Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The strength of "Precious Jones"

I just saw "Precious"

This movie is good, but it is ugly in human emotions and everyone in the movie are ugly people except for the children. The adults in this movie are ugly, the words are ugly, the images are disturbing. And no one wanted to take the blame for what was done to Clarice Precious Jones. No one wanted to step up and help this young lady to be better until a Teacher, who happened to be a "lesbian" (OMG! LOL!) took an interest in helping her. And a Nurse who was attempting to teach her something about a healthier lifestyle.

If Mo'Nique doesn't get a nomination for her ugly person role, my GAWD...


The thing that bothered me about this picture is when an entire system that thinks people are disposable and can be cast aside. They cannot help this young lady be more that what they think she ought to be... This denigration of women, this misogyny must stop! MUST STOP! The man who sexually abused precious was her father who only had pictures in the house. He was never there. Then it was told he died of HIV/AIDS! By the time Precious was told by her mother, she stopped caring.

Precious' voice came through education in the simplest form - writing in a Journal, that her teacher would read and reply. Then, she was able to read at the 7-8th grade level within weeks of moving forward. Her mother and grandmother were foul people. Same is as the welfare agency that was trying to force people into skills that moves nowhere--kind of like what "they" are trying to do to me, but I have a ton of education and I come from a loving family.

What damage one does when constant nitpicking, antagonistic, or harping. I remember growing up a girl told me that I aggravated her. I know that sometimes I can be annoying, but what does that do to people? Human beings often take one another for granted. Life is so short, every life is precious and we have NO RIGHT to denigrate it. Do we make the Kreb's Cycle continue in the inner mitochondrial space? Or Oxidative Phosphorylation, Electron Transport or Succinate Dehydrongenase? Do we power our hearts through the AV node? No one else does that, but the individual person after being born.

People are so concerned for life before birth, but discard lives already here. WHY?

So the next time anyone antagonizes me or nitpicks me, the person will have a lesson of mindful silence, a "talking fast" done on them. My silence does not condone the behavior, what it means, is I will unfurl and unless a fury that I will go to the Dark Side.

Ugly people...