Sunday, August 9, 2015

I HATE SEATTLE! Episode... #BlackLivesMatter

I write this series called "I HATE SEATTLE" and I hate it, with a passion. Several reasons why. But the biggest reason is the piss poor treatment of African American woman in this city. It's shittastic.

Then I see this #BlackLivesMatter protest interruption of a Bernie Sanders Rally on social security and medicare.

What got me is Bernie Sanders attacked? Why? What's going on?  I was very confused. Wasn't Sanders more on the side of equality and parity in civil and human rights, than say other candidates, especially those individuals in the clown car?

And the rage I heard in their voices were harsh in front of all those white people. Respectability political flags flew high on me. How come they are doing this? They are embarrassing themselves and the entire Black Lives Matters movement.

Then I searched on the Google, Facebook, a little Twitter and the best I got was Tumblr.

"We are on occupied Duwamish land"

That is when I realized their motives. See... A Black woman that lives in Seattle, Washington has a very hard life. All this liberal slanted agenda and we are still stigmatized, stereotyped and hated. We are treated like we a sick sore thumb that is an embarrassment to the entire agenda, whomever that owns it.

We are treated with disdain when we go shopping, especially grocery shopping. I've been called the N-word by a bagger. He was mentally challenged, but where would he have learned such language?

Then our chances for advancement in careers are absent for reasons anti-affirmative actions measures taken the the 1990s following California and then liberal white people wonder why we have a lot of rage. Opportunities have dried up for everyone. And if you are an honest hardworking decent person, it does not matter unless you choose to cheat and steal your way to the top. And any Black person, especially, a Black woman, you play immorally, you will be imprisoned first. And I have statistics to back me up (x).

Duwamish is a tribe of Native American peoples that resided on modern day Seattle lands for thousands of years before it was stolen from them (x).

How come I was upset before, and less now? Because this was the only way anyone would HEAR a Black woman in Seattle. And that's why I HATE SEATTLE. I can write, lament, cry and plead with people to hear about the discriminatory practices in this state, and no one would care or hear me. 

The ONLY way these women felt they could be heard was to RAID a Bernie Sanders for President rally. And while there were angry white people there, they'd hear their laments. They would hear their cries. These white people would not give a shit at the end of the day, but they would have heard them.

And for that... To me... It was worth it.