Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Righteous Party - McKinney, Texas or How To Party While Black

Here is why I stopped going to large gatherings. This young lady is all cute in your bikini outfit and is beaten down like a naked slave almost where her back is broken.

What transpired before then was the police officer was ranting and pulled out his gun for fear of some other reason. The young people were not minding him and the young lady perhaps smarted off. That made the police officer angry.

I'm sorry, but if you're in law enforcement, people are going to say dumb shit to your face. In fact they're going to spit in your face. You cannot take it personal. Your skin has to be thicker than that. It doesn't condone bad behavior. It is not right that people do this. But it is part of the job description -- policing unruly people. As long as there is no credible threat, then yes, as a police officer, you are going to have to take it. Or this line of work is not for you. It sucks. Big time.

And to take the punishment is all a matter of training, and in this amateur video, you can see the lack of law enforcement training.

The young people cannot be reasoned with. The person that made the call is someone that has other issues and gave exaggerated information to the 911 dispatcher, and then a bizarre scene happened. I suggest we find out who made the call to 911. That it should not remain anonymous. Usually calls like these are discolored and have microaggressions laden in with them. The police officer's actions indicate why he was responding to the call that he thought occurred, which was overblown.

See for yourself.

30 years ago, this is what happened in Southern California before the Los Angeles riots in 1992. I have held 2 teenage rager parties in my life at my parent's home. That second one was a doozy. Kids throwing beer cans on the police car. The police officers were noble about it. That was 30 years ago.

Today, the training is much different than it was before. And the stakes are different. Kids bring guns to events.

It was 2003 that I attended my last large function in public with a large party. Some guy in our party got mad at another guy at the party, in a bar, in Bellevue, Washington, and broke a bar glass and cut the guy's leg. The minute I was the police officers, I left. Nothing was worth it. My husband, all mixed up into it. I cursed him out for that. I had no one to call at the time, so I called my parents and they told me to calm down and wait.

Later I find out my husband's brother who was a police officer in another city told my husband the same thing I told him, leave. It is not worth it for fools and that guy who cut that other guy's leg was a fool.

Friends in organizations I was a part of always wondered why I did not want to go to parties at bar venues or parties without a purpose or intent -- here are my reasons.

My experiences have told me that when Black people do events, they have to be the intent of the venue. If it is a bar, small groups of 4 to buy food and a few beverages. No more than 4 people. If it a casino, there must be gambling and use the player cards to gamble. If it is the "beach" or "park", it must be for a barbeque and permit and a defined period of time.

If you want a pool party at your house, the best option is way out in the middle of nowhere and everyone spends the night. Sorry.

We don't have the luxury of bigoted police departments. That's our reality.