Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rape for Profit by Jada Pinkett Smith - Sex Trafficking #Seattle

Rape For Profit - Trailer from RapeForProfitFilm on Vimeo.

Seattle may seem benign and seem liberal areas on the United States, but men bash women here. Men stranglehold women and rape them. The insult is at 14 years old in age. A girl is coming to grips of being a woman (by menstruation), being a sexual being (generally liking a boy) to being responsible (by succeeding in school). When a girl is raped, all that kind of positive movement forward is dispelled.

The very soul of a girl is taken from her. Her rage and ire is turned inward. It does not come out in good ways.

I know... I've been there before...

And what got me out is the Tantra - the art of conscious loving. It brought me to loving me, for the wondrous spirit I am. No condemnation, no destruction, no judgment. How to move with love through art and thought, in deed, and compassionate action. It is why the Isle Sanctuary exists. Why there is a safe-space in the torrential seas of the Internet, despite what others have stated.

I'm here. I'm here when you need me. Always vigilant. Always united. A sanctuary for peace.