Thursday, February 9, 2012

EPISODE ALERT: All my RP stories are exactly what Ms. Viola Davis describes in her interview

All my roleplaying stories performed and characters creates are exactly what Ms. Viola Davis describes in her interview on ABC's Nightline airing February 8, 2012.

When I started with my first two characters it was a feeble, inexperienced attempt of creating content specific for women of color, specifically those of African descent on large format social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. Then I was mercilessly cyberbullied and attacked for whatever reason for holding like of not be subjugated by males, young males who had never seen strong black female characters.

I have written many blogs about my trials. Because the black women I see in real life are not what I see on television. What does that say about our little girls and their aspirations?

Then I see this Essence article from the actor Brian White that says that the stereotype is true about angry Black Women who are loud and obnoxious publicly.

So much for equity in Hollywood and Black Actresses.

I am hurt that Viola Davis has to be recognized for an antiquated maid in Jim Crow racist South times. But I am proud of her adding her acting skills to make her character believable and connected with the audience. Will her accomplishment prove beneficial for saying no "Sophie's Choice" -available scripts for Black Actresses change Hollywood? I doubt it...because a lot of people would have to die.

My mother character has some bad thing happen to her in a Galaxy Far, Far Away. What happens with a padawan is violated on trip home by a twisted individual. Her name is Auset Lah.

My Senator-daughter character is biracial straddling a world between having the Force and being absent in the Force. Hiding that fact to her current galaxy. Her name is Senator Yemaja Lah.

And I have gone over that in many blogs. We shall see.

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