Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl 45 & the Neurocommerciality of #Brandbowl

The Superbowl between The Green Bay Packers and The Pittsburgh Steelers was washed in what could be bought and sold in the best liquid detergent on the market! The one that can change your mind and tell you what your wants are.

The word on the Twitter-street, was the Dallas folks had trouble getting people there due to the inclement weather. Dallas Fort Worth area had one of the worst Ice Storms it has had in a long time, pretty much making it tough to move around in the Metroplex. So they were giving ticket to VIPs willing to break necks to slip and slide.

This Superbowl was spent in house by the sidebars in homes and shared in the Tweets. The abusive tweets had not come out until we were closer to halftime when people could take breaks and pig out on the typical foodstuffs as seen on TV. Yes, we know advertisers can connect to a mass of people rapidly. The one thing they failed to connect is the social media world that is GLOBAL! And we see global unrest that do not share our sense of passion.

America was SOLD to an unappreciative group of people. Who they are, we do not know. But the patriotic pre-game show was tempered when the key headliner who sang the United States National Anthem by Christina Aguliera when she missed the "O'er ramparts we watch" line during her oversinging rendition...

Sad part NO ONE of the hate-filled "dramaticons" picked up on that until us thinkers realized what she missed.

The commercials of the Superbowl 45 are shown here.

There were many I enjoyed. Of course I have a preference for this one:

The Little Darth Vader Volkswagon Commercial...

The game we all know is not as stellar as we see in the regular season. So they must make their money by the draw. Then when they have crazy weather and excellent headliners such as the Black Eyed Peas who needs to have the entire sound team fired, because none of the music could not be heard clearly, the performance of their show was music that the old guard is unaccustomed to hearing... People do what to SEE A SHOW, like old school...

They can sing, they have good songs, but on stage presentation lacked excitement compared to other staged shows I have seen.

Until Usher came out who does similar moves as the late Michael Jackson. And he messed up by spinning the wrong way...

To say this was NOT a political game made by the Murdoch's minions would be an understatement.

From the pre-game show of "traditions" one that I have never seen before, to the commercials, to the half-time show, it was disturbing. Why sway people over a football game? Who made that market strategy? And there are no laws that govern that except marketplace... And more often than not that always leaves the little guy out. But see the little guy often reproduces more and will overtake the fat cats for an uprising.

Well as my husband said, at least they did bring back young people to halftimes show versus the Janet Jackson fiasco years ago.

All the announcers except 1 were wearing purple. Who made that wardrobe malfunction is beyond me.

So in the second half of the game, during the commercials, the only deep commercial was Chrysler's Detroit Hardness. Gritty. Many people related to it and coming up from nothing.

There was a Groupon commercial that many people found tasteless. I am glad I missed that one.

There were a few other commercials in brand bowl

It looks like the neuropsychiatric commercialism came out too early to make decisive results in the amounts of money spent on each ad.

The better ads were one that used social and corporate responsibility to express what it is that they want people to buy.

Unfortunately, an ad that shows a Camero still subjugates women.

Anyhow, there are interesting movies and shows coming up.