Friday, July 13, 2012

Jesse Jackson, Jr. - He Should Just Have A Heart Attack -- I'm being sarcastic

Jesse Jackson, Jr. has a "mood disorder" and he is in treatment. Good for him. Yet, at the same time, he is being attacked by his constituency for his absence and they are sounding like they want to be up into his business. Like, why does he have it? Not to mention what is a "mood disorder".

Well let's look at this: A mood disorder usually is when a person is depressed, manic or psychotic.  It is diagnoses by a clinician it is a treatable medical issue. The person requiring hospitalization from it is under duress and trauma. It is just like a person having a heart attack, treatment by a professionally licensed health care provider and emergency team is strongly recommended.  After the insult, recovery is needed.

"A mood disorder is not a question of personhood, but a medical condition" says Dr. Drew on CNN with Anderson Cooper.

But knowing those in the African American community and the stigma of mental illness, no wonder Mr. Jackson has been hospitalized since June 19th. If it was a heart attack, he'd be in intensive care for more than 3 months and everyone would pity him. But having a feeling of being out of control about to go crazy and seek help for it -- oh, that's right, one is weak and has to explain himself the truth no matter what it is!

Okay. Let's talk about what group therapy looks like at the University of San Quentin, today, shall we?