Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Superstars Writing Seminars

I was at this wonderful workshop for the past 4 days, entitled "Superstars Writing Seminars" presented by the bestseller authors in science fiction and fantasy fiction. It was an investment into my next career that has something to do with novel writing. I suggest anyone who wants to be a major popular fiction author to attend this event. EXCELLENT information is presented and implemented. Everyone was great at this event.


Aside from the cost, African American women and women of color were missing from this event. I was the only "obvious" woman of color.

That can be intimidating to a budding novelist. However, since I am use to being "only one", I got over it and learned. It is disheartening that as many young women I know who are talented writers were just NOT HERE! Many reasons: unawareness, not many Sistahs are Science Fiction Fans - though I know a lot of Sistahs that are Fantasy Fiction fans. Perhaps, inability to relate due to the "color shock", which is like "sticker shock" of knowing you are the only one there. It is the only representation to the rest of the group what you are capable of as the full representation of the entire ethnic group. Though, that is not how people think, it happens.

How I found out, was through social media. I liked the author, asked a few questions, developed a rapport and saw the notice and applied after I watched the Youtube presentation - it convinced me.

Now that I am here, like I said, you just need to be here to really get the gist of being a novelist... Want to know more:

SISTAHS!!! BE HERE! I know it will cost you a "pretty penny", but it is WELL WORTH IT TO MEET THESE PEOPLE!

Careful, or you'll end up in my novel.

The Panel of Best Selling Authors
in Science Fiction and Fantasy Fiction

James A. Owen - Just takes lines and where they need to go.
There may be dragons - will be a movie soon