Saturday, September 26, 2009


Look, I've been seeing a bunch of kneegrows bitching and moaning about what they're called: Black vs. African American. That is a DUMB argument to have! Why? Does someone else define who you are? Do you blindly agree to something, just because some one tells you? Do you believe everything your read, hear or see? Are your perceptions, what make you what you are?

As a scientist who studies molecular biological systems under evolutionary control on planet Earth, the observations I have made with gene-interactions and environment has indicated to me that this kind of question is superfluous to the understanding of the Universal nature of life. Regardless of what I believe or theorize who/what started life on this planet, the reality is that is planet is here now, so what are we going to do with it and how can we leave this planet better than we found it without corrupting, contaminating or killing life?

Bottomline, you are born into this planet, through no choice of your own, you live your life on this planet for the most part, and you will die on this planet. The Spiritual matters cannot be voir dired like that in scientist, which makes it a personal belief and subjective choice decision. But if you are living, you will die, maybe not now, but more than likely later, hopefully when you are old!

What is the point to engage in a dumbass fucktardery comments like I'm Black, no I'm African American? I hear it day in and day out in my social networks. The reasons for getting involved is range from personal beliefs in God, Jesus Christ, Biblical proportions, or you deny your heritage, smite your ancestors who died for you to say that, etc. It is like the folks who make these arguments actually think they have choices in what they can be called! In fact, a name given to you FROM someone else to DEFINE YOU!!! YOUR POSITION!!! YOUR STATISTICS!!! YOUR GOD!!!

Who in the HAYLE says THEY can define you? Someone who chooses to control you, subjugate you, minimizes your power over you. You can say God and Jesus Christ, but who is that god you worship--the god you think you are worshiping, praising, sanctifying, witnessing, or the ONE TRUE GOD that allows you the transcend into wisdom to help those less fortunate? Christ asked us to give up all your belonging--obviously, if you are reading this, you are on a computer, possibly your own, so what is up? Oh right, you further justify your corrupted mentality TOLD TO YOU by those who wish to control you... LOL!

What about the opposite? All those who have power, want to keep it... An Afrocentric ideology causes one to sacrifice integrity for "groupthink" and "collusion". It is an tip of a huge unstable iceberg that often leads to erroneous perverted conclusions. It is confrontational by nature to set people on edge and fails to bring humanity to a peaceful, contemplative, wise nature. Being Afrocentric does not mean you fail to clean yourself to be more down by some one who you thought TOLD YOU to do it--who wish to control you...

What is worse between these antagonistic groups is both are lucky to even be called Black OR African American--because really, racists and bigots can call you something else--often giving you your name, making you say it by beating you, leaving you destitute with nothing, but yourself. Your whole entire definition during the MAAFA killed your understanding to DEFINE the every essence of your being. So having this discussion is like 2 dogs fighting for spoiled scraps not even sufficient enough for nutrition to survive!

There is a better way to think about if you have definition problem of yourself and it is Afrikan-Centered, discovered by Dr. Marimba Ani. The Cultural Asili that starts the understanding of the utammaroho and utammawazo to develop a higher being, to become the Godheads to our rightful birthright. Not even I am at this myself. It is NOT a Buddhahood, because Ankh Shakti Imhoteps (Dr. Wade Nobles) showed that we share dualities in the Spirit and the Body. And it is the balance to achieve with 7 Chakras in ying/yang that we must maintain for a transcendent life (Dr. Llaila O. Afrika). I CHOOSE to call myself, African American--not because someone has TOLD ME to Control me through an unscrupulous untrained clergy--I rolled in those circles, so I know! No, I choose to call myself African because my genetic ancestry mandates it! I also choose to call myself American because my sociopolitical realizes it! But I choose to be HUMAN and WOMAN because the watoto, the future of Earth, The Asili--the Universe as called me into it!

The Universe will always remember, it never forgets. What you throw out into the Universe is what will come back to you, severalfold. If that is the God you INVOKE, then be responsible for your incantations and accept ANY outcome and consequence for your INVOCATION! Be careful what you ask for, though... LOL!

No... I refuse to be defined... I AM UNDEFINABLE BY YOUR STANDARDS! If you must find a way to define me for your small mind, THEN DEFINE ME AS ROYALLY DIVINE--FOR THAT IS WHAT I AM! I am indescribable with your little mind, undefinable, there is no dictionary definition of who I am. And once you think you have a definition of me, I metamorphose into something your mere cursory education cannot begin to comprehend!

I am your MUSE! And if anything I invoke all God's of great Earths.

Woye Hoye? Akeerah, Ashe.