Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Here is what I am doing in this bad job market/economy

I am writing this blog here because on all the other blogs I keep, this one seems best. I get these kinds of messages from people all over, but mainly in the United States -- (Redacted to protect the innocent):

I need a money miracle! I had to fire my babysitter two weeks before Christmas, 2010 because she was taking my kids to unsafe places, then I ended up losing my job. Now, I am drowning in debt and not sure what to do... I have my diploma to council kids who have emotional/behavioral issues but there is absolutely nothing in this town is available...

I have no job. No one pays me anything in the State of Washington. I was on unemployment when the United States Congress decided to behave funny with my chances for money that I felt was owed to me. And at that time, I was job searching through the computer without any responses. I am married and I have no children. I have a doctorate in Molecular Genetics and I have various skill sets that include the following:

Health Promotion
Health and Wellness Coaching
Grief and Bereavement Follow up
Certified Mental Health Peer Counselor

Here is how I am a benefit and opportunity:

I am a business owner who promotes online mental health can wellness resources through Social Media, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs for diverse populations. What I have found is many diverse populations hear the message, but the Social Determinants of Health prevents them from optimizing the use of care in their communities.

What that means is, how can you tell a teenager that they need to have the "power of positive thinking" when they live in squalor? That is not helpful. What they need is a "wrap-around plan" with several professionals assisting them. These professionals can be chosen by the young person that they feel best can aid them to their goal with the assistance of a Peer Support Counselor or Coach...

I am that Peer Support Counselor and Coach... Because most young people are online. I have refrained from giving my services online due to the privacy restrictions, but I find myself using all that I have been taught in Coaching and Peer Support, such as Motivational Interviewing, Brainstorming and Appreciative Inquiry that allows the person self efficacy or the knowledge and belief that they can do it...

Lamenting about how bad life is for me without an economic future, I would rather present to you, my readership on the other activities involved in my business.

The Ari | af | ya Universe is the overarching business that supports science and mental health and wellness online.

There are now four divisions:

Sistah Mental Health and Wellness - the Online Mental Health Support and Resource Group

GYM Right - Get Your Mind Right Health and Wellness Coaching by Teleconferencing

Mental Health Angel Investment Group - for professionals in how best to care for diverse populations online

The last one is the most exciting one for me and I have spent quite a bit of my time and talent:

Isle Sanctuary Artistic Division - We tell stories on Social Media. When one commits his or herself to their best self-care, art and creativity can improve one's self-esteem to manage dealing with a mental health issue. We do management online.

Moreover, at the Isle Sanctuary Artistic Division, we can help in pre-production of script scenes by roleplaying the parts out online, then provide metrics to show the efficacy of moving forward to full production and audience generation. The best way to describe what we do when we perform is that it is like a 1940 radio show, but now the radio is Social Media... And it is not just acting and dialogue, it is getting into the milieu of your audience in a character's voice, answering questions, performing the scenes with some level of directed improvisation and supporting one's fan base. Social Media users psychologically relate and connect with people in that manner and telling and performing stories is something they watch on all platforms.

We also use graphic and concept artists, social media developers, web and blog content creators, actors, producers and directors.

Any outsider who wishes to test their script, minimum cost is $5000 for one performance with "EnActors", online social media accounts and blogs, domain name, emails and programming. Please inquire at the site below for your pre-qualification review, today!

Isle Sanctuary Artistic Division

When someone asks what it is that I am doing for myself, these are the tasks I am building through my business.

Edited to add this spot: The father gets another job rejection letter. So in front of his 8 month-old son, he tears the letter and this is what the baby does:

If we can all have the perspective of this baby...

Thank you for reading this blog