Tuesday, March 20, 2012


When I pledged my sorority, I was told by my big sisters, "WALK WITH A PURPOSE!"

My linesisters and I would walk very fast and promptly with all seriousness to get wherever we need to go. Point A to Point B. We were taught that drilled into our heads, our hearts and our minds.

That was ~25 years ago. Much has changed. Most Black children do not have a clue that racist bigots exist in this world. Trayvon Martin had no clue that George Zimmerman was a racist bigot whose sole intent was to kill a Black Child wearing a hoodie, because in his words, "he looks suspicious". George Zimmerman appears to be psychotic and delusional caused by meth addiction that preys on children like pedophile!

Sadly, the mental health issues that arise for parents of diverse children impinge upon telling a vivacious teenager to "NOT DAWDLING" and be aware of one's surroundings.

Aside from the fact that this child was being judged; aside from the fact that this child did not understand a world of hate; aside from the fact that the State of Florida has a "Stand Your Ground" law and if the roles were reverse -- a Black man shooting a "suspicious white teen" would be put under the jail within seconds; a life altering decision is allowed to fester everyday where there is injustice to Trayvon Martin. Meanwhile, George Zimmerman skates on ice like "Ovechkin"  and was allowed to go free without adequate questioning or any police review of his unclean record. There no knowledge of his psychotic delusions caused by meth addictions and he is allowed to be armed -- NOTHING!

As a parent to diverse children, we have to ask them to be good little [insert racist and bigoted epithet here] and not DAWDLE!

I say WTF!


Times are changing. Maybe this is just 2012 fervor, but it will be a long hot summer if justice lapses here.

Sad part, more Black kids will be killed by black on black crime and these children will get ZERO coverage by the news media...

*shrugs* This is what drives me to be the Crazy Black Woman!

Hearing the 911 calls from this individual who weakly claims self defense of a teenager in a hoodie carrying ice tea and Skittles. It shows how hatred destroys all logic and that there will be no justice for this case:

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