Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pain - the good kind?

I am in utter pain. Every muscle group in my body hurts utterly. But it is a good pain - I guess because yesterday, I exercised. I took my first course in Karate-do. The exercises are one's I have not done in years. And they were good exercises. Moreover, I learned how to count up to 10 in Japanese during that time. However, I forgot it all now.

Man, am I stiff! That is what happens when you are 40-something. The stiffness is stronger. But, the workout was NEEDED! Karate-do is about mind than about the moves--btw I need to practice plenty! I am unable to simply run back and forth!

Ironically, my husband decided to join me. I never thought he would. The first time he ran in bare feet and got huge blisters. The same happened to me, too. But my blisters healed quickly due to my use of "Bag Balm", whereas, my husband refused to use the balm. We shall see about his healing feet.

I decided to start a martial arts regimen because I need the confidence, the structure and the discipline in my life. And I LOVE IT! It reminds me of my ballet years. Both are disciplined practices. The fact that my husband wanted take the course is something we can share together. His reasons for taking the Karate-do classes are different from mine. Mine are to lose weight. His, I do not know? But I am sure they are positive!

Either way, both our bodies are in a utter pain, but the good kind of accomplishing a sorely needed workout--pun intended...

Moreover, I am changing the impact on my bipolar disorder. My mental health condition physiologically cannot combat particular exercise regimen. In fact it has been shown that isometrics and resistance training increases insulin sensitivity in some patients. I know for my body, my training must be isometrics vs. weights because, while both help, I am more consistent with isometrics. Weights work, but I grossly dislike the discipline. I enjoy isometric exercises that both Karate-do and Ballet give me. I do not enjoy Yoga because of lack of directed and patient training that Karate-do and Ballet gives to me.

The fact is regardless of which fitness enterprise one pursues, one's brain has to readjust and certain poorly connected neural connection in a unhealthy lifestyle cannot be maintained when attempting an exercise regimen. It levels the playing field. And the small cost of the muscle stiffness is worth the payoff one receives in the health and happiness end. I am glad I have this kind of pain, the good kind.