Friday, July 31, 2009

Wow! Real Housewives of the ATL

Okey, I'm a noobz to this reality show, Real Housewives of Atlanta, but I found that behavior disturbing to say the least. Now, I know that the producers of this show, or whoever greenlighted the show probably wanted crazy women, mostly African American, to fight like cats and dogs with constant high schoolishness, but seriously, folks are 30/40-something years old...

Then only 2 this new season are actually MARRIED as housewives. The other 2 are divorcees. Then there is a new one who is being indoctrinated.

I see this as a marketing ploy to bolsters one's market share because it may be all these women want is to be celebrities and this is how--no matter how infamous. But talent takes you a long way. As far as I can see the neophyte has the real talent and hopefully, I would like to see success in her endeavors.

But the behavior of all these women is selfishness.! All this Fantasy Island glitterati with little to no effort. Just because they married a "ball player"--that's why they are "Housewives"? Well, to each her own. I can watch Robot Chicken & be a Cylon...

A young lady, Sheree', who seems to want to make herself classy wanted to have an "independence party" due to her divorce being final. She wanted a helicopter to fly her in with Strange' kind of Queen of the Nile stuff to be worshiped! Why? Then why have that lunacy in the city you live? Go to Monaco or something? Nice, Marseilles or the Greek Isles where they would ACTUALLY worship the ground you walk on just because you exude glamor and glitz. If you want to be independent, independently go to a foreign country, like Dubai and rock it like that there if you have it. But dayum, game needs to be anted up. Why argue with Mr. Party Planner who obviously did not know between his butt and the hole in the ground. Going off showed all your veins pulsating in your neck and that was ugly. Doubt your character is a mark of that! He's the one that has a poor reflection on his business, not you!