Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"What Would You Do" Show and more Woman Bashing

Here is the video where a Black woman actress bashes a black man actor who is dating a white woman who is also an actress on the show called "What Would You Do".

We have been bamboozled. When does a Black woman vocalize how she feels about what a black man dates in public? She never, in a public setting behaves that "out of order". The actress what out of order for saying anything about a man's love interest. But in a set up the goal is to go over the top to make a bizarro point, which was???

The comments made are reserved in private, face to face with the parties involved, not for a "show" of power.

The people who got involved thought they were doing the "couple" a favor by putting the Black woman in check -- which means -- she was told to act crazy. It seems convincing, because the public who got involved actually allowed the mental breakdown of WOMEN!

Flat out - a woman does not attack another woman who is dating.

Shame on you "What Would You Do". Based on your show, ignoramuses abound will have grounds to hurt Black women more due to your casting - especially since you did not do the opposite: A white man taking his Black girlfriend to a shop and a white woman having a problem with it.

Haven't we had enough in woman bashing in the media?