Friday, July 24, 2009

We humans can do better

I hold a doctorate in molecular genetics and my viewpoint of this Universe is always one of curiosity, inquisitiveness and wonderment. I also view human beings as fellow caretakers on planet Earth along with all the other living organisms. As far as anyone else knows, we humans have impacted the Earth greatly-some might say greater than the Yucatan peninsula meteor that hit the Earth in the Jurassic that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Currently, within the last 100 years we have made and seen a vast acceleration of science, technology, engineering, manufacturing and industry (STEMI). We have defied our humanly possible biological speed through creation of cars. We have defied gravity with planes. We have defied the Heavens by outerspace travel. We have defied suffering from henious disease, such as polio, use of antibiotics and novel surgical procedures from open heart surgery, separation of conjoined twins connected by their brains, and the ability to add longevity to industrialized nation's lives. Moreover, we have defied our inability to see one another through increased communications, from telephones, televisions, satellites, radio to computers.

I wonder about our emotional social structure. Humans are social beings. Human babies born without a human touch, caress or coo, have a failure to thrive and often die. The cues are thought to be immediate after birth. And within 2 weeks, a human infant KNOWS its mother's voice and within 3 weeks, a human infant KNOWS its mother's face. The molecular biological mechansims at play here are vigorously being investigated. Why we humans do what we do to one another and how we interact interests me from an evolutionary, molecular genetic, mental health and biological perspective.

My point is: We humans can do better!

I was reared in a strong Christian household. My denomination is Presbyterian. I was taught the Bible at a young impressionable age. I do not lord it over anyone. This is about providing perspective to readers. Also, this is not faulting, because I cannot change my past. But, I am bringing this up because what has always intrigued me is this concept of "Love". Specifically in the New Testament's scriptures of "As I have loved you, so must you love one another", "God is Love", "Beloved". I know about the Greek definitions of Love: Agape, Eros and Philos. There are other forms of Love, from the Hindu, Tantra & Kama Sutra leading to Divine Love. And there are a few scientific studies attempting to understand the reason and concept about "Love".

Only a few animal species incorporate Love into their daily lives. Bonobos, Gorillas and Chimps. It is thought Dolphins and Orcas do too, but how, is unclear. How these animal species love has some investigations. Notice how the Large Apes even have that emotion. Separate one of these animals from their "clade" and it is possible the being will not survive without massive intervention.

But as humans, we need to feel love internally and externally. These days it appears more externally than internally. I know, because when I suffer from bipolar on the depression side, it is often when I love myself the least that I must feel love more externally. That external love for me looks differently depending on the circumstance. Externally, I get love from a large piece of chocolate cake. Externally, I can also get love from intimate expressions with my husband. Externally, I can get love when I whine and complain to my parents. But internally, I love myself more when I help others, when I provide service, when I breathe and dance. I love myself when I regain my emotional calmness. It is like when I swim along my back and hear the Sun on my face. Yes, I did write-HEAR the Sun's sounds... I don't know how I know, but I just do... Which confuses me as a scientist, because there is always a stimulus to an action based on the laws of thermodynamics.

When there human calimities: man fighting against man, war, poverty, illness, hatred, angers, frustrations, bigotry, racism, killing, genocide, all the vile evil things that man does to one another are hurled out into the Universe, the Universe will inevitably respond. Not out of revenge or Karma, but a matter of steady state rate kinetics. Equilibrium does not hold forever as a part of Thermodynamics. Rate order mandates how strong the substrate moves into the product--of course this is in a biological perspective. While current astronomy focuses only with physicist and mathematics, the Earth is filled with biological organisms that continually re-evolve into variegated species-based on Darwin's Origin of the Species. Unfortunately, I could not get a passing grade physics and mathematics in college and got better grades in my biology courses...

However, as a spiritual person, I know that humans are endowed with the inane ability to reach out emotionally. An emotionless person is not someone I want to meet. That person scares me. Something makes people feel and know. My mania religiosity would claim possession. My medicated balance would ask which neurotransmitters and areas in the brain that lights up when examined. My depressive drop would lament, "what's the point, nobody cares"... And the transcendent me asks, "Where is the love and how will the Universe respond".

Well, The Universe is in the process of its response to all this human frustration in the world. I think it does not pick a side, it affects all. Those opportunists will succeed, and those naysayers will become extinct. The Universe will respond because we humans are too wound up, stressed out, frustration, queuing up, lacking mindfulness, impatient, tearing down, alienating, angry, hateful, hurtful people! And asking oppressed people who hurt too much already to review the double-standard, introspection, rearing our children to be subjugated to authorities, lawlessness, yelling, screaming, crying, ad nauseum uncontrollable behavior causes violence. And some people take up residence in violence as a functionally biological emotional state that inherently cannot sustain life. Its a short lived life. And after I have published articles on the biology of aging, I have found that the deltaG = deltaH - T X deltaS and it must flow. Equilibrium will shift, dipole moment on small molecules will charge, is essentially what we humans do to evolve, to learn, both mentally and educationally. I should know, because of my bipolar, my education has been stifled. I can amass large swaths of information (education) like a computer, but when my processor (bipolar mental health) is ill, that information means nothing...

Now, I know that I am unable to process when I am stressed upon encountering and participating in violent behavior. Through mindfulness I can get back to that peaceful calm during a heated situation--often a harsh speech, tone, and yelling in my case. And when I am not in balance, it makes it very hard to regain the helio infrasonics in my mind.

I don't know how I can tell what will happen, but what is about to happen is a huge loss in the very near future, which will force our conversations to change based on what the Universe reflects back to us humans.

Let's put it like this, the bigotry we are seeing has peaked. It cannot get any worse. It will take someone to die for it to stop and change. The good thing is that person will NOT die because of violence of strife/hatred, this person will die due to poor health. It won't be expected because this person will speak to key leaders in a peaceful calm logical loving demeanor and this person will say, "So you must Love one another - We humans can do better".

After the mourning, we humans will advance closer to this new Age of where The Universe wants us to be. Yes, all your faith traditions are involved in this decision. Yes, all your belief systems are involved in this decision. Yes, all STEMI advancements are involved in this decision. What this is about is Humanity's embracement into the rest of The Universe to travel to other dimensions, spaces, rare earths, with curiosity, inquisitiveness and wonderment.