Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Essence Community: #WOC #CNN #Cyberbullying @FBI #Social #Media

I have been a part of Essence Community, a NING board for Essence Magazine, since its inception. But when I get messages such as this below, I need to pull my assets off:

I am sorry but social interaction of African American social media site are degenerate sites. I have been harassed and dehumanized more on these kinds of sites than on more diverse sites. It makes me wonder, what would be the point in starting a social media group geared to help African American women when people speak with more profane language and derogatory terms.

But, here, I receive this threat to my person and that is inexcusable in any spirited debate or discussion. No matter what I have said, I would not merit the use of this kind of language.

Essence Magazine and Essence Community once had excellent discussions. Civil, respectable, intelligent and open. But, in the last 3 months, the site has degenerated to the uttering dregs angry, violent and bitter perpatrators who have very little aspiration in life, so they ridicule others to bolster their severally emotionally disturbed and clinically depressed self-esteem and insecurities.

As far as the conversation, I admit that I got involved in the vitriol, but I never suspected anyone would have imbalanced thoughts, such as those in the above picture, who could behave like a "lone-wolf" and attack unsuspecting individuals.

This behavior is unacceptable and CANNOT be tolerated, especially as African Americans. WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS!!! STEP UP OUR GAME and not flail for the lackadaisical and complacency. When we fail to stand up and take on our responsibilities, we collectively lose our gains made as a positive contributing group to a healthy society. We do our best because that propels humanity. When we fail to communicate to one another civilly and ethically so that we can have consensus, and respectable debate.

If Essence Community is a small microcosm of the African American peak in intelligence, based on the cyberbullying I encountered, then we are further behind as a positive enriching group to humanity than other groups and I find that pathetic. We do not deserve to keep our privileges that our fore-bearers fought and died.

I will be pulling my assets from Essence Community as of this date...