Monday, August 10, 2009

The right to NOT go back to my original career 2!

There is a large metropolitan university where I use to work in one of the laboratories. I must say that the first laboratory, which I worked for 3 years, was great, however, I ran out of funds and could not secure further funds. It was during a time that National Institutes of Health was divested and I was one of the people affected by that divestment. But the issue with this very friendly laboratory is that this research program is slow. Unfortunately, I chose a project that was not fortuitous. Sometimes, that happens. And I got lost in the system. Now while I can blame my principle investigator for my loss, the reality in the research game is what I am suppose to crank out. I have been trained to develop studies. So the blame is on me. Besides, I already had a post doctoral position in a top university in the US. RARELY is anyone given that chance and I freely gave that opportunity up because my health, ironically, was affected.

So in 2007, I joined a high powered laboratory at this major metro university. NEVER in a million years did I think that by October, 2007 I would be judged on something so insignificant... The last time that crap was said to me, I wasted an extra 3 years of my life attempting to prove the value of my being present. I did not say anything when that last judgment was made. I told myself if it happened again, I am not wasting my time!

I was told that "The only reason why I was here was because I am Black and the Only way I got my PhD is through affirmative action."

Look when you are someone's mentor, you can think what you want, but to utter those words, especially to a professional is NOT commensurate of the values that this metro university upholds.


Attempting legal proceedings would cause more harm that good for me. And this city has hurled its worse toward me, but STILL I RISE! What did they think? That I would go down forever being humiliated?

I decided to lay myself off from this position because NO ONE deserves to be mobbed and bullied in a hostile environment as mine! NO ONE deserves this BS that I suffered. NO ONE! I decided move forward from this stress filled situation and find my innerpeace. I found it by starting my business, The Ariafya Universe and my support is NOT in the city, which I reside... Oh, the irony!

Anywho, the right to NOT go back to my original career 2, MERITS the BS I have suffered for nearly 15 years. If scientific research is based in this, there is injustice. A students who is earnest in their understanding, works hard and repeatedly shows that she can do the work, just because she is a Black woman, judgment of her work needs to ONLY be the work & not the poor communication and bad behavior encountered in academia. Especially in this major metropolitan university in the city I reside.