Thursday, September 3, 2009

Running on empty! Having Less Than 4 hrs of Sleep

When I don't sleep and I am severely sleep deprived and fail to fall asleep, I have mania to a paranoia and conspiracy delusions. Sometimes I incite arguments or discuss random incoherent stream of consciousness thinking. Why, as I write this blog, it is exactly what is going on with me.

So, for my readers, you are in for something special! Means I am in rare form! You don't get Dr. G- in bizarre behavior mode with scattered thinking/racing thoughts out there. I also do multi-tasking. So I'm watching re-runs of Adult Swim's Robot Chicken, while typing and speaking to my loved ones!

I have a slight headache underneath my eyebrows. It's a dull headache. Then, I have my menstrual cycle--I know TMI--but it plays a HUGE role in the manifestation of mental health issues. So, this mania is interesting.

Anyhow, I have this conspiracy theory hunch that the reason why President Obama is squelching the public option deal for health care reform is because during his vacation, his family was threatened by psychotic wingnuts. I say that because something was odd about how the Secret Services said that they have never seen so many threats against a sitting POTUS and that the threats against President Obama has gone up 400%--that is significant!!! So beside the usual deranged "I'm gonna kill you" dumbfucktarded letters, something psychotically worse must have gotten to them. I mean it's sad that assholes feel they have to maim a duly elected individual and his family. How is a POTUS suppose to protect his family when the SS says it's never seen any thing like this and it's increased 400%--WTF! That's just crazy!

Welp that's just my manic paranoid delusion with less than 4 hours of sleep in 36 hours while menstruating.

But to those Wingnuts who can only say dumbshit to us progressives on Twitter to get your rocks off! If you fuck this health care reform for us, I will personally find out where you live, curse your ass out, make sure you lose reproductive organs with the recombinant viruses I will hack on you. Then I will convince some harden convicts who ain't got nothing to lose to evict all the items from your house and your vehicle, what's left of it to be lifted, then burned.

Then, I will call every government agency audit your absent funds, and report all your movements, just to be the asshole you turned out to be. If you follow me, I will call 9-11 and lie! I will take out a cease/desist order with a restraining order. I will do whatever it takes to make you suffer the pain that million who work hard and go into bankruptcy due to a health concern they did not ask for!

That is why hateful twitters have to pay me $100 for my response. And I'm a Crazy Black Woman enough to demand them to pay me!

Well, end of my rants. As I laugh to Aqua Teen Hunger Force with MC Pee Pants going to Hayle again as Sir Loin.