Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The prediction and premonition

I don't care what some people think about health care reform. Especially by those uneducated on how poor American health actually is. All it takes is ONE major pestilence and people will be clamoring for better health care. We have pretty much guaranteed that with H1N1 Swine Flu. Recently the numbers came out that 90,000 people including the young and children will die from this virus when the flu season starts.

What some on the extreme right wing think is so reprehensible and ugly that they have perverted and subverted any logical discussion about how to improve American health. We cannot continue on like this! We will no longer be a world leader when our fellow Americans are so sick that wondrous lives are lost because of greed! I do not care what one's personal thoughts are on health care reform. But I do know that my health care is broken and I am receiving sub par care.

Now, roughly 2 months ago, images in my mind appeared about a Caucasian man with white hair having passed. Then as a passing thought went by with 2 names, one of them being Senator Edward Moore Kennedy. I thought he would have to die in order for Health Care Reform to pass through Congress--a bill President Obama would sign. Sadly, the "wingnuts" would probably call that the "sympathy vote". The feeling arose again on August 20, 2009 at 1:30 PM. I know because I "tweeted" my thoughts and got "teabagged" by a "wingnut". Someone would have to die to pass Health Care Reform. I knew it was Senator Kennedy, but I had no proof other than the clairvoyant images of him in my mind. I have NEVER met this wonderful human being. I have ONLY seen him on television and other media. But, why his image came up 2 months ago, I just felt it. And my clairvoyance only lasts a moment after the event. Then it quiets down until the next passionate issue arises or major disaster.

It is enough to drive one crazy... This gift of second sight. I never asked for it, it just would happen. My mother knows about it, but brushes it off. And only astute "in tune" people are the one's who often pick up I actually do have this minor ability. Moreover, when I focus, I really can "see" how my scientific experiments and mathematical equations are solved. But, when I'm stressed, I don't express this ability. I feel it in the middle of my brain and I think I get image projection with comments. Sometimes I chalk it up as "deja vu". But, more often than not, it is premonitory. Faces and events I know I've seen before but I've never done before...

I do know it takes peace, a calmness and mindfulness.

Well, now, Senator Ted Kennedy is gone. The family is mourning appropriately. And others are trying to be respectful, holding it together and not cry. It is amazing that this man loved helping people when he had so much and lost almost everything. The resolved he showed in the midst of great criticism, but overall, he touch all Americans. We can pay it forward with our service to mankind!