Friday, June 6, 2014

Do Nice Black Guys Deserve To Be Friend Zoned?

Ok. So I guess I have a VERY different view of this meme...

I've dated the "HOT BLACK Males" -- the ones you want...

Do you know what you have to DO to KEEP "HOT BLACK Male" like that? SACRIFICE ALL YOUR MORALS and I literally mean ANY integrity you have inside yourself to have a "HOT BLACK Male".

What type of male are we talking about?

  • Professional athletes. 
  • Ultra Rich Black men who can buy serious money type stuff: houses, yachts, lavish Great Gatsby type parties.
  • Major politicians with $1000+ plate dinners where you meet dignitaries. 

I've dated my share - let me make this clear, I had a chance to be flown somewhere where this guy had my formal dress in order to shake the hands of the King and Queen of Sweden. I said, "No." because that scared the shit out of me:

  1. My dad taught me: NEVER let a man who is not your husband buy you clothes; 
  2. I only met this guy ONCE and he was offering me this  and I checked his background seriously, so he wasn't bullshitting on his capabilities. 
  3. I knew he wanted arm-candy and when I was young, I was rather attractive, so what?  
  4. Once you let a man that you are dating paying for things like your lifestyle and you're not married to him or committed exclusive or something, you RISK your autonomy - i.e. you don't get input anymore and I can get caught up into that easily - like an addict. So I had stopgap measurements in place. Besides, how did I know he wasn't lying? He had not PROVED to me he was a "nice guy", yet...

I was never into rappers and actors - that life was after my time and seriously not my taste - I was more into production folks: yes, the ones who are the Executives the movies - they pay to make them.

When I see this meme, I think to myself that after being shitted up on by these "HOT Black Males" at a time in my life I needed someone the most -- where I was in the hospital emergency room by myself with a seizure and I had to name a "friend" - these "HOT BLACK Males" you fantasize about disappeared...

The "nice guy" was there for me... The nice guy helped me get through one of the toughest times my life.

You can think all you want about this:

  • He's funny looking
  • Awkward
  • Boring
  • Creepy weird
  • Lacks conversation
  • A turn off

You can discount these type a guys, but these type of guys WILL LOVE you if that's what you want... These type of guys WILL do EVERYTHING in their power to make YOU HAPPY!

NICE guys do PROVE why they are nice and you will know and if you don't want that, be HONEST with yourself and say, that's not what you want... It's okay to NOT have a nice guy.

In fact you can TELL a nice guy that you do want a roughneck thug (in the bedroom) -- of course that's a "real roleplay" you'd have to rock out on... But hey "50 Shades"!

How do I know?

I'm Dr. G M.-S. and I've been married for 11 years... And I just got back from a dream trip in Australia with my husband...

Embrace your inner nerd girl. Ain't nothing wrong with that. And the funny thing is,

  1. You can train them... 
  2. They're very smart and fast learners. 
  6. They are handymen... You'd have to understand that.