Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bringin' to you live! EPISODE ALERT! #bipolar #depression #WOC

I am still dealing with a lack of a job. I have little money. I need a job. But I can run up under every single lead to see them all fail. Moreover, I am not the only one! My husband wants me to find something, anything--even part-time. I would if it was commensurate to my education level.

I tell you what makes me happy: RP, the organization of it, setting it up in a positive manner. And this is evolving rapidly! Think I might be ready to ask for SBA loans to purchase a site license, get on specialized writing courses with professional review with graphic novel script writers. I am excited about this and it came very easy to me. I did not struggle. In fact other criticize me and I am excited to get feedback!

I am upset, disheartened and angry at my husband because I just got back to live with him in PacNW after 3 weeks in SoCal with my folks. I was just about to get a professional position at a major university, but I favored my husband over a job. Now that I am back, I am a financial burden for my husband.

When my husband says I need a job, I feel angry and frustrated because I want to contribute my fair share but the economy is horrific.

I love what I am doing with this RP though, I wish I can share this excitement with you all.

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