Thursday, June 30, 2011

How I fell for the gank move...

All my education in the world did not prepare me for the unsavory high pressure sales tactics of the door to door salesperson for Kirby Vacuums. For those who do not know, Kirby Vacuum are an old American brand with a quality product, though extremely expensive.~$1800 for a used model.

Anyhow, I was targeted when I decided to check outside my house for fighting cats oddly enough. This beat up dark blue van called Rhino Distributers, LLC filled with young people struggling, stopped by and misled me to think that I could call for a demostration of the pricey Kirby vacuum.

No sooner that I realized it, these people busted through my door saying they were ready to full shampoo a portion of my carpet. Me being compliant, tired and discombobulated allowed these fools to do this to me. The demo went well, through talking to me they appealed to my vanity and emotions with crafty sales tactics.

I wanted to make my home look nicer, but the special super vacuum was not going to do it--we decided on new flooring. The cost of this vacuum would foil my husband's and mine's agreement.

I wanted to be nice since I have a social anxiety since living in Washington state. What happens to me is I get angry, and combative. In Seattle, the arrest and beatdown Black Women. I have had to learn how to bite my tongue off to survive here. (See I hate Seattle series).

So rather than attempting to be firm, speak directly to these predators, or just go outright crazy Black woman on them, I obliged them and got tricked into buying something I had no money to purchase. I bought a used Kirby Vacuum for $1800 with no background, no names, and no confidence in my purchase...

In my state, that is called preying on the vulnerable. That is against the law. I liked the product, but I kept saying I have no money. These lunatics sold me a $1800 vacuum. When I was going through the whole process, nothing said STOP in my mind. I was incapacitated. In fact the demonstrator became belligerent when I said I did not want the vacuum.

After I punked out, I called my husband. He asked a ton of logical questions I could not answer. When he got home, he was cool with the job, but it was not what we wanted. I think he realized I was incapacitated, so we checked my credit reports because I gave no credit card. All the personal info, the had was my SSN and that disturbed us. We checked and reported them to the Better Business Bureau. Finally, we will be writing Kirby.

The following day I sent the form I filled out with the credit check. We told the company that we do not want the product. And we expected my trade-in vacuum back at a designated time.

They use cell phones that are personal, like they are not friends. To deliver it back, they did not show up with my trade in vacuum. Then they pressured me again to get their product back. I got angry when the guy accused me of not trusting them with returning my old vacuum and playing games with phone calls. That is when this Sistah went off... I said what I said, then slammed the door on dudes face...

Then I called my husband and now he is willing to assist me.

This lunacy enraged me because I feel my mental wellness is questioned. I is a combo of both.

Folks who are dealing with mental health conditions are prey for unscrupulous people. The sales tactics appeals to vanity and friendliness. It is only to SELL YOU THE PRODUCT!!!

The concept is "a sucker born every minute"...

I fell for the gank move...