Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Now it's time to flip off the neocons, tell them to stick it where the sun don't shine, and do the right thing by billions of people who need their health care reform. Leave it to 2 cable news channels to bash President Obama's leadership. Who cares what the GOP thinks? They have not helped!

We are nearing the end of the 3rd quarter into the 4th. And it's time to make our first TD to win the game. We need a "Flood The Zone" in the 3rd & 4th quarters, so that we the American workers & sufferers to exorbitant windfall profits from "robber barrons" corporations can live in the America for all citizens, rather than the tiny minority of screaming, lying, gun toting, teabagging, deranged astroturfers.

These people do not deserve to be called Americans, but Amerikkklans! They cling to their loaded weapons, disrespecting the position of our duly elected & sworn in president, who is trying to HELP you live! The brandish lies fabricated by the industrial medical complex who could care less if anyone lives or dies because they believe in slavery, abuse and violations against basic human rights, and they don't attempt to do anything for anyone but themselves. They are selfish, spineless and stupid. They is nothing more delusional that an astroturfer and his/her associations!

The Democrats have played ball long enough and this fight is not fair. They recently have made one too many concessions, they have placated, appeased, and compromised. That rarely brings parity and equality to any relationship. It leads to either aggression and passivity and passive aggression. It behooves all US Congress members to be assertive. We can disagree civilly and make inroads to a more collaborative type of legislation. But see, that is NOT what the health care reform opposition did back in May, 2009. They made a choice to dig in their heels, took the Conservadems or Blug dogs, and failed to have a health care reform proposal of their own. They acted like they were offended because President Obama's administration turned in their homework early. The anti-reform folks could have prepared, but their gameplan was to lie, cheat, steal, bite, lameness and scream people into submission for their behavior. The took 2 cable news channels and AM radio talk shows to spew their propaganda, so twisted and ugly that major pundits who need health care reform indicated their "word salad" to an incoherent utterances.

Well, thankfully, the Democrats today said no more! How neurotic they will be has to be seen. But, this is the 21st century Democrats who once anyone pushes them too far, they make up their minds and do what they've got to do!

Sure the lunatics will bad-mouth, bitch and cry, but who cares? They had their chance to help! They were bought off.

Democrats could risk everything and lose the fight. But I think if the American people back them up, like we have been with extra, we will triumph. When people watch the cable news, be like the rap group, Public Enemy, and "don't believe the hype!" Let President Obama, his team and congressional supporters say, "We got this" and we will make the difference for the American people!