Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why I left animal research

The reason why I left animal research! I am not a fan of rats. I can handle mice. But rats, different story. Probably have something to do with my childhood. Which is where I am, my parents' house in SoCal. I walk outside to see the beautiful pool that had been cleaned by the pool guy the day before and WHAM! I see this in the pool!

After finally finding the pole and the net, I removed the carcass from the deep end of the pool and do a gross examination.

Genera/Species: Rattus sp. 
Sex: Male 
Weight ~500 grams
Age: Unknown
Coat color: Gray, red. 

Gross Pathology:
Rigor mortis
Rectal prolapse
Raised thoracic
Possible edema
Bulbous eyes. 

Cause of death: All indicators lead to conclusion of drowning. 

Awaiting veterinarian advisement

No necropsy was done.
Full disposal was implemented.

I am going to have Zombie Rat nightmares! I do not like rats like these. They carry Yersina pestis! Meanwhile, my husband is laughing at me because he is the vet! Wanted me to do a full work up necropsy! And there are several nodes as to how these pests enter my parents' domain! Fortunately, we have not see the droppings yet. But I would not be shocked to be the one to discover them! Usually I am and the one who has to deal with it.

Where are my parents? In Las Vegas! Partying!

Le sigh!