Friday, September 11, 2015

WARNING TRIGGER: Natasha McKenna Video

Natasha McKenna

Natasha McKenna suffered from schizophrenia. She was not in recovery. She was never lucid. She did something that had her questioned by the law. She was in episode and went into mental health hospital for 10 days. The psychiatrist said she should be in the hospital for longer and that jail would be very bad for her. Law enforcement in Virginia disagreed and took her into custody where she went full blown psychotic episode, untreated and the facility was ill equipped to manage psychosis.

I am a research scientist with a doctorate in molecular genetics and I have bipolar which I have treated by a psychiatrist and a social worker in my health system. I have a wellness action recovery plan (WRAP) and I have a strong support network with sympathetic family and friends. I cannot imagine what it would be like to have something get that out of order for anyone to be placed in a dangerous environment such as a jail in full episode.

Did the mother KNOW her daughter would die in law enforcement's hands?

NEVER TRUST THE POLICE! NEVER TRUST LAW ENFORCEMENT! Get a lawyer and have legal representation.

What I know about schizophrenia is that the neurology is multigenetic, epigentic, environmental and a neurological mess. But I recall in my scientist days that there was this voltage gated-ion channel that misfires in the brain and has some impact on the erratic thinking, but it is also in the heart that stop a heart from beating. Stress -- like that seen in this youtube below activates it and being tasered, as Ms McKenna was can cause any voltage gated ion channel to "get stuck" open/closed for it to stop working properly to the point to stop the nerves and electrical conduction to contract. (reference)

In any case to throw out the charges from the law enforcement torturers that did an enhanced interrogation on Ms. McKenna, it makes me wonder how safe I am because I suffer from a mental health condition. Though my episodes and act outs are limited because my stress is minimized are far less than Ms. McKenna's it still worries me that that woman could be me. I am no different from her. It makes no difference other than fortune that has paved my way versus hers. Now she's dead. A lovely flower waiting to bloom with a chance snuffed out by jackbooted thugs. I don't care how they feel. Fuck them and fuck you if you disagree. Pay me to yell at me:

What to be done now? The lame Sherriff that needs to be voted out, is right, better crisis intervention. But that's still blaming the victims. Yes, more money for mental health services. But the 1% is psychotic themselves. What would make #BlackLivesMatter to these people? I don't know? It hurts and no one cares.

Well, I care. I know Ms. McKenna's mother does. A whole lot of us, do. But what else can we do to undergird this racist bigoted systemic issue? New votes won't matter. Protesting won't change. Writing, writing, writing, is not changing people. So we just have to realize that white supremacy is in play here and wait it out.