Thursday, August 27, 2015

Good. Vester Flanagan is dead and he has no excuse. PAY ME:

Vester Flanagan

I don't care if people yell at me on the internet and call my blog bullshit to my face. I don't care if someone doxxs me over this asshat. I'm just going to say it:


He's dumb and he has nothing good about him. He killed the Parker girl who was a reporter and Ward the cameraman indiscriminately with extreme predjudice.





Grudge much?

What gets me is he was told he has some issues and he took that as a bashing and did not try to get help. He was let go. He acted out.

I know something about that.

At my job, they accused me of a bunch of stuff. Nevermind the fact that they lied about me. Nevermind the fact of the microaggressions they delivered to me. Nevermind the fact my boss gave me a 23 page manifesto email extoling his virtues and condemning me.

All I knew was to GTFO of that place.


My health was more important than a job I hated. Recent research says that taking on a hated job is not better than no job. It destroys so much. To define oneself by a job is pathetic. Do what you love. Find your passion. Your heart.

But Vester the the Molester needs to realize he messed up. So does his family. There is no excuse to what happened and he needs to own up to that. So does his family. Accountability must be taken.

And while the families of the other shooters did not take accountability, that does not absolve them. There is no reason why folks act out heinous acts such as these.

It makes no sense. Fact is, no one really cares. Still, this is wrong and accountability for mental illness needs to take on the onus.

I have bipolar. I take meds, I see a therapist. I attend groups if I need to. I read self-help books.

IDGAF if you don't have what I do. If I am leveraging privilege on you, or if I seem condescending:

That does not absolve me or your taking charge over our mental illness and moving toward positive action.

I must exercise. I must drink plenty of water. I must get consistent and restful sleep. I must do these things to be the best person I can be to help others. This is my duty, my treat to my joie du vivre.

This dummy CHOSE not to do that and that is what pisses me off. I don't care what his mentality was, he FAILED. Our system may have failed to, but he shot those people.

As far as gun control, I don't use guns to solve my problems. I have no problems that require a weapon. I don't fight wars, I'm not in a demilitarized zone, I'm in a nice place with a decent life to live out my existence. Guns do not figure into my life. And while there may be people in my area that use guns to control their lives, I'm not one of them.

That does not mean that guns are not present in my life. They are, like a diet, like being a vegetarian, I don't need to use guns. My choice.

I'm not a hunter, so...

But given I already have a mental health issue, that I work hard on to keep myself healthy, it's rather fucked up that an asshat destroys people and stigmatizes people with mental health issues further.

Reality is people like that have NEVER sought mental health care, they don't seek it out, they never seen a provider. So when they go crazy, it is by surprise as if no one knew.

But my rage is deeper than that: He is in a hard competitive field of news stations and reporting - where's his youtube channel? What's his hobbies? It is said he's gay, why didn't he write for gay newspapers if he's a reporter - they can use a professional reporter. Why didn't he start a business? He could have gotten the computer programs he needed to produce an online show. But for whatever reason, he decided to brood.

I know for me, I made a conscious choice to leave my position. I knew that if I left, I could not come back. I grieved, but now, I've moved on with my life. Am I still mad at a few people? Yes. But I think of it like this: JUST ONE LESS PERSON TO THINK ABOUT AT CHRISTMASTIME!


If I see them, I'll laugh at them. My life is 10000000000000000000 50-eleventy times better than theirs. Because see, I moved on. I didn't have to step on people for their wickedness to get ahead.

Call it my faith.

Call it whatever.

IDC about that. Because who am I living my life for anyway?