Monday, August 24, 2009

Balancing act

I have an odd neurological physiological response that might be a side effect from the medications I take. 7 years ago, I found myself waking up from the floor at work. They never found what was wrong with me. I have been quite vocal about that.

What I failed to add was my psychotropic meds were NOT being monitored because I got dumped by my licensed and trained mental health care professionals. I interviewed them, like I recommend all persons seeking mental health care need to do, but they convinced me that they could help me. What I did not know is the politics for that care. I came from a well-oiled machine type of care, an HMO, to relocating to a new city with poor coordinated care, and lackadaisical follow up by insurers. That means they will be happy to send you to collections before you have a diagnosis.

If you are not on top of your health care, you will mosey along and get trounced, like me... Back to the psychotropic drugs: I have come to the conclusion that without monitoring for ALL medications, I have had poor outcomes to health care. It comes to the question, do I need the drugs? I do. Now, 2 medications need complete monitoring because they are anti-hypertensives. But, if I do NOT take my psychotropics I get wild eyed, making poor and risky choices, spend money like I have some, and get into fights unnecessarily.

If I take one of my psychotropic medications, I get side effects, and they unfortunately have come back. On of my meds, suddenly became cheaper than what I was taking. The original one I'd swallow rather than chew. So it was possible I was not seeing the benefits of taking this med. Now that it had changed where I swallow it, I am feeling quite light-headed, like dizzy... Not dizzy yet, but light-headed and my optic nerve kinks exacerbating my field cuts (hemizygous). Even if I get up slowly, it is NOT an interaction with my HBP meds.

The other thing is I need to improve my diet/nutrition behavior. NOT SKIPPING MEALS! Especially, breakfast!!! And since I have a predisposition to diabetes, I really need to start being vigilant. Anyhow, I am exercising under a very good program that helps me with my weight loss. Who'd a thought it!