Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My 10 Commandments of #SocialMedia & My #StarWars Inner Fandom


Here are my 10 commandments of social media, especially for Twitter:

  1. The Early 21st century is Social Media and the power of social media

  2. How easy is it to "marry" Entertainment to Social Media! Here is my support for my assertions

  3. It is not enough to just have a "web presence" and present information...

  4. One must be "SOCIAL" or sociable and there are tactics to assist on with those skills

  5. Speak up in civil discourse, but use a lot of diplomacy

  6. Etiquette means if you say it you are responsible to it and there are repercussions. There is plenty of "foot in mouth" disease - Don't I know it! ;)

  7. Reflective listening (reading) and compassionate presence -- a part of mindfulness!

  8. The wisdom to "let it go" in social media...The testiness will drive you crazy--Whoops! *side eyes*

  9. Non violent communication
    ! Because we are dealing with people who social skills need honing

  10. Love one another! My grandmother said, "If you want to go to Heaven, you had better like people, because that is what is there..."

Humanity evolves by its participation in this great social experiment. By being civil, kind, honest and genteel with infrequent application of firmness, social media communication can be expanded!!!

My Star Wars "Fandom" Thoughts and Opinions

  • Fandom belongs to anyone who desires it!

  • We are not to judge the level and commitment to "fandom"

  • If someone says s/he is the ultimate fan today, but then hates the entire genre tomorrow--so what, that is a personal journey

  • "May The Force Be With You" to me means you make your own decisions in your own life!

  • Currently I am expressing my "fandom" through roleplay, but I would like to share with other fans some of memorabilia that I have held in my private collection for over 30 years.

    Yes, I created it and I could use some art classes. But this is from my Star Wars private memorabilia collection.

  • Since I was 10 years old I have been a Star Wars fan. I skipped school to see the first showing of "Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back"!!!

  • I got into the Star Wars Fan Club because at 12 years old, I wrote a letter requesting Mr. George Lucas to visit my performing arts school in San Diego.

  • I decided to become a scientist because of the fantastic and wondrous special effects seen in Star Wars

  • I have read quite a few Star Wars novels over 30 years

  • All this driven my inner "fandom"

  • Later in life, I had to suppress my "fandom" in order to survive. Deep down inside, I never relented from the action-packed tales of Star Wars.

  • In the "sands of time" my private collection is what it is and I share this collage of it with the public so they can see how their "inner fandom" or pursue their fandom of whatever genre they prefer.