want to feel better instantly, I call my mom just to hear her voice... Took me 30 years to figure out these concepts. And that says patience in yourself and any condition is required and give yourself, time. I know it sucks now, but BREATHE through this and patience. If it is too much, tell your providers of your actions. As long as your actions do not involve hurting yourself or others, then use resources.