Sunday, October 4, 2009

When we do crazy things in public...

I have been known to do some crazy stuff in public. Sometimes it is done so spontaneously without any thought to it. It's not dangerous, it is just, well, crazy.

I bring this up because this new young singer, "Lady Gaga", was on SNL and sang "Dancing On Your Disco Stick" within a gyroscope type suit... Here is a typical look for her freaking out the rap artist "Eminem"

Anyhow, she's famous and probably is doing it for the notoriety, the crazier she is, the better off. She also does have talent in singing. So to make a difference, Lady Gaga needs that schtick to be different. It's all cool when your a performer...

But for the most of us who are not famous, doing inane things in public, we are seen as crazy. I have done some crazy, silly things: like buying dog from the pound for someone, preparing food dishes without recipes, giving extravagant gifts that are unreasonable... One time, I was treated so poorly by an airline, I purchased a one way ticket to the location of my desire, at the time it was $200--but I had a credit card.

Wow, I did some bizarre crazy things. I hope I never hurt anyone. But, I have hurt myself. Because when I do oddball things, it is a manifestation of my mania.

These days, I have matured. But I have not ever physically or mentally harmed anyone. Even though I recover from bipolar disorder, ignoramuses often misjudge me as "dangerous" because I sometimes say and do crazy things. Most people have not wanted to get to know me and I really do not care anymore to know why. When I was young, I wanted people to like me, so I would compromise all who I am. I couldn't define myself for myself and function. And oneday, suddenly, I just said the HAYLE about dealing with folks not like me or lacking inclusion of me or my ideas. I have been toiling alone before, I am use to it by now.

Those people who are over enjoyed to spend time with me, work with me will do wonderful things together. To this day, I have done crazy things, and I still have a few friends. The thing is, when others who have misjudged me find out I am actually pretty cool, then they begin to realize there is a unique spot in me--so, why should I change to make people like me? I like me and I think I am just fine the way I am. I don't like lies being told about me, but people with small minds must do that.

My oddball behavior has been a badge of honor for me to wear. Who else is doing what I am doing? So if folks have a problem with that, basically, they can...