Friday, May 25, 2012

STAR WARS FANDOM - Channeling Princess Leia

Friends, if you are my friend, you know I am a NERDY GEEK for Star Wars. Have been ALL MY LIFE - since I was 11 years old watching Episode 4 to today. 

I GAVE UP my life as a serious scientist who published 5 research articles in cardiology to pursue my fandom in Star Wars to a monetizing level. My group, SWAG 77 is so close to seeing the light of day in 2.5 years of HARD WORK that we are doing some AMAZING things. 

I have a young man with his own productions company doing the SWAG 77 Podcast under JDMaul Productions. I have other elites helping use do voiceovers and mix music. I want writers, editors, concept artists and actors. This would be for Star Wars Celebration 6 in Orlando, FL this August, 2012.

We are embarking in a new form of entertainment that fully envelops a social media component. It is exciting, it is fun and it is worth EVERYTHING to my life to make that difference.

I will be calling on your support as my friends. Thanks!