Friday, June 18, 2010

I HATE SEATTLE #5B #AfricanAmerican #Women are TRASH HERE!!!

So I've gotten some interesting comments...So people are upset because they think I sided. First of all: I am NOT taking sides until I have more information. YES, I have reaction to BLACK GIRLS GETTING HIT BY POLICE!!!

I could be that Black Girl...Especially living in Redmond! I'd be "dragged" by police like Byrd!

I figure people skipped over my rant - because that is what it is - a rant and I had a lot to say because really this stuff gets bottled up inside me and I do not have an outlet. So let my outlet be MY BLOG!!! If folks disagree, dammit put it on your own blog! Psh! Get over it!

However...the deep thought and intrinsic parts were here. I don't know how to add a "next page tag" on Blogger, so *shrugs*. So I'm listing it here. Yes...It's long! Warning: Full on Mental Health Trigger READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

"No one shows greater love than when he lays down his life for his friends."
John 15:13

What's the point in teaching these kids the Bible when the broad brush of hatred of them is painted onto them? When they are demonized at birth?

After seeing this, what's the point?

I learned nothing from this video. Why try to make things right when no one listens?

Where I live, it is predominantly Caucasian. I am treated as a pariah. That I am no more than these "ghetto ass nigger bitches who fight". I am treated as worthless, lazy and shiftless. THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO TREAT ME WITH DIGNITY ARE FOREIGN BORN PERSONS!!! Most of my friends are from other ethnic groups or alternative lifestyles up here. And really I do not care much about where they are from.

I even befriend elderly up her more than I befriend my age group.

And the oppression and suppression of Black Women up here is NOT ONLY DONE BY A SMALL NUMBER OF Caucasian men or women for that matter...BUT BY BLACK PEOPLE--particularly other BLACK WOMEN!!!

That is sad because really, SEATTLE will NEVER be an ATLANTA!!! And the stats for the success/failure rates are the same here as it is IN ATLANTA -- the Black Mecca!!! WTF!!!

There are ONLY A HANDFUL OF BLACK PEOPLE HERE OVERALL!!! WHY ARE WE PULLING EACH OTHER DOWN??? With insipid gossip, public belittling, alienation, demeaning - just overall cattiness!!! THAT IS SILLY!!! In all my years of surviving Atlanta with an unknown at the time bipolar disorder mental illness, I had not experienced the kind of fugly cattiness that I have encountered here!

Getting yelled at when I am the chairperson of the group!!! Being told that what I am doing does not mean anything when I win awards. That my research about a community service project "black people don't do". Requests for my presence to events 2 hours before the event kicks off via email, rather than a phone call or even a letter. Being angrily called because I am not a part of the group and should not be sharing supportive information. All of this has happened to me HERE LIVING HERE FOR SEVEN YEARS DONE TO ME BY BLACK WOMEN!!!

Well, I left and that is why I start The Ari | af | ya Universe with four divisions:

* Sistah Mental Health and Wellness
* GYM Right Health and Wellness Coaching
* Mental Health Angel Investment Group
* The Isle Sanctuary Artistic Division

Now, when I speak to professionals about my activities, many of them are NOT Black and are VERY supportive and enriching. I have learned so much about business and social media in 2 years that I am thoroughly excited. I have met people globally because of my business ventures. Moreover, to be honest Washington State has a really good business set up but also makes people pay B&O tax. That is the reality.

Sadly, I am not making money. One guy I took a class from was very nice about - my target market--which are Black Women do not reside in Washington State. That is a FACT!!! Most of my target market is actually in the OTHER Washington - DC area... And I know next to NOTHING about that whole area, the demographic or why there ARE people who need the kind of services I am marketing?

I know overall the kinds of thing I have had to do to make myself in a place where I can be functional and attempt to be a contributing citizen of this society. But seriously, I am writing this piece to get it OUT of my mind.

Girls who are destitute do not need to be manhandled by a representation of the government long reviled in this kind of community even if the goal is to have the same kind of public safety they have in other parts--meaning White Parts--of the county. You cannot have the same rules for the Seattle School District as you have for the Bellevue and Lake Washington School Districts. Why? Because the Bellevue and Lake Washington School Districts have the redistricting and zones for the high schools to be in a "safe" roads location, where as many of the Seattle Schools were built long time ago before there was huge traffic issues and well urbanization just got built around them without planning.

And let's not get into how poorly planned Seattle as a city is right now...Because that's... UGH!!! Civil Engineers probably pull their hair out on that one...

Mentally...Those girls have no one...Punishing them to the full extent of the law is INSANE! It won't make a difference to them. And what are we doing and saying for THEM? Another nigger in jail? Really? That is dumb. Besides my tax dollars go to putting them into jail and I would prefer for them to go into the military and fight for my country... Where as "Tommy pervert Pedophile" that kidnaps little boys and chops them up is off gallivanting to the next little boy in Washington State. How does that set precedent? Or home chick who somehow has a "Kryptonite pussy" for military men to marry her and make them give her all their money with nine kids - um??? The logic?

Can women do better in Washington State - yes, you bet they can and many are doing it. There is a powerhouse lesbian groups up here. I am sure they have their issues they feel they need to fight for, but of the lesbians I know, they are positive role models to me and for me as what a woman can do in her life. I am NOT a lesbian, but I can see these groups making a difference.

The Breast Cancer corp of women - yes! If one EVER gets a breast cancer diagnosis, treatment is as rapid as one needs it and support is immediate. Sadly, the rates for women of African descent remains poor and unchanged in Seattle similar to that observed in Atlanta, but there are some researchers doing ALL they can to find a way to make a difference.

I AM DOING MENTAL HEALTH AND WELLNESS resources for women of African descent. I am the ONLY one making a noise in that arena in Seattle at this time. While I know professionals who are women of African descent, they often say they do not have the time to coordinate a massive undertaking to educated the masses of Black people about mental illness. I do have to say breaking into the business is VERY HARD when you are an outsider. I speak to the National Alliance of the Mentally Ill and the Mental Health of America National organizations all the time on Social Media, but locally, ZERO!!! The Seattle roadblock losing and disconnect... *shrugs* And what I am doing is the online activities, rather than the real time - which I ENCOURAGE!!!

This is NOT my opinion, it is based on medical facts about mental illness.

Those girls were mentally ill. MOST POLICE OFFICERS know about mental illness but are not licensed, nor have enough time to rationally do a mental health intake like a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist or social worker can...

IN FACT!!! I have spoken to one of the top emergency room websites about how to deal with mental illness emergencies...Because when someone is "acting out" like those girls were, those hospital intakes are different that say a heart attack or gunshot wound...

Sadly, the emergency room is not well equipped to handle a mental breakdown until the mental health professionals arrive - most often NOT PHYSICIANS, sometimes a NURSE!!!

Sadly, 80% of the mental illness problem can be treated with medicine to get the person stable to make a rational decision, but the call cannot be made accurately because by the time they wind up in Emergency - if the person has not attempted a suicide - they have confounding factors...

Oh yeah, that the dirty little secret... And Washington State does have a huge problem with their mental health care system overall. Everyone KNOWS this--it's kindling for a fugly fire... Moreover, drug abuse is a huge problem here that impacts the organic mental illness treatment - meaning most people are drug addicts and treatment for drug abuse is fundamentally different than treatment for say, the favorite mental illnesses: depression, bipolar, anxiety, PTSD, schizophrenia, etc.


The next wave is social media whether we like it or not...

On another cyberspace the problem really is poverty. There is an inherent injustice being done when someone is impoverished. What poverty does is rob an individual of her humanity - potential, goals, livelihood, success, etc. Poverty is not just about not having any money, but also lack of education, health, mental faculties, experiences, dignity. What did this young girl really have left that this police officer took? I can tell you the police officer does not even KNOW this and maybe does not care, but the reality is if given the chance, I think he would care and would do everything he care to understand. Sad part, I doubt his higher ups knew about this issue either - which makes this incident institutionalized racism... The outright overlooking of the global situation for the best outcomes dealing with sensitive community targets in an immediate, expedited format...

Too little, too late? I do not know? But I do know that something has to be done or we will have another event and the next one will be more violent than the WTO events...

And why does President Barack Obama have to be the savior for this issue, when really, guess what SEATTLE we have the resources right here to help us!!! UTILIZED THEM!!! LEVERAGE THEM!!!