Monday, February 27, 2012

FEMALE PROBLEMS: This time again. Staying on top of it.

This blog is about my period. Menstruation. In your 40s. Totally sucks.

No. I know I'm not the only one who has this issue.

It feels like I am a young teen again! Messing up clothes, spray and wash is my friend. Changing out the superovernightjumbowithsuperwings pad. That still does not seem to stop the ruined underwear and clothes. Granny panties aren't covering it.

Well, when it is chunky goo that's more than 5 grams, that is when the physicians must be called.


I ought to request to rip the entire female organ out and grow a beard! And I hate body hair on places that it is not suppose to be--like my face.

Aging is not the sad part. What is sad is the pain and mental exhaustion. I hate it!

If getting old is all about pain, then what is life? How does one get through it?

Power of positive thinking?

I talk to my elders a lot. I would not be able to live without them. Sad part is they die, it is a part of life. I get that. But it is not like it hurts less knowing that you just cannot call them up whenever you want and talk to them.

But this bodily function issue, is not fun to have at all. All my orifices are clogged and when they release, I am a spring totally pooped out unable to function.

There are other stressors, like being unemployed--or rather I work on my business I have sunk too much money into for nothing to come to fruition. Yes, it is my fault. But I have also learn a lot of things and having fun.

I have learned that many people are a lot worse off than I am and they talk about it on social media these days. While some need validation, I am amazed at the number of kids that are a lot worse off than I am. Whether or not it is exaggeration, kids having these problems? Okay.

Going and getting a job, many people suck it up and work labor that is way outside their field. Well, I am working my own business way outside my field and I feel I ought to get paid from companies who have yet to manage their social media content, then make it entertaining. Which is rather difficult to do, btw, but I am able to do it with the studies I have completed.

Sure I have been dismissed and diminished of my work. But in my old life as a scientist, they did that to me everyday. I was pushed out of my field. So, I said, that is not where I was suppose to be. Great thing about the United States is one can change their field to pursue other opportunities. I did that. I am I successful? I have no money, but the experience makes me feel like the 1%.

I will never have anyone berate me due to the color of my skin to diminish me, as what was done to me in science.

In this new field, social media and creativity, I am open and free to set standards for dynamic opportunity. Best social experiment allowable.

What does this have to do with my menstruation and mental health? I do my best thinking when I suffer immense pain due to my period. Go figure? Oh and I should buy some stock in "Always".