Monday, July 14, 2014

More people have kidney stones because they are dehydrated.

pHion is the category leader when it pertains to pH balancing of the body.

More people are getting kidney stones because they are dehydrated. What can be done? Drink more water! How much depends on what your healthcare provider says. Generally 8 glasses per day or ~1-2 Liters per day. Good water. Clean water. Pure and balanced water.

Water - H2O is quintessential for life. We cannot survive without water. When we fail to consume adequate amounts of water, we suffer. Water = Life. It is the conduit to our soul. So if you have clean water, you are truly blessed and you should drink it. If your water is not clean, that requires experiences beyond the scope of this blog. No offense to those who don't have clean water - I would not know?

As I understand it, it must be boiled, then filtered for potability. As to the process, I do not know. There are Iodine tablets, but they only last so long.

Water as a resource of potability will be lacking in the future. We have not conserved our water. We must find ways to do that.