Thursday, May 28, 2015

REALITY CHECK: WHY I HATE SERIES: Pregnant Black Woman Police Beatdown - Black Men Will Dump

1) EVERYONE in SOCAL KNOWS that Barstow is one of the most racist cities in California. EVERYONE knows this.

2) The other woman LIED and decided to be on her PEDESTAL PRIVILEGE to tell these thug po-pos in an bias. It didn't matter about the other woman's behavior or respectability politics.

3) What the woman who was arrested did wrong is to SPEAK to the police on ANY side of the story. After the road rage incident, she should have left. There is nothing to stand around and speak to about ANYTHING. SADLY AND IT SUCKS - either woman having a "save face" in the context of white men wearing a government oathed domination does not bode well for women of color. It never has. It never, ever will. No amount of changed behavior by the woman arrested would have changed her outcome. She would have STILL been arrested by being silent, even in her car leaving.

This is why I can't go back to Southern California to live again. Anything is liable. The woman dropping off her child was embarrassed that she was confronted by  police officers assuming she was in the wrong to save face to a blonde headed white girl that snakes after Black men. That's the reality of California. And these same Black men cowtow to this lying woman. Meanwhile a pregnant Black woman is thrown to the ground and beaten down like a slave.

That is why I don't join feminist groups for this very reason. I fight for Black women. I love Black men when they are fighting for us and our cause.

Doesn't matter that I'm an untrained law enforcement, but is this how we want to run our country? Is this the kind of thing that's right? Perhaps people should feel SAFER in WALKING their children to school that racing in their cars to get them there? What happened to that? SAFE STREETS to walk to school? Kids need more exercise overall. So why is there driving going on?

There would be on road rage on a school parking lot if there was DIRECTION taking on by who wants leadership. No matter WHO is in the wrong here and I say ALL are in the wrong...Even the school.

And no one stood up for a pregnant woman. So much for those pro-life fuckers. Fuck you bitches about that alone. Come on here, and I'll cuss you about more about your bullshit White Supremacist actions.

But this, is wrong.