Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Art Therapy: Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists -- the daughter of Sistah Mental Health and Wellness


One of the easiest ways that is relatively free is "creativity" -- IN ANY FORM -- "art therapy" so to speak. Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists was BORN out of Sistah Mental Health and Wellness to promote self-management of mental health and wellness through creativity and art.

Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists is the creative outlet to help those who are dealing with mental health conditions to release "packets of their trauma in their sleeping mind" to process to their "awake mind" for their best healing.

The name "Isle Sanctuary" was created based on the start of Sistah Mental Health and Wellness to guide folks to a place of calm. At the time, the most calming place I knew was Hawaii due to my numerous trips, and I wanted to share that with everyone I met online. I called it the Isle Sanctuary -- a peaceful oasis in the ocean, away from the torrential storm.

I wanted those who came to Isle to find balance and unlock their creative minds to help them find healing. I thought that our active duty military personnel and veterans can use this process to achieve their best mental health and wellness. And I think it does for them, and what I found was, my fictional story that I wanted to tell based on my favorite movie, Star Wars and I could tell it using roleplaying on social media...

Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists roleplays or RPs on Social Media. Roleplaying mainly is "pretending" to be one's favorite character or created character, and then "ACTING" in that character's voice with other people. There is an entire culture devoted to it. To explain it to those who are not involved, it is like being in a "school play" but there is no script.

For the older generation to understand it, it is like a 1940's radio drama, but now the "radio" is "social media". For the parents, it is like one of those videogames, but it is more of a free-for-all, that organized.

What Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists does differently from others is that applies a socially conscious business plan for an organically creative organization based on precepts of filmaking to elicit GREAT works of ART on social media.

We develop creative storytelling, fan fictions, graphic arts, and social media content development and background programming. ALL of these activities we envision can start the pre-productions of any larger format media such a books, novels, animation, television screenplays and movie scripts. The "enActors" can be played by anyone who can use social media and knows a bit about game strategy and acting.

What the production and distribution company gets in return is marketing metrics of their script -- what were the BEST lines of the script, does the scene have to change, the look and the feel of the performance, etc.

Because I am a HUGE fan of the Star Wars genre and Lucasfilm, I created three characters of my own:

  • AUSET LAH The Grandmother ((Image courtesy of Patrick Lambert -- artist has not named her Auset. But has not told us to cease and desist. We are in negotiations for a rendering.))

  • Senator Yemaja Lah The Mother with the greatest amount of work and stories devoted to her. Many love affairs from Jedi to Sith.

  • Osun'oya Lah-Windu. The Daughter of a clandestine affair between Jedi Master Mace Windu and Senator Yemaja Lah.

As set of Grandmother, Mother and Daughter and how they interact with one another in the Universe of Star Wars. Through my stories, I have determined that the most popular character is Senator Yemaja Lah, that her image is best reflected by the supermodel and actress, Ms. Selita Ebanks. That her voice must be diplomatic, somewhat elusive and cryptic; and that her greatest strength is to find her voice to stand up for herself, independently from her family. ALL of her being, created by me, was developed creatively by social media on Twitter. There were numerous others that assisted me and some I appreciate, others became wholly disgruntled, which prompted me to be able to "sell" this character to professionals and laypeople - many of them active duty personnel and veterans...

What the active duty personnel and veterans helped me to is to add layers and textures to my character. They added the procedural advances and with my knowledge of policy and government, I added the diplomacy to make this character come to life.

Recently, Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists has come under fire due to gross allegations of misrepresentation of those who are intent to destroy the story of Senator Yemaja Lah on Twitter. There is a competitive edge to roleplaying without organization based on cyberbullying of the domination of the conversation and ad homimen and ad proprium logic fallacies. Without naming these individuals directly, the risk management of our process is to block those individuals we do not know who have also given me death threats and their attempts to justify them by posting their offensive behaviors on the Isle Sanctuary blog and Facebook Fan Page.

As a corporation, since there is multiple accounts from the same individuals, we were blocking and obtaining examples of their behavior. Currently, when we have a more formal human resources and customer services department, we will be better able to follow through with the remarks more judiciously from a business perspective.

We have transitioned to Facebook Fan Pages which expands our social media network to the professional community and have made excellent contact involved in media production and distribution, as well as insiders to lift this "fanon" character to canon.

We are ready to add to the industry impact of movie making because we think social media needs to start at pre production, rather than after the final cut onto disk or film!

Aloha and E komo mai to Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists!