Sunday, August 16, 2009


This hurts. I am physically ill--sickened by this news and I will need therapy to understand this logic:

CNN: No Public Health Option

LA Times: Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says PUBLIC HEALTH OPTION dispensable

The Hill: More explanation of dropping the Public Health Option

I am currently in the process of combating this by sending emails to all my congresspersons. I did not fight so long for the public health option to have it defeated by someone who is weakened by a few abusive and deranged individuals who will NEVER be a representation of the United States of America, which we ALL saw present in November 4, 2008!

Also, it only shows that these slime molds do not have the backbones to fight for our rights as the people who ELECTED these people into office! It is not right nor is it fair! There is no justice in fighting for health care. Basically, health care is what we can do, by scraping by.

I cannot stand politics, but I am immersed up to my butt into it! I could see if we took one plan off the Public Health Option to add another. I could see if we switched to Single Payer and go for gold! But NO PUBLIC HEALTH OPTION! WTF! OH HAYLE TA DA NAW!

Hopefully this inspires us further to push back of the likes no one has seen before. Doing the right thing overrides greed!